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  1. The problem with m4/3 cameras is not the sensor size, it's the size of the pixel.
  2. And in my 2 years of owning the GH4 I still can't get the colours I want. That screenshot is a complete opposite of good colour.
  3. I don't use it anymore, of course.
  4. My list of cameras with colour science that I like from best to good: analog film 70, 35, s16, s8 mm, Panavision Genesis, Sony F65, Arri Alexa, Blackmagic Pocket with custom debayering, Canon cinema line.
  5. Regarding Panasonic I have a GH4, been fighting with it for the whole year in terms of colour science, I even downloaded GH5 raw photo samples from dpreview, I still don't like their skintones even in raw. A few days ago I tried reversed super macro with a GH4 and panaleica 15 f 1.7 and it was quite interesting. In that super macro mode nobody cares about the colour, it was quite a lot of fun. Last year I actually did try an XC10 during a broadcast show here in Moscow but only in 1080p as I didn't want to buy a CFast card only to test a camera. I liked the result but now I need to test it in 4
  6. Hi! What do you guys think , is it smart to buy XC10 now as I want to have an all round camcorder for my street scenes? Years ago I used to shoot with a Canon SX 1 IS in video mode and then I searched for a perfect frame in that particular video clip. What I really liked and I still like those skin tones in my old SX 1. This new XC10 reminds me of SX1: fixed zoom lens from wide to tele , articulated screen , Canon colours ) , no everheating. Sometimes I don't shoot video for video, it's a lot of fun to search for a frame that I wouldn't be able to capture using just a photocamera. And a questi
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