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    iamoui reacted to Django in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    The problem with Jon is he clearly has zero interest in EOS R (or Nikon Z, XT3, P4K etc). His only purpose in these threads is to point out the cameras limitations ad eternum & try and prove how superior his own camera is (currently A7III, formerly GH5). He isn't the only member using such tactics.. they exist on every gear forum, but often times it gets quite snarky, borderline troll.. and threads get derailed like this one right now.. again.
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    iamoui reacted to A_Urquhart in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Thanks for your honesty. I originally came here to discuss the camera I had pre-ordered as I saw John Brawley was active on here. Then, when I received the camera, I came here to share information as well as find things out from others. If talking a lot about your new camera and answering questions on it comes across as trying to sell it, then so be it but I'm not in the business of selling cameras. It also seems that if you like a camera and make perfectly valid points about it, you are a fanboy? I just don't get it here.
    Shooter sounded confused about Resolve and so I tried to help but does going out of your way to help someone these days mean you are trying to sell them something? Sad times!
    I've made a few posts on other threads recommending Sony cameras but again, I'm not selling Sony either.
    I am based in Melbourne, Australia which is where BMD are also based. I know Andrew suspects I might work for BMD but I can assure you I don't. While I am so far liking the camera a lot, if I had worked at BMD and had any involvement in the camera,  I would not have let it go out the door without a tilt-able screen. Is it a deal breaker for me? No, but I can't understand why they would put a nice, sharp 1080p screen on a camera that you couldn't use all the time. 
    I haven't been able to post on BMCuser because my account activation hasn't been completed. Thanks to a few users here who have PM'd me, that can soon change and you'll see the back of me. After a few weeks off from work, I'm looking forward to getting back to it. Too much pointless computer time sucks me in to discussions that I usually like to partake in but don't have the time for. 
    Would have loved to have informative conversation about this camera but this forum doesn't seem to want to support good, informative conversation. 
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    iamoui reacted to Anaconda_ in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I mean, the thread title has Cinema Camera in it. It doesn’t say the price range or hybrid segment. 
    Personally I’m not here to compare this to any other camera, just to evaluate how well it does this things it promises to do. It doesn’t promise to have ibis, af or take high quality stills so there’s little point in comparing those elements to cameras that do, of course they’ll win.
    Comparing it’s low light, clipping, audio etc is much more important. 
    Rambling on about lack of features it never even hinted at having is almost as pointless and insightful as repeating the fact that it doesn’t fit in your pocket. 
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    iamoui reacted to A_Urquhart in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    So should the Panasonic Varicam, Red Helium, Arri Alexa, Sony F5, Kinefinity Mavo etc all offer IBIS and Tracking AF considering that they cost many thousands more? Surely they should be able to include  AF in their high priced cameras considering my phone has it right? For the price of an Alexa, you'd also think they could include a front facing camera for taking selfies!
    Interestingly, did you know that the Sony A7III face tracking AF apparently doesn't work when using an external monitor or recorder? Now theres something not many people would have known when they bought the camera!
    And BMD are giving you other things that no other manufacturer are. Go and complain that Panasonic are not giving you a free, top of the line edit suite when you buy a GH camera. Go and complain that Sony are not giving you internal TC, Phantom power, XLR inputs, a 5" 1080p screen, RAW, internal 10 bit etc. 
    Its all about priorities. If your priorities are more in line with what Panasonic are doing, buy a Panasonic. 
    Self centred? Blackmagic are more open than any other camera manufacturer I know.
    Look, I like a conversation , that's why I'm here so if you want to continue, feel free to PM me but I'm not sure this is the right place to talk about a companies business models. 
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    iamoui reacted to DBounce in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Aware of what? Was he convicted of a crime? We are getting into very dangerous territory when all that need happen is a woman claims abuse and everyone is expected to believe each  and every word she says whilst totally ignoring comments from the opposing party. From what I can see, if something happened she should have filed charges and they both would have their day in court. Until then it is nothing more than a case of "he said, she said". I'm not defending PB... I don't have any unique information regarding this alleged incident. I'm just sick of this pitch fork mentality.
    I'm sure some will take exception to what I have written. To them... you can take a long walk off a short pier. I have personally known someone that was falsely accused. Thankfully, there was an investigation and exculpatory evidence proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that the supposed victim was full of $h!t. 
    Really? Didn't someone once suggest something unsavory about you? Should we take their comment as fact without proof also? Glass houses my friend.
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    iamoui reacted to Andrew Reid in "Plants" from companies on this forum   
    Me too!

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    iamoui reacted to BTM_Pix in "Plants" from companies on this forum   
    A lot of it is laughably blatant.
    Whatever happened to subtly and subliminally pushing your brand at people?
    Anyway, I'm just going to have this cup of coffee and watch this develop with a keen interest.

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    iamoui reacted to cojocaru27 in NX1 Extended Dynamic Range? New Settings.   
    recent shoot playing around with nx1. 
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    iamoui reacted to kye in I am at Photokina. What would you like me to ask?   
    It's not dead if you're shooting for yourself.
    I'd say that you'd be pleased to know that my videos have no gimbal movement, no flashy transitions, and don't look anywhere as nice as the professional ones (which I'm working on) but it won't matter at all because they're not publicly available, like much of the work that I think people buy fancy cameras for
    I suspect that there's a huge market segment out there just shooting for themselves and we have no idea what they're doing or what they're making it with. When I work in a new office for my day job it only takes a few weeks for me to meet someone who has a 5D just to take pictures of their kids at the zoo.
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    iamoui reacted to Dave Maze in Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???   
    Our first look video is live... new info to me... bigger battery than GH5 
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    iamoui reacted to Shield3 in Photokina 2018 Part 1: Panasonic S1 and S1R full frame 4K/60p and Fujifilm GFX 100MP 4K Medium Format. WOW!   
    This thread has it all - not released yet; but "beat every full frame camera ever, past present and future" (despite all the lack of info we have right now) to "camera sucks".  Only on EOSHD can you get such a wide range of speculation!
    The crop monkey is not pleased.

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    iamoui reacted to OzNimbus in Photokina 2018 Part 1: Panasonic S1 and S1R full frame 4K/60p and Fujifilm GFX 100MP 4K Medium Format. WOW!   
    No articulating screen?  PASS!
    Specs are meaningless if the body isn't practical.   I've had enough of dicking around with "solutions" that just add complexity.   If I can't flip the screen around the camera is useless.
    I do over a million views a month on Youtube and need to get shit done.
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    iamoui reacted to Mattias Burling in Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???   
    Thank God they did what they did with the screen instead of a fully articulating turd
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    iamoui reacted to mercer in Panasonic announcing a full frame camera on Sept. 25???   
    I think you’re confusing people for artistic types. Artistic types use the camera they have and make it work. Btw, I am neither. ? 
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    iamoui reacted to Deadcode in Panasonic announces Full Frame-cameras   
    You should start another thread for each cameras individually.
    Plus the 3 new lenses also deserves they own separate threads.
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    iamoui reacted to Jimmy in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    He said directly before the quote you cherry picked that it was a con that Canon didn't have 4k/60p, hence why he had to shoot at 1080/60p and upscale.
    There is plenty to bash, no need to make stuff up.
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    iamoui reacted to Mattias Burling in Canon EOS R full frame mirrorless talk hots up   
    Are we still ignoring the upsides? I suggest the first person getting one starts a new thread. I'm not preordering but I'm now 100% sure I won't be getting the Z6. It's now between the EOS-R and Panasonic FF if it turns out ok. 
    But.. if the rumor of the new GRiii I won't even care about other brands until spring
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    iamoui reacted to Andrew Reid in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    H.265 is hardware accelerated now unlike in the NX1 days. Resolve / FCPX will handle it WAY better than Adobe does with their dated software architecture.
    What GPU do you have?
    Either way, transcoding to ProRes is also hardware accelerated if you have EditReady to hand.
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    iamoui reacted to Andrew Reid in I WILL be getting a Fuji X-T3!   
    10bit Fuji-digital-film Super 35mm for £1350 is a yes from me!
    Read the full article
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    iamoui reacted to Mako Sports in JVC GY-HC500 & GY-HC550   
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    iamoui reacted to Kieran in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    @Andrew Reid I see you have reset my reputation to zero. That really doesn't bother me. But it does speak again to your character. 
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    iamoui reacted to Dan Sherman in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Your definitely not a very positive person when it comes to expressing how you feel about someone else's opinion or art!
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    iamoui reacted to Kieran in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    I have no public image to cultivate and I'm not interested in invitations to events. You want to be perceived in a certain way. It's important to you to be considered important. I'm just letting you know how you often come across and how that can get in the way of what you want. No malice intended on my part. 
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    iamoui reacted to mechanicalEYE in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Does calling him a troll negate the constructive criticism he posted?
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    iamoui reacted to Kieran in Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K   
    Andrew, you do often come across as someone who is resentful, intolerant, often spiteful, takes offence easily and with a grudge against the world. 
    I think if you were a nicer person, you know, showed kindness, tolerance, humility (unfashionable traits as they are these days), then you might get invited to more events. 
    I don't mean that in any kind of snide or sarcastic way. I'm serious.
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