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  1. Andrew, do you think the 12-35 lens works well with the gh3 for video? I was worried that it was the sharpness of this lens that was causing the moire on the gh3 so I was hesitating about purchasing. furthermore, will there be an option to buy the gh3 and 12-35x in a kit? thanks
  2. Spec sheet also mentions an 80% slow motion feature. Any comments?
  3. ..still havent seen any footage of this tested and working. How can anyone be expected to donate if it looks like you could be lying right out of the gate? Not saying you are, I just don't understand why there isn't any footage available to view.
  4. This thread says tested and working, but I have yet to see any footage...
  5. I would keep the canon FD, the Nikkor, and the Helios. past that, shoot with all them, get a feel for which you like, which you don't, and sell off the latter.
  6. but it doesn't make the nex5n any better of a camera.. The gh2 is still better, and the NEX7 is better from what i've seen (though I may be wrong on that) so what's the point?
  7. I've read elsewhere that the NEX5n can be hacked and it's performance increased, but it caused it to overheat way too easily.  Andrew has mentioned cooling and fans several times, so it's probably that.
  8. I came into this without even an ounce of evidence, But i'm fairly certain it's just a re-housed NEX-5n. I guess we'll find out tomorrow~  ;)
  9. NICE. love the style!! Though I must question the use of the anamorphic here. It just seems to add softness around the edges to me. Why shoot with 'lesser' glass just because it's anamorphic?
  10. "no way it takes a ssd. . . . no xlrs, no global shutter, no 4k . . ." No point, then. If you consider $3,795 semi-realistic with none of those features, then you'll be pleasantly surprised to know that the BMC has an SSD and the Digital Bolex has one, too, as well XLRs and a global shutter. And both are priced well below $3,795. If the new camera doesn't offer something different or better -- or at least a lower price -- there really isn't much point. [/quote] super35mm sensor would make it worth it for me..
  11. [quote author=Tzedekh link=topic=951.msg6935#msg6935 date=1341771563] [quote author=christianhubbard link=topic=951.msg6934#msg6934 date=1341771054] I feel like if it was something really meaningful, andrew would have been too excited to not tell us until tomorrow. Hope i'm wrong. [/quote] I don't think you're wrong. Plus, if it's a truly new camera, it's unlikely that EOSHD.com would get the exclusive. It would likely be all over the interwebs. But I'll play along anyway. It's a 4K-sensor-based camera from GoPro, and it outputs CineForm RAW as well as CinemaDNG and log DNxHD. Like the Blackmagic Design camera, it has a built-in 6-Gbps SSD drive and 3G-SDI port, but also an HDMI port and dual XLRs. Its sensor has a global shutter, a dual readout (yielding a dynamic range of 110 dB -- more than 16 stops), and frame rates up to 120 fps. It costs $3,795 without the lens or LCD. [/quote] no way it takes a ssd. wouldn't be surprised if gopro decided to take a shot at the prosumer market in a form that isnt a disposable camera, considering they own cineform. no xlrs, no global shutter, no 4k, and this might be semi-realistic. Though i'm not sure how successful it would be.
  12. I feel like if it was something really meaningful, andrew would have been too excited to not tell us until tomorrow. Hope i'm wrong.
  13. Very well shot, but a little amateur when it comes to composition of the piece. -First of all I think it was a little long, i got past 2 minutes and then became bored. +I really liked the folly sounds of the building running, glad you kept that running over the entire video -Do your slider both ways, get two directions of every shot, that way you can pick and choose which ones you want later. after getting halfway through, 99% of the sliding shots slid to the right. Looked great though!  :)
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