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  1. This has NOT worked for me on the R6. A battery door hack/ dummy battery is needed. https://www.magiclantern.fm/forum/index.php?topic=24827.msg230592#msg230592
  2. Hey Andrew. Just to give a small correction. The original test was performed on my R6. Not the R5. But I've seen in comments that it's working on the R5 too
  3. I feel like a celebrity haha. Thanks guys. I'm glad that it's working on the R5. Honestly this makes the R6 the best camera in the world for me right now ,(besides the stupid clog1 limitation). Even if they do implement a clog3 update, I'm scared that the overheat hack will be patched in it.
  4. Hey Andrew, I understand your rage at Canon and I have been following your posts a lot lately. But I think you should approach this differently. I am worried that because you and others are 'demanding' canon to respond, this might cause a retaliation from the company. The retaliation could be to fix any kind of hacks that we are finding out about or to simply not respond at all. I believe a more civil "babying" approach would be better for both parties. I would personally not want you to kiss Canon's ass, but the whole "f-- canon and the corporation" approach is a bit extreme in my opinion and would not inspire the company to change. Instead we would need to rally to the only thing that companies listen to. Money. A boycott, or delay in purchasing, or whatever is powerful. The best way to make them listen is if they are losing money. Of course that would be hard to organize, but it would be more effective than raging. Just my 2 cents. Not sure if you have the connections, but YouTubers are a powerful voice for camera reviews sales. If you could inspire them to bash the overheating limits on youtube then I'm sure it will shake up something. Just like how everyone bashed canon for removing 24p from the eosRP.
  5. A1ex is a legend I swear. That guy should replace the current CEO at canon
  6. A camera like that for $3000 sounds nice, but the R6 has Ibis and dual pixel autofocus with 10bit for $2500. That's honestly a killer. A7s3 took too long for me.
  7. If they could open gate then I would def buy this puppy. 3:2 would be awesome! Especially for social media now a days where that vertical resolution is more important
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