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  1. Anyone know if this will work in the US? I'd love to get one of my German friends to send me one once it's released. I don't want to wait for testing! Give it to everybody now!
  2. Wondering: Will the optical stabilization work in video mode or just stills?
  3. Hi everybody, How well does cropping in to a moving shot with some rolling shutter work on the GH4? I ask this because I do a lot of run and gun, handheld street video and my 5dmk2 works well except for some annoying rolling shutter issues. I'm looking for another camera now. I am sure the Sony A7s has a nicer image, especially in dark situations but since I shoot in daytime and all of my stuff gets compressed on the web anyway I was leaning towards the GH4 for the ability to crop and solve those rolling shutter issues as well as the issue of shooting with only one camera and not having
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