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  1. I'll quote the section from the Ambarella page (emphasis mine): This seems to imply it can downsample 8K video to 4K. Either way, we know the Ambarella H1 in the Phantom 4 Pro [1] can downsample the full sensor readout to 4K as shown by Cliff's chart tests, so the H3 should obviously be able to do it as well. I don't think the Ambarella SoC is the limiting factor here; there must be some other limitation, artificial or otherwise. [1] https://madsrc.com/2016/12/08/inside-the-dji-phantom-4-pro/
  2. Do you have a profile you are using for correction in post, or are you just manually estimating the distortion parameters? I was also really struggling to edit the H.265 files in Premiere, but Resolve is much faster for me. Do you have a source for this, or are you just guessing? The Ambarella chip in the Mavic 2 appears to be the H3 [1, 2] which should be more than capable of downsampling from the full sensor readout, seeing as the Ambarella H1 in the Phantom 4 Pro can do it, and the H3 can even capture and downsample up to 8K [3]. @Cliff Totten (who posted earlier in this thread
  3. Where does it say in the announcement that Blackmagic RAW will come to the Pocket 4K?
  4. What do you mean by jumpy? Looks pretty smooth on my end. Settings: 4K HQ (1:1 crop mode) @ 24 fps H.265 DLog-M Picture settings: +1, 0, 0 ISO 6400 (max in video mode) f/2.8 (minimum) I think shutter speed was 1/30 or 1/40 but I don't remember exactly.
  5. With a little lot of temporal noise reduction, I'm getting some pretty impressive results out of this sensor. Granted, there are some artifacts from the heavy NR, but it still looks quite usable to me. Shot 30 minutes after sunset. For an idea of how little light there was, look at the headlights on the hill in the background at the start of the clip, the various phone screens you can see throughout, and the city lights in the background towards the end. I haven't owned any of DJI's previous drones but I have a hard time believing any of the 1/2.3" sensors would have b
  6. From the Imaging Resource interview: Samsung noooooooo!!! Someone please send the Magic Lantern guys a camera!
  7.   Link: http://www.bmcuser.com/showthread.php?4836-BlackMagic-Pocket-Cinema-Camera-Update!!!!!   Good job, BMD.  :rolleyes:
  8. Nice! I would wait before dropping $400 on it but it looks like if the image quality holds up this could be a nice, affordable, wide (and very fast!) prime.
  9.   Sooo.... who's gonna buy it and put it on the Pocket for shits and giggles? Would be an absolutely amazing lens...
  10. To all those saying it's not late yet, you're right. It's not late yet.   And there is still a possibility that it will be to the distributors by July 31st and shortly to us thereafter, with RAW firmware and all. If that happens, I'll be satisfied and impressed with Blackmagic's ability to stick to their word this time and pull off a product launch in such a short period of time.   But I think we all know that's not very likely at this point.
  11. Well, the plot thickens...   Quoting from here.     :rolleyes:   The item that I paid $1000 for was clearly advertised as having RAW recording capability. If the piece of metal and plastic and silicon that shows up on my doorstep doesn't have the ability to record RAW images, we're going to have a problem here.
  12. I emailed B&H today asking about the status of the Pocket camera and where I was in the pre-order line. Here's the exact email:     Here is their response (my emphasis):     Disappointing, to say the least. I agree that if they are late again, they will be nothing short of a laughingstock in my mind. It's completely unacceptable. I think we were all very surprised to hear them announce a July shipping date in the first place, but we figured, well, they must be very serious this time, surely they wouldn't allow themselves to even come close to repeating
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