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Sigma Fp review and interview / Cinema DNG RAW

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Here's an old Blackmagic discussion from 2014 regarding flickering with CDNG and a solution (at the time) to fix it:

Also an Adobe feature request to disable auto-exposure adjustments so that people could use Camera Raw for color grading as another option:

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So i said i'd post some stills, these are basically ungraded. This frame is in a sequence with car lights, i like the tonality of this very subdued moment. Shot 12bit to manage shadow tonality.

Modified Sigma's smaller grip to allow it to hold a T5; haven't printed it yet so not so sure how comfortable it is.

Ah gotcha. I'm not really directing this at you but just to anyone in general who isn't aware or wants to learn more, and I'm probably being a 'stickler for accuracy' here but obviously a sensor/

Posted Images

Some of the Magic Lantern Raw apps that process MLV files will also process cdng files to ProRes and they have a lot of features to repair issues with the raw files. I don't really need any of those features so I don't know if any of them will help this issue but they might. I know auto detect black levels is one of the things I tick off when I use Raw Magic... but I don't think that program processes cdng.

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3 hours ago, Chris Whitten said:

They need to fix that exposure bug, urgently.

If they don't perhaps this feature of the upcoming firmware will help, because in cinemode the exposure preview is correct, so If I take a picture in cinemode it may be a also properly exposed.

  • Still image shooting in Cine mode (in Live View, during movie shooting)

 screenshot is google translated

Screenshot 2020-02-13 at 16.05.37.png

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I'm disregarding the exposure preview.

I'm trying to set my settings manually based on the exposure meter and histogram. I'm shooting only with auto ISO and still getting blown out highlights because the camera is countering my conservative shutter and aperture settings by changing the ISO to make the scene too bright. Of course being raw I can adjust the exposure in Capture One.

But, it really is a basic for any cheap camera, let alone a supposedly sophisticated £1900 body. Return the shot with the same exposure the user set.

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DIY screen flip mod coming soon?

It would be great to have anamorphic mode.

Maybe director's viewfinder has one?

And soon will be able to record.

I hope Sigma also consider a slightly larger model, with IBIS, EVF and flip screen.

I get the feeling future is bright for Sigma's full frame cameras.

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18 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

I get the feeling future is bright for Sigma's full frame cameras.

They do seem committed, but the Foveon full-frame being cancelled - I read someone saying the FP sales may have been the real reason, or will they still do the Foveon in the future ?  I hope they do it.

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