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Andrew Reid

Z-CAM E2 Sticky Thread

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On 1/22/2020 at 6:52 PM, Andrew Reid said:

Just opening this to start off the discussion of the Z-CAM E2 models.

I shot with one for the first time at IBC in 2019 and will bring you some footage from the full frame 6K version of the Z-CAM 2

What are your thoughts on the Z Cam E2 ?

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I just have the E2C, but I ended up getting the HEDBOX V-Mount (specifically this one: https://www.hedbox.com/products/power-v-plates/unix-lpe6/) because my BlindSpot Power Junkie wasn't able to power my camera, Nucleus N motor, and my cheap monitor at the same time without exceeding it's cap. I receive the parts tonight. Also, as of the 0.94 update, the E2C currently has a 1440p 60 fps mode with less crop and seemingly better rolling shutter. I'll probably have it at 1440p/23.976 90% of the time. Will post pic as soon as I can build the damn thing.

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For those not in the Facebook Z Cam group: it sounds like the eND module is about to start shipping and is in the hands of some early test users.

-1.7 - 6.7 stops

-no color shift (One user said it seemed comparable to the ARRI ND he uses)

-powered via camera
-works with EF and PL mounts
-Compatibility is with the new flagships: S6, F6, F8 

Also cool:

-Camera control and external raw via Atomos coming soonish sounds like

-ToF AF module is about finalized and tests on FB look promising

-NDI via Ethernet is working and they are beta testing their Mac version of software to convert the stream to NDI or H.265 (PC out already)

-They are working on an EF Mount option with built in speed booster

-.94 firmware added some new modes and DNG stills

-Adobe Zraw support coming

I picked up 5 E2C’s for multi camera studio set up and have been selling off my other gear slowly. Also just nabbed a used E2 and another E2C for a good price on B&H.  Pretty crazy how quickly they are moving and rolling out new features and updates. Of course still some bugs here and there that they are working through. 

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