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  1. Greetings friends, Several months back I purchased a Canon 5d Mark III for video and photography. I was debating between that and the GH3 and had chosen it for fear that the GH3 would give me too much of a "soccer mom video" feel to my videos. Since ML I have loved what everyone has been producing with it but have yet to dive in myself since I'm pretty much an amateur enthusiast, though I am willing to learn if it is not obnoxiously time intensive. With the announcement of the GH4 with 4K video I was contemplating selling my 5D and taking the cash to purchase a new GH4 assuming the video surpasses the GH3 and is close to 5D raw. My internal thoughts are as follows for pro/con: 5D raw pro: 1. full-frame 2. raw quality 3. lowlight capabilities 5D raw con: 1. extensive workflow that demands intensive computing and time 2. Komputerbay errors when recording with fear of missing content GH4 pro (unknown obviously to full extent): 1. simple workflow for high quality 4K 2. high quality video without massive need for space like raw (assumption) GH4 con (unkown obviously to full extent): 1. lowlight capabilities still show artifacts and noise like GH3 What are your thoughts? The BMPCC would be a great option too but the fact that it doesn't take pictures make it less desirable to someone who would like to create great videos and take excellent stills. I am looking to finance an iMac 27" and research the best configuration and an affordable external storage workflow to correspond with either the ML Raw if I keep my 5D or the replacement camera (GH4 etc) Any and all comments/observations/advice is greatly appreciated in advance!!
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