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  1. ​I'm not editing it. I was just one of the shooters on the team (of four) covering the wedding. The first day I was shooting only on a tripod, the second day I needed to pick up a number of detail/artistic shots in the dining room. Ouch, then it really hit me how bloody heavy the C300 is. If you get a C300 you'll absolutely need to upgrade all your support gear to cope with the extra weight. And it isn't easy to use handheld (certainly not with a 70-200mm lens on it like I had yesterday). In the end I did a few shots with it, but then gave up as it is too cumbersome, and did the rest of my Son
  2. Used a C300 today for a wedding (was just one of three C100 the team was using to cover the wedding). And will be using the C300 again on another tomorrow. I know others often go on raving about Canon, and their Cinema EOS range. And yes I'll agree with them. it is a very very nice camera. But I *still* think it is an absolutely crazy crazy expensive camera to get, is nuts! Only if you're working in an area where that specific camera is getting regularly requested does it make sense to get it, so only if you're already regularly renting it would it make sense to every buy it I reckon. (and tha
  3. ​Agreed, lenses are for life! I've got a set of Rokinon Cine DS lenses, and a good chunk of the way towards having a pre-AI Nikkor set which provides a very different feel to the modern Rokinon lenses. Now looking about for a 3rd set to gradually getting started with building slowly a 3rd set, having them being fairly well matched in low across the set is important to me. Minolta Rokkors / Lecia R / Rollei QMB are the main three I'm looking at currently, but open to and searching out other options as well.
  4. Somewhat coincidental the timing of this post, will be shooting both days this weekend a wedding that will be using several C300 cameras on it.
  5. This is a nifty idea for when you're brainstorming or if you hit writer's block: http://filmflap.blogspot.co.nz/2015/02/write-your-script-with-short-film-idea.html
  6. JaeM: why did you decide to go with Pentax over anything else?
  7. If you want to stick with Nikon, the best Nikon DSLR for video is the D750. The second best is the Nikon D5300 I reckon (or get the D5200 which is just about as good, but dirt cheap. I was using the D5200 as my main camera up until recently when I upgraded up to the Sony A5100 from the D5200).
  8. I just this week picked up the start of a set of pre-AI Nikkors, as a second set to offer a contrasting alternative to my modern Rokinon Cine DS set of lenses.
  9. Jedi, you totally should switch away from Canon!
  10. I really hope the NX500 ends up being a close match to the NX1! If so I'll be all over the NX500 when it goes on its first significant sale as a body only option.
  11. Roger Deakins doesn't go around thinking about full frame crop factor! LOL "full frame" and "crop factor" are two of the most genius bullshit marketing terms which have been inflicted upon the poor consumers by Canikon, so as to get them to spend more on their products so as to feel "full" and not "inadequate".
  12. Yup, he is talking about a literal 32mm lens. In photography there is often quite a big leap in primes from one to the next, but not so much with high end cinema lens. Which can have much smaller steps between them. Here is a couple of examples of 32mm lenses: http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/664902-REG/Cooke_CKEP_32_Panchro_32mm_Prime_Lens.html http://www.abelcine.com/store/Arri-Zeiss-32mm-Ultra-Prime-Distagon-T1.9/ But yeah, if you're looking for an affordable one that you could buy yourself. I'd say just go for the Rokinon Cine DS 35mm T/1.5 in the Nikon F mount (I've got one myself).
  13. Well, after looking into this a lot over the last few days it looks like I'm going to try and go down the DIY path... ! Any references to others who have done this or tips there would be appreciated. The reasons for this is a mix of budgetary constraints, and time constraint (we basically need it asap, as the shoot date is not too far away.... and it takes a while to get things shipped from overseas to the ends of the earth where I live).
  14. Too late to edit now, but adding another to the list: http://www.newsshooter.com/2015/01/08/lenzhound-a-wireless-follow-focus-system-for-everyone-starting-at-395/ Edit: hmmm..... seems it is not even shipping yet. http://www.reduser.net/forum/showthread.php?125893-Has-anyone-heard-from-Lenzhound-Wireless-Lens-Motor-Control-System-(Kickstarter) Edit 2: ahhh... they did start shipping a few days ago. So perhaps a little too early to firm an opinion on them just yet. Stumbled across an open source project too:
  15. Am looking around for a cheap but usable motorised focal focus (not wireless) to use on a CAME 7800 gimbal with Rokinon Cine DS lenses. This one at $299 seems reasonable: http://www.proaimshop.com/pas/PROAIM-E-Focus-DSLR-EF-DSLR-Pro-Zoom-Follow-Focus-Control-and-Battery.html Another one I've seen mentioned a few times is this one: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DSLR-Lens-Controller-Electric-Follow-Focus-Control-For-Baseplate-Mount-5D2-60D-/360815775872?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item54024bd080 This one is wireless and a tad bit too bulky and expensive, but might consider it (though way too noisy
  16. Why 100mm?? I'd prefer 135mm, or at least a 105mm which is a macro too.
  17. I'm going to make the crazy suggestion that perhaps he doesn't need 4K So instead a few to consider are: Panasonic G6/GX7, Sony A5100/A6000, or Nikon D5200/D5300/D7100.
  18. Mozim, is a bit more than that. The coatings on the Cine DS series is meant to be improved too, so that they're better colour matched across the range.
  19. Happened to come across a feature film which was released last year and shot with a Nikon D5200 (four of them actually, with even the occasional shot from a D5100). Might be the first feature film done with a D5200:
  20. I very recently wrote an extensive blog post on Rokinon Cine DS lenses after I purchased a set for myself: http://ironfilm.co.nz/rokinon-cine-lenses/
  21. IronFilm

    Samsung NX500?

    I've just written up a long and detailed blog post listing all the info we know about the Samsung NX500 right now :-) http://ironfilm.co.nz/samsung-is-about-to-release-a-cheaper-nx1-with-4k-or-does-the-nx500-only-have-2-5k/
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