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  1. There is a user made one and it’s constantly updated, though not on the main site, but it’s been recommended a ton, even from Kinson himself: https://reduxfilm.co/z-cam-handbook/#Frequently_Asked_Questions
  2. I think it’s less chatter here because most people are on the Facebook group. I have the E2C and I’m pretty excited for the updates.
  3. Just an update on my current setup. I really want a sigma 18-35 f/1.8
  4. I just have the E2C, but I ended up getting the HEDBOX V-Mount (specifically this one: https://www.hedbox.com/products/power-v-plates/unix-lpe6/) because my BlindSpot Power Junkie wasn't able to power my camera, Nucleus N motor, and my cheap monitor at the same time without exceeding it's cap. I receive the parts tonight. Also, as of the 0.94 update, the E2C currently has a 1440p 60 fps mode with less crop and seemingly better rolling shutter. I'll probably have it at 1440p/23.976 90% of the time. Will post pic as soon as I can build the damn thing.
  5. Very much appreciated, these are super helpful!
  6. I have some FD lenses lying around, but those are the two mounts I wanted to get into more, since I already like going fully manual. Turns out converting FD to EF is super expensive 😅 so I’m looking at other mounts.
  7. It’s not the final look, but I recently picked up a Z Cam E2C, though I’m still waiting on a few parts. I’m coming from an old EOS M, so this will definitely be a weird change. Unfortunately, this 28-200mm is my only EF lens, and it’s pretty crappy.
  8. Where at? I've been scouring the whole internet for a deal, cause it's either that, a used X-T3, an RP, or the E2C. I can't even really find a worthwhile price used, except for a dude who was selling one with a cracked screen he later sold for $500.
  9. As a Nigerian American, this gave me a slight chuckle.
  10. You might like Josh Yeo’s setup, as he built his space in a way where everything is somewhat modular.
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