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  1. Also curious as to how you attached it to the Sigma, did you just use a 72mm-62mm Step-Down ring?
  2. Did you try it with the Sigma 18-35 on the original speed booster? When does it start vignetting?
  3. Update:   For those of you who encounter this in the future,  I bit the bullet and (against Olympus' recommendation) cleaned it with a lenspen sensorklear.   After a fierce battle with a speck that, to my surprise, was stuck on there pretty good it came loose and I was able to wipe down the sensor.   The sensor bobbed around quite a bit while I was cleaning so I checked the IS immediately afterwards to make sure I didn't wreck my camera, and it still performs beautifully, even handheld with an 85mm it looks like it's on a tripod.   So for the record, I didn't have any problems cleaning the sensor with a Sensorklear, though I don't hope to make a habit of it.
  4. I just noticed a speck on my E-M5 sensor (see photos below), it just showed up today and I tried an air blaster and it didn't move it at all, so I'm wondering if it is dust actually.    I read that you aren't supposed to go after the E-M5 sensors with a Lens Pen SK (or other sensor cleaner) because of how they're mounted with the 5-axis IS so I was wondering if anyone here has had to clean the sensor before, how did you go about it.  Did you bring it to a professional, send it back to Olympus, or do it yourself with no ill-effects?   Thanks in advance!   Photo taken with the E-M5: http://imgur.com/64bKArW,Avh5LYE#0 Photo taken of the sensor: http://imgur.com/64bKArW,Avh5LYE#1  
  5. Generally, I dislike footage shot at 30p, it usually looks too real to me, however your footage has a very cinematic feel to it that I quite like, I might have to try using my OM-D for video one of these days, so far I've only used it as a stills camera and backup to my GH2.
  6. Nice,   They give you any inclination of a release date?   Edit: another question, this video looks remarkably smooth for 30p, did you add motion blur or reconform to 24p or is it just that smooth on the OM-D?
  7. I really like my Genus Fader, and it was cheap.
  8. Those rules seem to only apply to that particular thread and not the forum at large.
  9. I didn't think it'd be a problem since I'm not the seller, I couldn't find the list of rules anywhere, if it is I'll delete the post obviously.
  10. Disclaimer: I am not the seller of this lens, I just thought I'd mention it here in case anybody has been looking for one of these since they're fairly rare as far as I know.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/130965003364?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649   No idea what the seller has in mind for a reserve, presumably ~$1000 at the lowest, but hopefully it's not outrageous.  I'd bid myself but I really can't afford it right now unfortunately, looks like it's in pretty good shape.
  11. Seems as though those who ordered very early on April 8th from B&H and Adorama are starting to get Shipping Notifications, however it sounds like not all the people who ordered 4/8 are going to get cameras in the first round of shipments.
  12. Obviously the specs right now for these cameras say only Prores and Raw but is there any possibility that they could add DNxHD in a firmware update sometime in the future?
  13. Does anyone know how much frame coverage LOMO's 16mm lenses get? Will the Kinor 16 lenses cover the BMPCC's S16 sensor? I ask because Kinor 16 lenses are dirt cheap on ebay, right now I can only find this one but I seem to recall there being a few more options (a 10mm and an 8mm and some longer options maybe?)
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