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    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    True. I remember this interview i shot on XT2 where this mid-aged corporate geezer was like "when are you done shooting stills and setting up the video camera so we can get started" 😨 Can't imagine on a real set with actual talent. There is certainly confidence that only a big boy cam gives you even though you always get the snarky assistant/sound-engineer/tech that'll go "oh you're shooting this with a C ONE hundred" "when did that cam come out again?" "does it shoot RAW/4K?" "we had a RED/ARRI on our last shoot".. but then usually when they see the end result they'll be back with "is this cam still for sale? how much does it run for?" 🙄
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    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    I don't like external recorders much from an ease of use perspective, but you don't have to convince me when it comes to the image being very nice and there are circumstances where the external recorder helps. It's weird since it varies between shots it seems if it helps a lot or a little. A stop more highlight detail would be nice, but it's still leagues ahead of any dSLR I've used, and not too far behind an A7S. At $1999, I think the original is a steal.
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    DJI Ronin S

    Finally got our Ronin-S review finished! Really loving this gimbal. Although....at the end of the day, if you have an extra operator, the MoVI with all the FIZ control is going to be better. The Ronin-S is a Z Crane killer.
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    Panasonic GH5 - all is revealed!

    I have just purchased Zhiyun crane plus.
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    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    To be honest, the image difference is little like you have seen in the videos, you can see the difference more during low light shootings, in the sky during sunset you see more color degradation, but is really not so much. What the external recording provides is more room during color correction, if you screw up the color temperature you will certainlly have a better chance to fix it, or if you are looking for a special look, also more room to play. Now, if you are good with ligthing, checking the camera parameters, and you really don´t make mistakes, then you probably are OK with the internal recording. But the ninja star is so cheap, the media (supertalent) so cheap, that probably later you will get them ether just to give you more peace of mind.... C100 mark I together with a ninja star
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    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    I've mounted my C100mk2 with the 24mm pancake on a Crane 2 and it's ok, but the height of the camera and the evf gets in the way of tilts. It's quite a nice way to work, I usually have it mounted on a monopod so I can put it down when I need to. I'm constantly surprised by the ergonomics of it in the hand, it really is lovely to use. All the buttons are where you need them and right where your fingers are. It's pretty compact if you take the side handle off as well, it's *almost* discreet
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    Drew Veeneman

    Awesome NX1 Monitor

    Hey guys, sorry I'm back. @Marco Tecno Monitors do not work well for shooting stills on the NX1. The reason is the hdmi port puts out a low resolution image until you're actually recording. Frankly I wasn't impressed with this monitor till I actually hit the record button... suddenly the image was tack sharp. Also, you can't zoom in on the images without hitting buttons on the monitor... the more I think about, using a monitor on the NX1 IS TERRIBLE FOR SHOOTING STILLS!!! Also, the monitor has it's own focus peaking mode. @capitanazo The monitor works with the nx1 while recording in 1920x1080 at 120 fps. I shot some high speed footage earlier this week and didn't have any problems with the monitor.
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    Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K

    Three months ago I was salty about not getting a Micro 2. Now I'm ready to upgrade just for that 4k60! Hey @John Brawley can you pass feedback for future cameras? Me and some happy BM owners would love to see a Micro Pro with a positive lock MFT mount, SDI out and swappable rear battery plates. I know we are a niche market but those things would make the Micro v2 epic.
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    C100 Mark ii in 2018

    Yeah I shot a shortfilm on the c100 recorded to a blackmagic video assist. And that worked fine, ok the cost is next to nothing and you def can get cinematic video out of it. Aswel as on the c300. But there are for sure better cameras out there at a similar pricepoint. But you can get good results on a lot of cameras as you know whag youre doing. The color science on the c series is its best feature.
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    Definitely done in post, look at camera movement near the end of the camera flip. This was shot wide and cropped into.
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    I read this quote in the locked Lexar memory card topic: "The card was corrupted so badly that computer/rescue software's only recognized it as 7,60gb drive... Even that it is 128gb card. Tried to format it with panasonic, canon and sony cameras, nothing. With computer and all formatting methods, nothing. So totally destroyed card. Just rubbish." Since noone else mentioned it in the thread, I thought I'd mention it: THIS IS PERFECTLY NORMAL BEHAVIOUR. (Teemus card most likely wasn't broken at all - it just had garbage data in the middle of the partition which cameras and operating systems interpreted as end of partition - or made them hang). So, Windows has no builtin partition management if you have broken the partitions (or managed to garbage the data by removing the media mid-writing) on any USB flash media or CF/SD cards. I'm not sure if MacOS has the ability either in this case. However, Linux has tools for fixing these issues (and I've had to turn to Linux a few times to fix my media after experimenting with them too much...). In case you'd have partitioned a CF/SD card with just 8 GB - then all windows will be able to do is to recognize that 8 GB. However, in Linux you can remove that partition and create a new one spanning the full card, 64 GB, 128 GB or however big it is. After remaking these partitions, you'll be able to format the full card in Windows / MacOS or in camera. Hope this might help some of you in case you break your flash media partitions...
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    Shot with this yesterday on a shoot with quick turn around. All Procolor V4. Still need a little white balance to match (and Pre boat removal on the horizon )
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