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  1. Hi again, thank you for your input! I'm sorry that I didn't mention what experience I have. Sure, I'm no pro but I've actually been shooting some, mostly hunting and "Youtubechannel show"-stuff though. I started out, as I'm sure many others have, by doing photography a couple of years back and after a break from that I'm now starting to feel the urge to be creative with a camera again, only this time with focus(no pun intended...) on the video part. I've felt the need for some certain things while shooting, the lenses and tripod that I mentioned in my original post is by far the most pressing needs. I've also at some points felt the need for a slider, external monitor, new 70-200 etc. Alas if only for the extra mile kind of things and not as often as the former mentioned gear. That's why I'm not sure about what I actually want/need first. I'm sure that I'm going to buy it all sometime in the future. Although, I must say that I believe that you're absolutely right in the sense that I need to get out and make some more productions, especially in the same field that I'm thinking about starting my business in. I'm sure that hunting videos and business commercials won't demand the same kind of gear list. So perhaps I will save some of the money anyway. Thank you! You must have missed the part saying that I have some lighting already. I didn't specify but right now I've got four halogens with soft boxes(a bit weak in brightness but hey, they were cheap) and two LEDs. One larger with 600 LEDs and one smaller with 160 LEDS. I think that will be adequate for the most part. The renting tip is also good, though unfortunately I live in a small town and I'm sure we haven't got any film making rental business here(Yet...).
  2. Hello! Mikael from Sweden here. Unfortunately there isn't any good forums for DSLR film making in Sweden, so I'm hoping this is better! So, I'm thinking about starting a small business besides my ordinary job and help other small companies with some graphic design and photo/video ads. I've got some gear right now: Canon 60D with an extra battery. Tamron 17-50/2.8 older variant Nikon Ai 50 1.4 from the seventies with adapter Sigma 70-200/2.8 older variant with faulty auto focus 2x tele converter Velbon cheapy tripod Stabilizer Glidecam copy Some different light, both LEDs and halogens with soft boxes Studio backdrops in green, white and black Portable back ground in black and white External small flash Zoom H4n Decent but not good lavalier Cheapy Röde VideoMic copy A really good computer with Premiere elements and Reaper Soundcard and condenser microphone A couple of good bags for the equipment Since I've changed employer this last month I'm going to get a double salary on monday, so I'm thinking about making an investment in my gear. I could spend about 3000 usd, but since I'm guessing the prices are a bit different in the US, I'm not sure if it matters. I would really like to upgrade my camera, but since I'm waiting for the next Canon 7D or 5D I have to wait until later this year. So far I've decided on this: Canon 24-105/4L IS. About 700 USD used Canon 50/1.4,I'm going to sell the Nikon 50 and the Tamron 17-50 so that will pay for this lens Some nice Manfrotto tripod with video head. That's about 450 USD in Sweden. That's leaving about 1850 USD for some other gear, but now it's not that clear to me what to buy anymore. I've been thinking about a slider, external 7" monitor, GoPro 3 Black(Mainly for action and slomo sequences), wireless lavalier mic, Canon 70-200 f/2.8L II IS, product photography table or maybe a good shoulder rig. At the same time, it really feels like I'm missing something really important here. What's your thoughts on this? What should I prioritize? Thanks and sorry for the bad english, it's in the middle of the night here in Sweden.
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