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Fujifilm develop anti-coronavirus drug

Andrew Reid

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7 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

Ah well.

At last some good news though....

Huawei has a great coronavirus treatment ready to sell to Trump for $666 billion

Only one side effect, it puts a billion spy cameras up his arse.

But Trump is the sacrifice we all need to make in order to get better.

Let's sell him out to the Chinese as soon as possible so we can benefit from their science.

I believe people on the fence are taking one side anyway. As much as when we put loyalty or friendship in front of ideas, principles, values not to sale. Or because of that, we tend to see them as contradictory when they're balanced ones.

Bias is not a wide option. A decision in the name of a wider universal range is. Both can share the same name: political motivation. The same to choice. No need to be dirty though. No need to be committed with just one side of the equation as better option route. Pretty different of the politically correctness. Apples to oranges, a poor apple contaminates an orange in a way or another.

To denounce it rages higher because we can't be silent. To be accomplice of silence is not to be neutral. You become a supporter when you vote, at times even when not.

There's balance on moderate views, there's no virgins nor claims, vows of chastity on neutrality. Count on it. No matter how golden the pill is. Where's the contradiction? Fuji makes cameras. And lenses. Develops drugs to save lives as well. Where's the contradictory approach here or there? Is this unwelcome and so-so rhetoric because someone has closely decided to protect a friend? (a nice guy BTW) But, bias. Well, different strokes for different folks, it's a friendly forum... just not exactly the main reason why I keep going here and never stop to be surprised with you, Reid. Brave soldier (E : -)


(...) let´s not act all that knowledgeable here about politics. Even some posts from knowledgeable people like Emanuel are so so in their rhetoric and contradictory approach.


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17 hours ago, IronFilm said:

The vaccine will be affordable for all? Good news!

I will wait until the final firmware update (version) to it to get it though just in case the first version makes me freeze up (permanently)



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@Mark Romero 2 Can't blame them. They do have excellent nutritional and medicinal qualities.

Or wait... instead of toiletpapering homes, we're resorting to nettling homes? I bet that tickles someone's fancy.

Scientist did btw have a breakthrough. I know GMO is being frowned upon, but early trials look promising:


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On 3/18/2020 at 2:08 PM, BTM_Pix said:

Sony had a setback in the trial of theirs when Doctors mistakenly thought patients were getting sicker due to the green tint it gave their skin colour.


I've heard that the Sony drug could only be used in arctic countries because it overheats in 5 minutes at moderate temperatures.

And the the Panasonic one was very good to kill the virus, but only in stationary cells (the drug could not focus the virus in moving ones).

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