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DJI Osmo Pocket 2


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You're right, everything should be a balance and if you use a resource, there's little sense to none repeating it ad nauseam : )

In any case, he knows how to shoot it.

Most shooters lack to frame the subject or have no clue how to properly move the camera, without mention cinematography or how to not cross the red line of the device limitations.

In the end, you ain't refusing that new release but the inability to handle it and take all the potentiality of it.

Let alone camera settings.

Here's a fine example as far as settings concerns, posted earlier today here but on minute 14:45 instead now:



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20 hours ago, JurijTurnsek said:

Dpreview showed an impressive multi-frame stills capture at 64mp. Does anyone know if the same can be combined with the panorama (so making a pano of 3x3 stacked 64mp images)?

AFAIK, I think so.

Here's another review with parts 2 & 3 to come, the best available out there for now:

Seems an improved lens with better chroma aberrations performance as well (minute 13:27).

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New firmware released. HDR (only up to 2.7K) added.



Date: 2021.01.05

Firmware: V01.02.00.50

DJI Mimo App iOS: V1.5.8

DJI Mimo App Android: V1.5.8

What’s New?

Added HDR Video for better dynamic range.

Added Story mode to the touchscreen. Users can choose from a variety of Story videos where the gimbal moves up, down, left, right, clockwise, counterclockwise, or zooms in or out. Connect to DJI Mimo and enter playback to complete the Story videos using AI Editor.

Added Wireless Mic In/Earphones Out. Make sure an external earphone is connected to the 3.5mm port of the Do-It-All Handle and that Pro is enabled in Video mode. The user will be able to check the wireless audio via the earphone while recording.

Added Trimmed Download (DJI Mimo of v1.5.8 or later required).

Added ability to lock the gimbal when using with the Mini Control Stick. Press and hold the right button of the Mini Control Stick to lock the gimbal and press again to unlock.

Added ability to choose the direction the camera is facing when powering on. Press and hold the Power button to power on with the camera facing the user and press and hold the Function button to power on with the camera facing forward.

Increased the time that the gimbal stays in position in order to fit it into the cover when powering off.

Optimized software and anti-interference of the wireless mic.

Fixed some minor bugs.



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