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  1. Because I can't justify it. I want to get the BMD 4K camera at some point, ideally they'd come out with one that does at least 50fps, then I'd be happy, the Pocket camera is great, but I don't want any MFT specific gear. Couldn't find that adapter earlier on their website, but was in a hurry, will look it up later. (not that I need yet another adapter at this point)
  2. I can't think such an adapter by Novoflex, and the Metabones one costs 20x more, way more than I'm supposed to spend on a MFT accessory. All my lenses are full frame, with an APS-C exception and I'd like to keep it that way, the Pocket Camera is an exception in sensor format, but I'm not spending that much money on something that will only work with this camera. $300 would make me think twice though.
  3. Well, in this case I got more from the cheapest option! That's true, but it's not like there is one brand that will have the perfect adapter that will work with all lenses, so it's a bit hit and miss really. It's true I miss a bit of the near focus with the Fotasy adapter, but I also kept the Fotodiox adapter, which increases my lenses' near focus ability!
  4. I've spent a few weeks trying to find out what was wrong with my lenses and why I couldn't get infinity focus. Since I wasn't using any MFT lenses, I started losing faith in the adapted ones, I even considered it might be a faulty or badly calibrated sensor, but it turns out it was all the adapter's fault, so if you're experiencing the same issues, or if you're thinking of getting one of these for your Pocket Camera, beware! I found a similar one by Fotasy on eBay, it was even cheaper and it works great, I can now focus to infinity and beyond! Just by comparing the two of them, one can tell the Fotodiox is thicker than the Fotasy one, so one of them is gotta be wrong. There's also a chance I have a faulty Fotodiox adapter (haven't tried it in a different MFT camera), but for now I'll stick to the Fotasy one.
  5. Resolve already has something to say in the editing world as it stands, I think it might take the lead some time soon. And it's free!
  6. Anyone else is using this combination? I'm using it with a fotodiox dumb adapter, it's the third lens I try and I can't get infinity focus when wide open. Anybody else experiencing this? Other lenses seem to work just fine!
  7. I ordered mine on July 16th, got it less than 24h later, but they probably ran out of stock really quick.
  8. People/companies who shoot with the C300 don't do it just because of the added image quality, they do it because of the form factor, XLR inputs, decent preamps, etc, etc. Having 4K on a DSLR is not what would make them ditch the C300.
  9. They also mention a 35 in the video...
  10. For 25fps you should use 1/50 shutter. For 60fps you should use 1/120 shutter, basically double it. This is just a rule of thumb though, there's specific situations where you'd shoot differently. For instance, if shooting 25fps in America with artificial lighting where current is 60hz, you might avoid flickering by shooting 25fps with a 1/60 shutter. It doesn't matter how fast the action is, if you want to shoot cinematic looking smooth footage, that's the rule. Using faster shutters would result in less motion blur, but with a different look. If you want to control the results you should use manual mode. Read the manual, learn how to use the camera, there's only a handful of buttons, don't let that affect your videos! If you're shooting in a situation where lights change a lot, then maybe you could use shutter priority, lock the shutter at 1/50 for 25fps and let the camera figure out the aperture. It's possible to shoot anything with manual focus, that will depend on your skills. :) If you're talking about tough rack focus shots, it's quite a small and fiddly camera, which might make it more difficult. As for AF, it should be fine, but I don't know how fast it is. Assign manual focus to the lens wheel and turn focus peaking on, then practice and see what kind of results. For all these questions though, just get out there and shoot, try all modes, then study the results. In the end, there's no rules.
  11. I wrote this post for the mkI, it shouldn't be that different... (image links are broken, but the info is still there) '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>> Also, XAVC-S codec is supposed to be way better than the old one, if your system supports it.
  12. You're probably talking about the fixed pattern noise issue, which is supposed to have been solved in the latest firmware update.
  13. That's weird, I ordered one after I found about the sale and got it delivered less than 24 hours later. If they're taking that long maybe you should get it from somewhere else, and try to still catch the sale price.
  14. I don't know what you're talking about, never in my life have I said Michael Bay's shots have "too much interest", and doubt I ever will. English is not my native language, but it seems the dictionary is with me on this one: dull = lacking interest or excitement
  15. Unless you have no other choice. This sale is also going to promote the camera tremendously, there will be loads of all kinds of new Pocket Cinema Camera content coming out in the next few months and more people will want to get the same camera, and if it costs $995 then that's what they'll pay. And if there's a new one, it's likely the price will go back up as well on the new one, so it's still a good deal.
  16. Blackmagic's press release mentioned this sale was only till end of August or while stocks last. They might have meant the stocks currently in stores, therefore restocking would bring the prices back up again.
  17. I get that, but my point is you're using a wrong term. Dull is a negative comment in the sense that's the opposite of interesting, and it doesn't apply in this case. Michael Bay in the uninteresting one IMO, or dull. Moving the camera around doesn't necessarily make a shot dynamic, and choosing to shoot a lockoff doesn't mean the shot will be dull. A still photograph can be dynamic and have rhythm. There's so much more to a a dynamic or interesting shot than the motion of the camera.
  18. '> How is this shot dull? It's well lit, well graded, and well composed. Even though it's only an insert, there's variation and texture in BG to make it interesting and shallow depth of field to lead your eyes exactly where they want you to look. An interesting shot doesn't need to be a crazy MTV kind of shot. The Man Who Wasn't There is filled with extremely interesting shots and they're mostly lock offs. If Jeunet had shot that insert with flat lighting, texture and DOF, then yes, it could have been dull... this is anything but.
  19. I totally disagree. Bland and dull shots is exactly what any good filmmaker should avoid. Always. You're mistaking pacing with composition and shot style, there's no reason why a slow shot or scene should be any bland or dull.
  20. When did you order it? I ordered one on Wednesday and received it on Thursday...
  21. That's correct, the previous Prores they had was Prores HQ, which is the best Prores in the camera. Then you have Prores, then Prores LT, then Prores Proxy. In Prores Proxy you start noticing the compression more, but Prores LT can give you great results at much smaller file sizes than Prores HQ.
  22. I found a post in a private fb group saying there would be a Pocket Camera 2 in September, and that post is from June, before this sale was even announced, so add both and there might be something there...
  23. I was talking about the second firmware upgrade in 3 weeks...
  24. That's great news! Looks like they're trying to clean up their image and get back on track. Or maybe they finally sorted most of the hardware issues and are now finally focusing on the software side. Either way, it's great to see these cameras unleashing their full potential.
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