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  1. Good morning! Please check out our short film about a 6 year old hero. https://vimeo.com/67124108     Or maybe you fancy one about a stray dog in the Caribbean. https://vimeo.com/32823310       CG
  2. Seems you can tell when he's taking a step too.
  3.   Yeah I saw that.   The M10 looked almost flawless but do you think their operators are just better or it's the product?
  4. Defy G5 - $3200.00   Movi M5 - $4,995   Both seem almost the same.  The G5 has the more attractive price point but Freefly were the innovators and may have the superior product.   Which if any of these or others are you guys getting?            
  5. Movi https://vimeo.com/62917185   Be Steady https://vimeo.com/68956708   Rock Stedi https://vimeo.com/71582077     Will be using with a 5DMK3.
  6. Looks good, she looks good too.
  7. Those Zeiss lenses. Soo expensive but soooo good.
  8. http://vimeo.com/32823310 Pothound basically means Mutt in the Caribbean. People with Vimeo accounts click here:  [url=https://vimeo.com/awards/vote/narrative]https://vimeo.com/awards/vote/narrative[/url] Look for the video and please VOTE. Those without, it takes 10 seconds to join. Competition is stiff but I'm happy I'm among such great work. Thanks, Bep
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