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Shooting with the Samsung NX500 - a pocket 4K cinema camera

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This article is the first in a series. Stay tuned for more NX500 coverage on EOSHD.

I am currently shooting with what I think might just be the world's most affordable interchangeable lens 4K camera.
The Samsung NX500 in my hands is the final retail camera not a pre-production model. It's running the final firmware V1.0 as well and shoots 4K!

Full article - http://www.eoshd.com/2015/03/shooting-with-the-samsung-nx500-a-pocket-4k-cinema-camera

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While the NX500 did not perform very well in FHD due to the extremely low bitrate (no PRO setting with firmware 1.0 and even HQ was not HQ) the new firmware greatly improves FHD capabilities of the NX

You should suggest samsung adds a 2.5k mode with the options of 60fps, 30fps, and 24 fps to the NX1 and also a 1:1 crop mode like on the nx500. Both those options would help with rolling shutter and h

​Sigma 8-16mm if you want very wide. Sigma 10-20mm if you want cheap wide angle (used less than $300) Tokina 11-20mm f/2.8 (or the previous 11-16mm 2.8) if you want wide + big aperture Samyang 12mm f/

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I had high hopes for this camera, but when I learned that it has no EVF I became hesitant.

Thanks, Andrew, for showing us all the other deficits. It saves me a lot of time. This camera is too troublesome for 4k video. The LX100 is definitely of more use.

My only hope is that Sony will come with a kind of A7000 that does 4k in a good way, but all the rumours so far have turned out to be false...

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Oh well, is confirming the bad news. Same sensor as the NX1. But very crippled, if that is something Samsung did intentionally (hope not?) or is due to its cheaper lower end processor, don't know.


A little part of me hoped it would be different.... as Samsung went so balls to the wall with the NX1 in not holding back.

Maybe maybe the NX500 might be fixed with future firmware updates, like the NX1 was greatly improved with lots of firmware updates.


The NX500 is still a heaps better camera than 90% of others in its price point. Just not what I'd hoped.


Was thinking NX1/NX500/NX300 could be an interesting set up for next wedding season.

But ruling that out now, I think it will surely be GH4/GH2/GH1 for me. The extra price gap for Samsung NX set up doesn't justify the performance jump for me.

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I'm interested in how the rolling shutter is in 4k crop mode.   Hopefully the 4k crop mode will come to the NX1.  With Gamma DR not included, it will make it harder to match as a b-camera, if Gamma DR is your primary shooting mode on the NX1, like it is for me.

It's interesting that what made the Samsung NX1 so attractive - having no market to protect - is now what is driving the NX500 feature set - protecting the NX1.   I hope NX500 sales are slow an they decide to add an equivalent feature set to the NX1 or as much as possible. There is a strong case for a smaller lighter NX1 feature set camera for use with gimbals and drones.  They should have charged a bit more and delivered more. Oh well, I will wait to see what Sony (A7000) and Nikon (J5) have to offer in the way of 4K video and features.  And with NAB less than a month away - if you don't have to buy right now,  I would wait to see what gets announced at the show....

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it was obvious they would cripple it in term of features (no peaking, no advanced video settings) and in term of quality (no downsampling from the 6.5k and lower bitrate) to not canibalise their own nx1, they just wanted a position in the entry 4k camera price range at an entry 4k quality that will be i guess much closer to the lx100 rather than the nx1.

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I'm still on the lookout for a cheap portable camera with interchangeable lenses and an ok slow motion mode. Looking forward to you testing the 720p slow motion quality! If this has 120fps in similar quality to A7S it's going to be interesting. If they unlock 200 fps - even more so!

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

It's just a bit disappointing that we were expecting a s35 4K or 2.5K camera but turned out to be a s16 4K mode, pocket camera type of size, and it doesn't habe the SB solution that's available for the pocket, it would have nearly solved the entire problem her and made it into a near s35 frame. 

How much longer is the NX mount compared to SB compatiable m43s and Sony E-mount? if not by a huge amount one could hack a BMPCC into this while losing just a bit on the infinity end. If it's huge difference it's a no go. I did sometimes use lenses with a slightly smaller flange distanve than the camera and they worked fine except for wide landscapes with infinity focus, but when I tried it with a big difference the lens becomes only macro (really good one surprisingly like using an FD lens on a EF Canon with a glass-less adapter, gave me a super sharp/cheap macro lens at 100mm that would cost 5-6 more in EF mpunt with similar magnification)

So how big is the difference, is there a potential for haking a Pocket SB without losing too much on the infinity end? 

and oh is there any Canon adapters that would let ms use IS? (Just IS, U ahoot wide open anyway and use manual focus). And if there isn't, how good are samsung lenses IS (one that's a normal 24-70 equivalent with IS) how much and hos good is their lenses, especially IS? are there fast primes too for beauty shots?

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