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Future of stabilisation, it's here. Today.


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Again innovation are coming in phones, first :/.


So Instagram released a new iPhone app, Hyperlapse. 

It stabilises video using the accelerometer of the iPhone. 

It works AMAZINGLY well (better than the EM-1 stab !!!) 


Just tried it myself... 


Of course the purpose is then to accelerate the video to make it an hyperlapse as demonstrated here:



But you can choose 1x speed and it just makes the video 100% stabilized even when running, with no warping effect ! incredible. 


It takes 1-2 second on the iPhone to "stabilise" a 1min video !!

Just imagine a GH4 with an accelerometer inside, and with the hit of a button you get your clip stabilized like this !!!


Definitely the future, if camera makers think 2 seconds....

Byebye steadicams, byebye Warp Stabiliser, byebye all the bullshit. 


Link for the app: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id740146917

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Can you post an example? I don't see how this can even touch lens IS. From the sound of it, the app takes pictures and records data from accelerometer at the same time, then uses that data to stabilise the footage in post. But the way lens IS works, there are elements working in real time that counterbalance any shake. The accelerometer in the phone may be able to record the direction it is facing, but it cant counterbalance jittery hands. Unless you can prove me wrong with some footage?

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Inazuma : I don't know how they do it. But I took many videos and it stabilizes very well. Lazy to transfer footage on my mac and upload it, I am sure u will se thousands of videos online from it in the next days
Let me tell you that : 


I had a EM-1

I have a 5DIII with IS lens 

I have a Steadicam 

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Guest Ebrahim Saadawi

Just downloaded and tried on my Ipad Air. Very creative and effective for creating stabilized timelapse fast. But the stabilization system is atrocious (at normal speed). tons of warp artefacrs, unusable. Perhaps the satbilization works better with the Iphone?

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But, ok, so now you have awesome and effective stabilization for hyperlapses...


And now shoot something realtime... you will be glad you have the E-M1 that actively stabilizes unwanted motion, by sensing AND correcting the sensor's plane for it at the time or recording.


Did you understand it actually shoots realtime video yes ? 


Ebrahim, I don't know, on my iPhone I don't have artifacts and warp at normal speed. Did you try it with day light ? Works bad in dark condition they say. 


Well guys, please remember we talk about 720p recorded by an iPhone here... 

Imagine this system but way more evolved, on a real camera...  


Also take a look at what Parrot is doing with their new announced drone, 100% stabilised with no gimbal. 

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Did you understand it actually shoots realtime video yes ? 


Ah, the 1x speed is realtime, then ok, thanks for pointing that out.

Though, the title says it all, it's supposed to stabilize 'Hyperlapse'.

So... you could say any ordinary video is a timelapse/hyperlapse in a way, because there are sequenced frames with both.


I just need some convincing the 1x can beat actual physical corrections on the spot. I've yet to find me a video with a 1x speed example.

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I have never thought about time lapse before and I know its not the same but this got me playing around with the time lapse in the GX7.


It seems that the GX7 is stabilized using time lapse (if stabilization is turned on).     Might be fun to try walking around.


Thanks for the thread.    very interesting in itself too..


The a7 does not have it as sold but there is an app from Sony for $9.99.      Never thought much about buying apps but now am considering this one (as well as the Live view grading one, also for $9.99) they seem to be the dearest ones though.

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Saw this a few weeks back, but had the same doubts as some here.

it's probably only any good when doing a hyperlapse as it can then use say 24 of the frames to try to create 1 frame (imagine the jello) but obviously even better results would be obtained if it was stabilized in camera, & isolated from body moves, and kept on target. It would be interesting on a drone, but why the onboard accelerometer / gps  couldn't be used there must be some higher resolution ones, & the problem with hyperlapse stuff is its harder to see the dodgy bits.


Edit, I wasn't talking about the instagram app, I mistakenly thought this was SteadXP related



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It would be cool to utilize 4k images for the source sensor crop stabilized output at 2k but its going to be a pain with mpeg4 & software, wonder how long before new integrated hardware & software can do the job, I remember feeling a little stupid for suggesting something similar way back in the days of the Scarlet, but not just for Stabilized footage, but used in conjunction  with depthmaps, Imagine the virtual set building fun you could have.

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Does anyone know how electronic stab in camera works? Experts in my store said that those has a gyroscope or accelerometer. I dont think a camera has so much processing power to do it in real time by software.


On the other hand why is there no real time stab programs for playing files with computer?

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