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  1. I am looking for a digital camera that will let me video record for more than thirty minutes. I understand that Panasonics (at least some of them) purchased in North America will let me do this. I have gotten multiple and conflicting answers to some of my questions, so I am hoping that people with experience can help clear up my confusion. 1. GX7- I understand that I can record continuously (beyond 30) minutes for AVCHD, but not in MP4. Is this the case? 2. GH2 - Will the GH2 let me record continuously for *all* formats: i.e. AVCHD and M-Jpeg in the native firmware? Or will I need to use a hack? If so, how complicated would this be to do/use? 3. GH3-I understand this will let me record continuously in all formats? Is this accurate? Thanks in advance
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