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The Annual Blackmagic Shipping Date Mystery Thread

Andrew Reid

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People of the world. Have you been able to locate a Pocket Cinema Camera or Blackmagic 4K Production Model? Has your dealer been weeping on your shoulder recently? Do you know something we don't?




This is the place for all Blackmagic camera related shipping news.

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Andrew, this is getting pretty insane. I'm sorry to say it, but you're acting like a child that didn't get his Christmas present he wanted.

Who are you trying to convince? I signed up here because of the valuable information and helpful community, but it seems like it's turning into a Personal View 2.0.

Blackmagic Design will deliver the cam's eventually, don't worry about it. Cool down and enjoy Magic Lantern in the meantime.
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Newest information:

The team tells me that we are still on track to start shipping before the end of July. I'm not sure if there will be more of an official update than that within the next week, but for anyone in the LA area, we will have cameras at our event on Thursday if you want to check them out.





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Thanks for the B&H news.


I wish they'd provide more details - i.e. have they had a communication from BMD? As it is, it could be just a guess or an opinion as that's the way it's written.


My main worry is about quantities.


I have the patience even after last year's situation to wait an extra 2 weeks of course for the Pocket camera!


The problem is that most people will be waiting much longer if they trickle out only double digit units in August.


This is a camera that has probably been ordered in the thousands.


The 4K camera clearly isn't ready yet. Why not?

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I think this will be the first year I do something on 16mm film... I saved so much cancelling the BMD 4K I can probably do a film on some lovely Kodak...


What is this "Film" I hear from time to time. Is it a new RAW videocamera? .. is it made by some company named Kodak? Sounds interesting.. ;)

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A friend of mine has the MFT Blackmagic BTW. I really don't know how, I'll ask about it... He didn't pre-order. MADNESS!


7 minutes in or so... magic...




All magic. Up to 150fps too ;)



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A friend of mine has the MFT Blackmagic BTW. I really don't know how, I'll ask about it... He didn't pre-order. MADNESS!


Yeah, it's been available in store at B&H for the past few weeks, I'm sure they try to always have some cameras in store, even if they still have pre orders waiting.

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First report of shipping.. as yet unconfirmed..


"my friend called B&H today and asked about the pocket camera. the rep put him on hold and called BMD. He told him that BMD is shipping the camera from california to b&h today and that he will have his camera in his hands by late next week. lets hope the B&H rep wasnt taking him for a ride."


found at bmcuser.com


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Caleb from DSLR Video Shooter has a review unit being sent to him from B&H. I'm sure that he's not the only one. His reviews have mostly been about gear throughout the years. I can't remember him ever doing a camera review, but he's thorough and utility-focused. His website: dslrvideoshooter.com

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I saw on BMC User a thread with a letter from the head of Hot Rod Cameras. The gist is that the "limited quantities" = each dealer getting one (ONE!) Pocket Camera initially and about 3-4 weeks after that more quantities should arrive, hopefully. The 4k is even more delayed and won't ship with Raw.


Link: http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?4836-BlackMagic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-Update!!!!!


Good job, BMD.  :rolleyes:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Seems as though those who ordered very early on April 8th from B&H and Adorama are starting to get Shipping Notifications, however it sounds like not all the people who ordered 4/8 are going to get cameras in the first round of shipments.

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