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  1. What does him being Mexican have anything to do with it? Perhaps "Physicist Solves Spherical Aberration" is a better headline.
  2. @Sage Would the bmpcc4k profile be coming out before the GH5S one?
  3. @Attila Bakos ah, i see the post you made now on the aces forum. Aight. For $10 I will give it a shot.
  4. What's the difference between this persons ACES IDT's and the built in ones that Davinci provides?
  5. @Laurier Please post some comparison footage of anything that shows a "massive" difference in image quality. Ah nah. I am done here.
  6. I had to create an account to respond to your comments regarding the A7III and the Ninja V. Oh nah. That's a negative. It can definitely not be classified as massive. I have both an a7III and an Atomos Inferno..while there is a difference, it is negligible. Here are some examples here and here comparing XAVC-S vs ProRes . And once you upload the video online and youtube has its way with it, the difference with compression artifacts are even more negligible. The money you invest in an external recorder for 8bit Slog2 would be much better invested in an other things. Yah. If you are shooting 4k...you can't really track faces reliably. The LCD on the back of the A7III goes off and you get no green box on the external monitor. Sure it "tracks" but in more of a "I pray this works" sorta way.
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