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  1. kirk


    My wife in tango mode... I shot this video on the last day of 2012 using my two GH2´s with Zuiko 11-22mm and Konica AR 40mm.   http://vimeo.com/56585126
  2. kirk

    BMCC Review

    Bruno, I think you should write a letter to Blackmagic telling them to make a version with the "or something" lens mount. I'm sure they have just overlooked that possibility :P
  3. kirk

    BMCC Review

    Bruno, you prove my point... talking about what you would like, that you don't want to endorse their business model etc... Then simply don't buy their camera!! They choose what to make, use their business model and I'm pretty sure they knew they had to cut a lot of corners to make the product that cheap... It is their choice. Bringing the most important factor, the video quality, down to a very affordable level is quite an achievement in itself, and should be applauded. It is quite an improvement to the similarly priced DSLRs. All the extras would have cost more for sure...
  4. kirk

    BMCC Review

      Good I'm not the only one to react... I'm amazed to see all the moaning, demanding and complaining. WHY didn't they do this, do that, and no global shutter, and why didn't they just make a $3000 Alexa but with raw that doesn't generate huge files, 240 fps in raw.... NOW!   I saw a nice video some weeks ago (but unfortunately can't find it again) with a guy strolling around London with an unrigged BMCC and a light tripod, a big battery in his pocket which he plugged into the camera to recharge it from time to time... no nonsense, no moaning and complaining... just getting some nice footage and enjoying shooting... It actually is possible to shoot with the BMCC!
  5. Without even remotely wanting to pick a fight, I find it strangely attractive, and fully accepable, that not all companies throw themselves into this spiral of higher and higher resolution and bitrates... as long as most of the video material shot will end up compressed on Vimeo and YouTube there is something to be said for a solid HD camera with all the lovely trim possibilities. Cameras should have a projected lifetime longer that a year, damn it... In stills cameras it seems that megapixels have stopped skyrocketing... I see quite a few GH2 users (myself included) going back to unhacked, just enjoying the simplicity and still amazingly good looking footage. I hope, and believe, the 4K raw race will prove too cumbersome in the end... that the trend will drift towards creativity instead of crazy consumerism...  Have you noticed how short a time forum members seem satisfied with the equipment they have? Some even fear the BMC will be outdated when it arrives.... :blink:   But then again I'm just an aging romantic ;o)
  6. Here's what Jan Crittenden said on DVXUser: The 10bit output is 4:2:2, but I want to clarify that 10bit output. It is an enhanced 8Bit. It has a bit of dithering to it to help in those banding situations. And it does help. It also has the enlarged 2X expanded focus that everyone said they wanted and you can set it up to toggle between the Focus on Red and the Expanded view. It has the 60P built in and the 2.35 display. The only chip that has been changed is the microprocessor.
  7. Panasonic has put in a new processor chip...
  8. Don't forget there is an aspect of good ergonomics with this camera... no need for a rig, a very full set of features and good sound department makes it very pleasurable to work with... and it can in the right hands produce stuff like this:   http://vimeo.com/22958276
  9. Konica AR 40mm/1.8 and 85mm/1.8 are highly recommended... the 85 is difficult to find at a good price but well worth the effort...
  10. This is beginning to have religious undertones... relax man, you are talking about and heavily promoting a sensor, not peace on earth :blink:
  11. Here we go again.... sigh :blink:
  12. Turn off the "intelligent" stuff, don't underexpose! Try Vibrant and no hack, 800 ISO... should help. Dial down the vibrant colors in post if needed..
  13. Some of the FF guys seem to want both the background and the subject out of focus most of the time :P
  14. 80 pounds for the 14-140?? In that case I'll take it :P
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