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  1. Andrew, I for one am really glad you posted the Video. It shows me what I can actually expect from the FS7 on poor/low light. I imagine 60 fps to be about twice as good and 24-30 to be quite usable. As for your dislike of the Menu, If it is like the A7s/A7sII, I concur. If the Nikon D500 disappoints me, I may cave and try the FS7. So far the A7s is the only camera that delivers good footage in the poor/low light that I shoot in 95% of the time.
  2. I've had my A7s for nearly one year now. I still say the GH4 is a better camera in every way but low light performance. Because I hate hours of post processing nothing shot internally with the A7s is as good as the GH4 in good light. I had to buy an Odyssey 7Q+ in order to bring the A7s to life and to record continuously. The 4k DownRes to 1080P30 (even ProRes LT) is many times better than anything internal. The GH4 will record 3 hours continuous on one stock battery. The A7s needs a dummy/external battery and external recorder. The GH4 + three lens and everything I need for a week trip will fit in my smallest bag. The A7s + 28-135 Cine, 4k recorder and external batteries fills my biggest bag for a few hour shoot. I also need a very heavy TriPod. Recently, I "upgraded" to the A7sII. If you shoot hand held, I recommend it for you. I sent mine back and kept the A7s. The 4k internal is not as good as the GH4 internal in good light. Because the 1080P120 is shot in 2.2 crop, it is full of moire at 6400 ISO. I need 8000 ISO in that mode because of the poor conditions I have to shoot in without supplemental light. The GH5 should be announced next month, but what I am wishing for is a CamCorder with A7s or better Sensor.
  3. Right on Andrew, Sorry to say, you have the A7sII pegged correctly. I just got mine and am having a lot of trouble dialing it in. Not what I expected coming from an A7s. Except for an addiction to 1080P120 Video, I would send it back.
  4. I went to NAB, expecting the AG AF200 and Panasonic was displaying the disappointing (to me) new to be DVX200. I would rather have an (old) HC-X1000. I looked across and at the JVC booth was the LS300 and it appears they have beaten Panasonic to the punch. Will there ever be an AF100 successor? Could it have a new high ISO 4/3 Sensor or use a s35 one?
  5. ​Except heat! It will need a new processor that runs cooler and a new body that better dissipates the heat.
  6. Try a different HDMI cable. I have bunch that are highly overrated, they are not all equal and some don't work. Then there is the possibility of a bad HDMI port.
  7. I am keeping my D5300 primarily because I have a lot of Pro Nikkors. If it wasn't for the short recording and short battery life, I would use it a lot more. The still image quality and 1080P60 Video quality are very good. So is the low light capability. I have useable photos in poor light at ISO 128000. Most of what I use my GH4 for is unattended Videos of over one hour at a time.
  8. I could get by with only the 12-35 lens, a 128GB class 3 card and my GH4. Makes for a pretty compact outfit for "Run & Gun".
  9. I am very happy with my MustHD 7 inch monitor. It has an adjustable zoom capability that really helps when focusing.
  10. Mojo thanks for posting the 720P Video. It was much better than anything I got out of my D600.
  11. Where do I pre-order my GoPro 4? I want 1080 P120 now! Better lens, higher ISO performance 720 P240 sounds possible to me. Will it shoot continuus unattended Videos? I can wait for 4k, I have a GH4 and do not even use it for that.
  12. I only had the GH3 a few days after I got my GH4 to compare head to head because it sold so fast for half the price. But I must say the GH4 is better in everyway and well worth the difference to me. I did not buy the GH4 for 4k but much better stills in low light and fast action. DFD (Depth from Defocus) technology not only works but is marketing Genious as it requires Lumis lens. I shoot Video at 1080 P60 and that is improved enough to also justify purchase.
  13. Sounds kinda like getting a turbo for my cars so I can go faster in low gear. Why not use the higher gears you alrady have? The A7s is spec at the highest ISO camera out there? Why would it need an extra stop of light?
  14. So, I thought I would try ProRes on the Shuttle and it was slightly better. OK, How about Uncompressed? Here is what MediaInfo shows: 1888x1062 at 24.0 fps (not 23.97) a whopping 1057Mbps 4:2:2 at 10 bits 22.063 Pixel*Frame The Audio is recorded on 16 channels with 24 bits so maybe I am listening to the wrong one? Still no sound through the Shuttle but an external record is best anyway? This gives me the best external recording that I can get from what I have. Conclusion: I have not been able to record 4k downsized to 30fps (29.97) so far. But the Ninja does record DNxHD 8 bit 4:2:2 1888x1062 P30 when the GH4 is set for 1080 P30. Wait for the Atomos Shogun to get the most out of 4k.
  15. I have my GH4 sitting on a TriPod When it is hooked to a Shuttle II I am able to record DNxHD 1920x1080 P24 4:2:2 at 10bit 195Mbps, No sound When it is hooked to a Ninja II I was able to record Pro Res LT 73Mbps 188x1062 P24 with good sound 4:2:2 Variable bit rate? 1.46 Pixel*Frame The Pro Res out put actually looked slightly better Then I tried HiQ 1888x1062 P24 at 166 Mbps 4:2:2 Variable rate 3.395 Pixel*Frame They all showed lots of artifacts in the low inside light So then I just pressed record on my GH4 I got 3840x2160 P24 at 106Mbps 4:2:0 8bit rate 0.400 Pixel*Frame Good sound and a better Picture On all of these 24fps was actually 23.976
  16. Thanks to you all, I will try setting my GH4 up for 4k and record with my shuttle II and Ninja II at 1080P. I never thought of this possibility of improved output before.
  17. Three things I like about the A7s FullFrame, extreme high ISO, 120fps Video Problem is that it is going to cost a fortune to buy a complete new system. With a GH4 all I needed was a fast SD card and a Lumix 12-35 lens
  18. Mine works, but I hate the small size. I have the hardest time plugging in a cable when I am afraid it/both will be damaged. It is also not very secure. Even if I buy an expensive plate with a stabilizer I will still have to remove and reinsert it. One of the reasons that I bought the GH3 and GH4 was the larger camera body size fits my hands. Soon cameras are going to be so small that we will be loosing them and need special glasses or a GPS to locate them. Micro SD cards are also too small and no doubt there will be (is?) smaller ones.
  19. Not only will the North American version GH3 record in all formats up to 1080 P60 I can shoot "unatended" for over 90 minutes with the internal battery and still show a charge. The AF-F is so good that subject can be moving (slowly) without blurring. This is in low light with my 12-35 lens.
  20. For image quality, especially in low light I prefer the D5300. The swivel LCD is excellant. You can use all your Nikkors (some manual focus only). It does 1080 P60 for only 10 minutes so you need an Odyssey 7 for extended recording without gaps. I use a GH3 for "unattended" continuous recording and will be upgrading to the GH4 I also have the 12-35 and will add the Lumix 7-14 f/2.8 when available. What I would like to see is a four thirds 10-100 power zoom like the Nikon 1.
  21. Depends on your end use. BlackMagic is very focused on Cinema Their cameras can deliver RAW 1080 P24 footage. The GH4 seems much more appealing to the masses. I want a camera that can record continuous 1080 P60 footage. I can put the GH3 on a TriPod and record moving (slowly) subjects without any accesories. The improved AutoFocus, ViewFinder, Monitor, and 4k of the GH4 are all bonuses.
  22. Where do I download the 4k footage? Convergent Design has announce 4k ProRes will be included with the Odyssey 7Q recorder.
  23. Not sure why you butchered this video by downgrading it and reducing it to 24P unless you hate Nikon. I am not a film maker but am getting better results than this with my D5300 at 1080P 60 even at 6400 and 12800 ISO. What lens was used and at what f stop? Was the glass even clean? I agree that the GH4 should be much better, at twice the price. Even so, I have ordered one to get better ISO, AF, Monitors, Processor, etc. than my GH3. However, if Nikon could just activate continuous shooting in their firmware I would be back.
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