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  1. I read youur post. Nice writing, thank you. :) I have some basic question. I was reading that if for example I take video in 25 fps then shutter speed must be 1/50, 60p fps = 1/100 ... So, if I shoot fast action sport (motocross) can I stil use these shutter speeds? Can I use program auto or shutter priority to shoot sport video or any other video. I see that you recommend manual mode but I don't know how can I adjust setting during video shooting. Regarding focusing, camera is set to continous AF, is this ok? Is it possible to shoot sport video with manual AF? Thank you.
  2. Thank for your answer. I will read your old topic. More questions will follow. Kind regards
  3. Hello Do you use MK3 to shoot videos? If yes, can you please tell me which settings do you use? For example, how do you set up your camera for everyday videos, for action (sport) videos, for night videos ...? Do you use xavc-s or avchd format? Do you maybe use flat picture profile and edit videos later in video editors? How to set up flat picture profile for this camera? I really do not know where to start. So many settings, options. This is my first digital camera with decent video. This is the reason for so many questions :-) Thank you for your help. Kind regards
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