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  1. Is it not the case though, that the d5200 cannot change apertures while in live view mode? And if so, did you find this to be a problem? I read about this being a drawback of video shooting with nikon cameras and it sounded like a real bummer. Having to go out of live view mode and back in constantly, to adjust your exposure...?
  2. [quote]12-50mm F2 would have been really attractive[/quote] Yes, that range and speed would have been the optical equivalent of Canon's 24-105 4.0 on a FF sensor; unfortunately, with only a 3X range and only a 2.8 the panasonic still doesn't compete well enough with what you can get other formats. But I guess we'll see what the GH3 has to offer... maybe it will all be justified somehow. Just to note however, that with this lens the GH2/3 is now a 2000 euro camera system, which also puts it in a different sphere of competition
  3. Hi Andrew, -- regarding the image which "graded poorly": I believe this happens not because it's flat but because the whole thing is dark. That sounds simplistic, but in my understanding the gamma encoding of digital images in relation to light means that the darker areas get fewer bits accorded to them than brighter areas. Dark areas of digitallly photographed images literally have less information. This is why digital imaging in general has such a problem with shadow noise and why a well exposed image looks great in the higher tones and still looks bad in the shadows, a
  4. You'll also want to look at this tool, to enable TRIM support for 3rd party SSDs, otherwise performance will degrade over time [url=http://www.groths.org/?p=562]http://www.groths.org/?p=562[/url] or install SoftRAID which should enable TRIM support if you use their driver (you'd have to verify that with them) [url=http://softraid.com/features.html]http://softraid.com/features.html[/url]
  5. Yes, well indeed. This is the thing that keeps giving me a sinking feeling. I like the images that the GH2 can produce when they're well exposed -- and corrected afterward, to compensate for the bizarre color response -- but the problem is the glass: what really I want is a FAST zoom with a good documentary range (something like 28-85 equiv.), and there just isn't one. The 12-35mm is still only rumored, and it's going to cost at least 1200 euros and still only be a 2.8. Canon's EF-S 17-55 2.8 has a more useful range (slightly longer) and costs at least 30% less on the
  6. I've had my GH2 since the summer, and I'm thinking about whether i'll stick with it in January and invest in the new 12-35 X lens (supposedly coming out then), or throw it over for something else, namely something with a better lens system and faster native ISO. The noise in video mode on the GH2, in my experience, is such that shooting with the 14-140 lens is garbage in anything but full daylight (or with artificial lighting), since in my results the highest usable ISO on the camera is about 640 and to flexibly run-and-gun with that lens you need to work at around f 5.6.
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