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[The Quiet Escape] A short film I shot on the Samsung NX1 - B&W and Color. 4 min.

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4 hours ago, Orangenz said:

Should probably get moved to the correct forum section

I think it already is and was in the correct section due to its interesting discussion it lead to. Just my opinion. I think, being in the main section is much more grace to this piece and to its discussion. It gave me the opportunity to discover Eds work. His vimeo channel is full of resources and viewing pleasure for the lover of the short film form. Same for instance with Andy Lees post about his work with the Panasonic G7 leading to an insightful discussion on lenses and setup when showing examples of his feature Pandora. By the way @andy lee, when are you going to satisfy our hunger for some teaser footage, in the graceful main section, of course? :)

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