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  1. I use the ones here. These batteries are rebranded MANY MANY times under different names. I bought a set from the UK and they work perfectly.
  2. @vgsmedia Or better yet...this.....https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?id=528534296080 I do wonder how the quality is.
  3. @deezid why not a pocket4k...speedbooster...and olpf filter?
  4. @deezid Don't hold your breath. If anyone getting RAW first it the z6...and that's about six months overdue. Also...what camera you going to choose for your trip?
  5. Remember when the CEO of Atomos, Jeremy Young , came out and said Z6 RAW was coming out soon...”by Black Friday at the LATEST”. Well. Look at the date. Where my RAW? Where is it Jeremy ??
  6. @deezid Atomos announced RAW with the Nikon Z6....how long ago? February. 8 months ago. There was an update regarding it in August , where we were informed it was no longer a free update and you need to to send in your camera. Recently, Jeromy Young went on an interview saying this update will come by BlackFriday but I am not counting on it. I am sure there is some fuckery going on behind closed doors trying to get Raw output via HDMI. That being said, Jeromy Young and Atomos have a long history of over promising and under delivering with their products. I understand you are waiting for the RAW output with the S1H, but I wouldn't hold your breath.
  7. @deezid Panasonic updated the S1 firmware to fix the issues you addressed. Can you please have a look and report back to us?
  8. @xzobinx Is there a difference in AF speed between the EOSR + 5DMKIV? I had the 50mm 1.2 and sold it because it was slow to AF and very soft.
  9. @deezid Ill pay some good $$ if you make a comparison video of your lord and savior S1H vs the doooki train bmpcc4k. I wanna believe the hype.
  10. I don't understand how Sigma can market this as offering "full-fledged filmmaking". They seem to be out of touch with the filmmaking community as a whole. Failing to offer any flat profile and referring to it as "a special request"...and that they will look into it "if enough users request it" says enough to me. Even when asked about the lack of headphone jack to monitor audio, the CEO replied "We hope some other companies prepare accessories for our FD camera". Really. That is your response to lack of a headphone jack. "Hope someone else fixes the problem". Nah, Sorry Sigma. You done.
  11. Legitimate question. Is there an email or way to contact Canon in regards to firmware requests or product questions? I would like to know why the EOSR can record 4k 25P 10bit externally via the Ninja V...but not 1080p 50p 10bit. Why? What bullshit reason does Canon have for this?
  12. @deezid Imma wait till the end of the financial year before making a decision. But the footage you shot makes the camera look very promising. Hopefully Panasonic will fix their S1 issues by then. If not there always the RED Komodo.
  13. Shit...since the issue fixed..wanna swap with the 6k now? I joke.
  14. @deezid Damn...the images from this camera looking so clean...makes me wanna switch from my BMPCC4K/6K ? Is that external / internal recording?
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