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    padam reacted to Mokara in Canon EOS 1D MKIII specs revealed   
    Probably because the amount of data the camera has to handle is too large. They don't do these things for no reason, it is usually because of limitations in the hardware.
    Well, with stills the raw data is going into the buffer, so it does not impose a resource drain on DPAF. When the buffer is full the fps will drop by a lot. With video there is a constant requirement for compression (there is a 1:2 compression ratio for RAW as per Androidlad's specs), so there will be a difference.
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    padam got a reaction from Mokara in Canon EOS 1D MKIII specs revealed   
    I am not saying it has many limitations, but taking away 4k60p AF is there to protect the cinema line. And it is going to continue with the flagship R stills camera as well in one way or another, which will probably be cheaper than the 1DX III, therefore more limited in terms of available options.

    Yes they want to move RF lenses and they will do that also by releasing RF-mount cinema cameras as well.
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    padam got a reaction from DBounce in I voted for Raw recording on the R   
    No one is happy about the crop or the rolling shutter (I am sure you were very happy about Log in the 1DXII), it is just what one gets from Canon at this price range and it still looks quite decent, simple as that, the RP is just way too limited in every way for not a whole lot less money. Panasonic Sony or Nikon all do FF 4k with internal stabilisation, but somehow I just don't prefer how they look. They also don't have the lens selection and support that Canon has.
    Looks very solid to me, rolling shuter or not.
    I think that this external raw thing could be completely bogus anyway, since originally it was offered 10-bit 4:2:2 external recording(4k only, so no 1080p FF to fight the trolling shutter), but maybe it is one of those rare cases, where they do actually react to what's out there (but it could take a fair few months to update the firmware anyway, even ver. 1.2 is a month away).
    If someone would crack the RF code and release a fully functional RF-EF focal reducer, for the EOS R (just like there is one for the M50), it would probably sell like crazy.
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    padam got a reaction from Michi in Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced - a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology   
    I hate to say this, but while it really does not offer much, it does that rather well at its price point (pros and cons in the video description)
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    padam reacted to mercer in What is an old Canon camera with a full frame sensor that you would recommend to a beginner?   
    @heart0less some of my favorite ML Raw videos were shot with the 5Dii. Check out Northmen on Vimeo for some beautiful samples. For the money, I think you made a great choice. 
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    padam got a reaction from IronFilm in Canon EOS RP and Fuji X-T30 announced - a Grand Canyon sized gap in 4K technology   
    I thought it wouldn't even come out with 4k video at all and pitching it completely as a stills camera, so they overdelivered ?
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    padam reacted to Snowbro in Back from the dead? 8 reasons why I am warming to the tiny Canon EOS RP   
    That is freaking hilarious that there is no DPAF in 4k.
    I see that Canon has learned, they disabled comments on their YT vid this time around for the RP body launch. 
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    padam reacted to Ilia3101 in Magic Lantern Raw Video   
    Magic lantern is making a lot of progress with 3K+ on the 5D mark 2!
    Seems what happened with the 5 year old mark III in 2017 is now happening with the 10 year old mark II...
    3K announcement: https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.msg205638#msg205638
    Initial 4K progress (10.5 frames per second): https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.msg208417#msg208417
    Initial 5K progress (6.5 frames per second): https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=19336.msg208355#msg208355
    The 5D mark II has always been limited to 30fps, but there is also some progress in getting higher framerates:  https://twitter.com/autoexec_bin/status/1048804509827452928
    The forum user reddeercity has some builds on that thread.
    I am super excited about this, even spent 100 pound on a new motherboard to fix my camera.
    Video I made using the 3K build:
    Shot in 2880x1080 resolution, Graded + converted to ProRes using MLV App (https://github.com/ilia3101/MLV-App), edited in Pitivi on linuX.
    Lenses: Jupiter 9, Helios 44, Takumar 135mm, cosina 19-35 (for one shot)
    If anyone wants an MLV or DNG or something from the video I can provide.
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    padam reacted to Snowbro in Canon EOS R first impressions - INSANE split personality camera   
    No surprise, Youtubers generally have a pretty low IQ and shill out. This guy armando ferreira posted some crap with the eos r a bit ago. I had the eos r for 3 weeks and did many controlled tests between the 1dx ii. I stated that my results found that the iso performance looked to be about half of the 1dx once you get past 6,000. 6,000 iso on the eos r looked extremely close to 12,800 on the 1dx ii. He said that the eos r has much better low light iso... that's when I knew he was full of crap, but it gets better.
    He also said since it has clog, that it destroys the 1dx ii in dynamic range; well, I checked and posted that professional tests done with software at cinema5d show 10.7 stops dynamic range on eos r with clog and 11 stops dynamic range on the 1dx ii lol. He posted on twitter "Yeah man C-Log gives you the best dynamic range and it makes a big difference in video. That's actually why I sold the 1DX I never understood why Canon never added it but probably because the 1DX doesn't have good DR to begin with?" Hahaha he thinks that they didn't put clog in the 1dx ii because canon thought the sensor didn't have good enough DR?! ? It was done to protect the cinema line, 1DC had it. 
    His buddy potato jet also shills super hard for any new canon gear, in hopes that he will also get invited to hawaii one day. Most of you saw his rigged videos where he shot the canon 1080p stuff in super 35 mode, which has been confirmed by canon to be supersampling, so it is insanely good. Then goes to say that there is zero difference between the 1080p image and 4k (he softened the 4k img in post). Not to mention they shot super 35 1080p in the canon and compared it to the a7iii 1080, claiming it was the ff eos r footage. Sony a7iii has soft s35 1080 and doesn't perform as good in slog 3 vs slog 2, so that's what they shot in. Yes, also shoot 8 bit slog 3 in low light and tell the sheep that sony footage is junk and falls apart without being pushed. 
    Just a heads up to you guys, they are very deceitful and ignore facts to push their shill agenda. Seems that is all most youtubers are, [email protected]#$%! for auction lol. Should have gone to college.
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    padam got a reaction from EthanAlexander in Sony a7SIII - Full Frame 4K 60fps 10bit with Flip Out Screen   
    The guy like most others is sharing his personal beliefs, take it or leave it. Honestly, most reaction videos on anything are pretty much useless, if they are not entertaining.That's even worse than holding a camera in your hand and telling your audience how great (or utter crap) it is.
    I do understand why they do these kinds of videos, I just think that  the reason people like these is that they are a member of a camera group and it solidifies their beliefs, whatever that might be. Because if you haven't established yourself and don't love (or hate) something, people that share a different opinion will start to dislike you - even though the audience should care more about the person, rather than whatever gear he is using.
    But the saddest thing is that I see people with great content, and they can't grow much, because they don't base their content around gear itself (which is how I've found them in the first place, which makes it even more ridiculous)
    Maybe I should invest in an A7SIII as soon as possible, and do a decent review about it just to get going. That's how ridiculous this actually is.
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    padam got a reaction from webrunner5 in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    All is relative, I think it sold well, so it has its own appeal. It was more special when it came out a decade ago (gosh, makes me feel old...)
    One photographer who I liked wrote, that the reason he was able to take nice street portraits with it was people approaching him with great interest, starting a conversation, etc.
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    padam got a reaction from webrunner5 in Lenses - Sticky Topic   
    Phew, I almost got triggered by scrolling down and not seeing a Noctilux
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    padam got a reaction from kaylee in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    Was that the Praktica? I wanted to show that to a friend, but it got removed 

    I thought this was pretty funny as well. Maybe the competition could hire him "Samsung Anti-Apple-style"
    The EOS R <silent pause> YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!!
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    padam got a reaction from ade towell in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    There is no better way of saying this, it costs 450 Euros (and the circular polarizer is an optional add-on as well as a clear drop-in filter in case you don't want to change the whole adapter when not using any ND)
    The C100 produces a much sharper (nicer) HD image, a downsampled 4k from this camera is more in line with what that looks like (but worse rolling shutter) but the internal codec is much better than the C100. The rolling shutter is much better in HD.
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    padam reacted to buggz in Focal reducer + adapter possible?   
    You can get the Minolta SR lens mount changed to EOS.  I have my Minolta Rokkor PG 58/1.2 changed to EOS.  Works good.
    There is a guy on Fred Miranda forum that does good work.
    No doubt other places too.
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    padam got a reaction from noone in Enough drama, lets play the camera and lens game again!   
    If you have to work with lights that are already there (like an event or a wedding) it is not necessarily that simple.
    Also, it is nice to be able to achieve any look that one wants or prefers, but it may take time that is not being reflected in the amount the client is willing to pay. So in that way, a camera that has a pleasant baked-in look may matter. You also use one differently to another, and it may affect the outcome.
    One needs to use it well, whatever that is, but for every video saying the gear does not matter there is another one saying that it kind of does.
    Nice work anyway.
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    padam reacted to gt3rs in Is the 1DX2 still worth getting?   
    I remember when I brought the 1Dx II more than two years ago and a lot of people were saying when the Sony A7s III will come, when the G5 will come, when this and when that.... 2.5 years after if you need 4k 60p and great AF the 1Dx II is probably still the best choice. It is not perfect but is a great camera.
    Considering that it is a 2.5 years old model I would try to find a used one instead of buying a new one...
    4k60p with great quality
    Super video AF
    Solid codec 4:2:2 (funny that everybody is saying that the EOS R has fixed the codec but the ALL-I at 480Mbits is 4:2:0, I take the 1Dx II at 500Mbits 4:2:2, the addition of the 120mbits h264 is anyway welcome on the R)
    Very good rolling shutter
    4k120p with AF (quality ok, not great)
    Super sports/actions camera for photo
    Very quick camera to operate
    No C-Log
    CFcard for 4k60 are expensive but got cheaper lately
    Big and heavy
    No Zebra
    Fix LCD
    If you do only video I think the C200 is a better buy but if you want a camera that does it all the 1Dx II is a solid choice (assuming that 4k60p and great video AF are key requirements)
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    padam reacted to DBounce in Is the 1DX2 still worth getting?   
    @wolf33d The Panasonic will not be out anytime soon... if ever with those specs. Keep in mind these are rumors and they are rumors about a prototype. Remember seven years ago when Panasonic showed that prototype organic sensor? Well we are still waiting on that one. So I would take any rumors with a grain of salt if looking to buy into a system in the near term. Also, a GH camera with those specs would render the EVA1 obsolete.
    @mkabi Comparing the X-T3 to the 1DXMk2 is a bit strange to me. The Fuji is a great camera with great build, but I would never consider it to be a replacement for the 1DXMk2. For me it is a wonderful little travel camera, whereas the 1DXMk2 is a workhorse. I just got in the Fuji today, so who knows my opinion could change, but I really doubt it's going to. If you are planning on getting into a system, there is nothing at all wrong with Canon's flagship DSLR. 
    As for the A7S3... is there not a rumor that Sony is planning to kill that camera? For myself, I don't buy rumors... unless we are talking stocks. When it comes to cameras I buy what is actually available... because, there will always be something better rumored... that's the point.

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    padam reacted to Brian Williams in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    I feel like I've said this way too many times here, and people probably think I'm just trolling bc no one ever responds to it- when I spent a week with the X-H1, I found the ibis to be almost unusable for video, unless you are standing completely still, way to jerky otherwise. Has this changed, or is this not your experience with it? I would possibly return my X-T3 and go with the X-H1 if I thought the stabilization had improved (I'm coming from past GH5 ownership so I'm spoiled in the stabilization department and prefer good stabilization over 10bit if I had to choose), esp since, knowing Fuji, the X-H1 may get some of the X-T3's features at some point through firmware.
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    padam reacted to Robert Collins in DJI Mavic Pro II   
    Here are a few thoughts on the Mavic 2 after a week or so of use. Mostly points that I have found that dont seem to get much mention in the youtube stuff.
    1) There has been no firmware update so far for Crystalsky monitors, so you cant use the Crystalsky with the Mavic 2 yet. Pretty disappointing for an expensive accessory.
    2) For some inexplicable reason DJI has removed quite a lot of the intelligent flight modes that were on the original Mavic Pro. The two that I used a lot - Course Lock (great for panning) and Waypoints are both gone.
    3) Theoretically you can pan the camera from left to right (unlike the Mavic Pro) but in practice this has fairly limited practical use because the props get in your shot.
    4) So you are likely to shoot quite a lot of video while flying left or right which is fine apart from the side obstacle sensors dont work (unless in intelligent flight mode or tripod mode.)
    5) The DLog-M 10 bit h.265 profile is a huge step up from the Mavic Pro and is great in post. Unfortunately, the footage in DLog has horrendous lens distortion. Its easy to fix in post but rendering h.265 is pretty slow. (I am wondering whether it is best to transcode first for Premiere Pro.)
    6) I like the 2.7k 60p footage. It is FOV and I assume pixel binned - so isnt the most detailed - however the 60p really helps smooth out the footage.
    7) I never used 'autoexposure' with the Mavic Pro because of exposure flicker but I havent noticed any with the Mavic 2 when shooting shutter priority.
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    padam reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    Nah its accurate. Believe me. Im a Sony fanboy and Fuji shooter. I review all of them.
    If I review a Sony all is well.
    If I review a Fuji I get attacked by Sony Fanboys.
    If I review a Pentax or Nikon I'm attacked by Sony and Fuji Fanboys.
    If I review a Canon... all hell breaks loose since even Sony Walkman fanboys attack.
    I base this on receiving and reading 26 090 comments over the last couple of years. Just visit any forum and see for yourself. For example checkout the thread about the EOS-R on EOSHD.
    After my 6Dmkii review I had to block some really vicious people that weren't attacking just me but also people commenting on the video.
    And not about specs. We are talking threats and in general things that would lead to a punch in the face irl.
    The weirdest thing was they weren't all anonymous. They actually used their business accounts...freelancers, production house employees using their official accounts... 
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    padam reacted to kye in Rode VideoMicro Worth It On Canon?   
    One thing I noticed about YT microphone reviews (from people who don't know much about audio) is that they tend to be judging the EQ of the microphone instead of the quality of the sound overall.  I'd hear a microphone and think it would be fine with a bit of EQ and then the person would say something like "it sounds thin and hollow - not even usable!" and I'd just roll my eyes.
    @IronFilm is this something you also see across lots of reviews?
    In a way it's like filming in RAW and then saying the camera footage looks "too grey - not even usable!!".
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    padam reacted to Snowbro in Keep 1DX II or get A7III for Video/Photos?   
    You guys are awesome! I got busy with finals and didn't expect this many people to provide their input.
    I was finally able to finish a video from a recent trip to San Francisco. I had shot this entire thing in 4K 24p & 4K 60p. The video did take me a very long time to finish. I realized how amazing the 4K footage from the camera is and how much harm I will be exposing the camera to (I just got a contract to shoot video/photos for a company that rents snowmobiles, dirt bikes & side by sides). I personally feel I can do better work on this camera at the moment, eventually I will look at an A7SIII or a cinema camera if I get more jobs. 
    I made a quick guide to try to help give back to any users that have experienced banding with the MJPEG codec in premiere pro. It can be quite frustrating on windows, as converting to ProRes isn't usually an option. It can also help IQ a bit for people currently converting to ProRes in Final Cut X and Davinci Resolve 15 in my findings. 
    Here is the video I shot on Alcatraz in an unplanned crazy environment. I used a custom faithful profile and created a LUT in Lightroom, then micro adjusted in Premiere. I have only ever made a few videos, so I have much to learn. Thanks for the help! I had discovered many things here, before making my first post. 
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    padam reacted to Ed_David in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    waaaa happened?  drama!
    I miss the days of ebrahim and his quest to use a stolen slr rangefinder from the eos marketplace forum to buy a ps4
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    padam got a reaction from kye in Nikon FF Mirrorless   
    That's actually not true, maybe it is sometimes, but is it mainly dependent on the optical design itself. Oh, and the glass looks a bit fancier both on the specs sheet and in real life... I am sure Sigma could make even better f/2 ART prime lenses for instance, but people would just say 'meh, too expensive but not faster'.
    Generally speaking, you can design a much higher resolving lens (especially in the corners) with lower geometric distortion and far less aberrations by opting to use a slower aperture (the increase going into extreme F-stops is actually monumental). The vignetting might be more significant, but that can be corrected. This is exactly why they went with f/1.8 Z primes instead of faster. Other casing point is the Leica 50/2 APO, which still sets the benchmark (although all the rest they made is not far off in absolute terms).
    It will be interesting to see what the 58mm f0.95 can do.
    I have to say, while the 35mm f/1.8 looks very sharp, I don't find the rendering anything special in these early samples. Only seen thumbnails from the 50mm f/1.8 so far.
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