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  1. @Andrew Ok. I just wanted to clarify your statement of why a 8k camera sensor inside a mobile phone phone can withstand overheating but not one from a fullframe camera.
  2. I will put $$ that the new Sony A7SIII coming out in the following weeks will have H.266 in it.
  3. @Andrew Reid I can agree that it is not ZCAM the company itself that is at fault most of the time but the community. That being said, Kinson is not without fault when it comes to running the company. I understand that the company is growing, but can you at least an updated website and camera details? Lets take a look at their website here. Flagship product. Claims 15 stops. By who? Can you at least give us a chart showing how the dynamic range is distributed in the shadows and highlights? There is so many combinations of frame rates and codec options, can you at least release a chart
  4. Zcam is the most defensive community I am a part of. I have never been part of a group of apologists like them before. There are no faults with their camera. None. NONE. You are doing it wrong. Every time. I always see questions being dodged regarding crop, dynamic range, etc. Any times hard facts get pushed around it's either ignored or you are told it doesn't matter.
  5. Yes. Was in a SmallRig cage with a wooden side handle. As much as the BMPPC4K is poo poo'd on because of the DSLR form factor, it is very convenient. I can keep one hand on the camera and scroll through aputures on the Pocket4k with the other hand. On the Zcam you need to remove your grip from the handle and press the squishy buttons on the camera. That's my main complaint tbh. You need to release your grip on the side and readjust your hands to interact with the camera. They really need a native Lanc/BT handle to interact with the camera. And I am not talking about a $400 third par
  6. Played with the m4 over the weekend. Great image quality, trash ergonomics. Trash menu system.
  7. Mike Mgee

    RED Komodo

    One user tested via the same method that Cinema5D does, and gave the Monstro a score of 13.4. Interestingly enough the Alexa got a similar result, but as we all know its the quality of the pixels that matter. Anyway, Monstro at 13.4...Komodo at what...13? S1H has a result of 12.7 so this will be interesting. I am assure red will be able to squeeze out more due to Redcode and their patents.
  8. Mike Mgee

    RED Komodo

    So how many usable stops you think there going to be....12/13?
  9. @Lux Shots To be honest I would love to see a basic skin tone / motion test. I had a S1H on rental last week but sadly it has been sent back.
  10. @deezid How was the motion cadence before when shooting in 4k? Is there a difference between 4k + 6k?
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