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POLL - Had you ever heard of the show Empire before this month?



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  1. 1. Had you ever heard of the show Empire before this month?

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    • No

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@kaylee You should also have asked if anyone has heard of it because of the latest news.  I hadn't heard of that either, in fact, the only reason I am aware of it now is because you asked about it...

Maybe it's a big news story and maybe not, I don't know, but what happens in the US is far less important when you don't live there :)


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1 hour ago, kye said:

what happens in the US is far less important when you don't live there :)


4 hours ago, DBounce said:

A lot of harm could have been done had this asshat gotten away with this fraud. He should face the same punishment that the attackers would have faced had the attack been real. 

yeah, its amazing. i think he was willing to potentially testify against two innocent guys too. he was gonna take this all the way to the bank

hes obviously super delusional and all that, but the reason he got caught is that hes a terrible liar – the whole thing sounded like horseshit from the very beginning to everyone i know... but somehow not the mainstream media ? anyway, what if he WASNT a terrible liar... what if he was really smart? he couldve clean gotten away with this

the part ~I~ cant believe the most is that he had a hollywood DREAM JOB making over a million dollars a year!!! people would literally kill for that job!! WHAT??!???

then again, with the help of the media he'll prolly turn the whole thing around in the future, somehow still be a victim, write a book, sell the movie rights, etc.

its really getting cartoony out here folks!

the point of my poll is that i cant believe an actor on a show that ive never heard of makes so much money, but obviously other ppl have heard of Empire, so i stand corrected ?

edit: oh wow, it has 5-6 million viewers... thats a lot these days

do you guys remember seinfeld? remember the big season finale? how many ppl do you think watched that show, that last episode? i looked it up recently and my head exploded

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8 hours ago, homestar_kevin said:

I'd be interested to see the location of the voters as well, is this show available/broadcast outside of the US?

ohh, i get it, is that an option when you set up the poll? good idea, my bad!

also, 17 million viewers is a ton these days so... a mil a year might be pretty reasonable


oh, and one more thing: turns out that the showrunner of Empire is Lee Daniels, director of one of the most appalling movies ever made, Precious

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I assume none of you are black americans. it is the #1 show among black americans. with so much content available there has been a lot of segmentation, so you see a bunch of divergence by race among top shows. I remember years ago being struck by some nielsen data showing friends the top show among white viewers and close to the bottom for black viewers. strangely, friends is/was hugely popular in china.

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8 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

I don't watch many tv shows but I had heard of Empire. I hadn't heard of the latest scandal until a friend pointed it out to me though. Crazy stuff, I think the bigger deal is a lot of big names were backing his story.

names like CNN? ?

his story sounded RIDICULOUS to everyone, and the msm went with it because they *wanted* it to be true

this appalling story

thats the saddest part

29 minutes ago, darrellcraig said:

strangely, friends is/was hugely popular in china


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Never heard of Empire until the scandal. Though i doubt it has much viewerbase in Finland in general.


The whole Smollett hate crime hoax thing seems like symptom of an extremely sick culture and completely immoral media and it'll probably get increasingly worse. Hell, there were thinkpieces straight up lamenting it turned out to be a hoax, I mean jesus christ. How messed up do you have to think that way?

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I'd heard that it exists but I've never watched it or heard what it's about. 

The entire Jussie Smollet case is extremely frustrating. Hate crimes against African Americans and the LGBT communities are on the rise, and yet this greedy person tried to use that to get fame and a raise? All he did was hurt those communities, given people ammunition to pretend that hate crimes aren't happening, and distracted the media from more important stories, like the Coast Guard official arrested planning terrorist attacks and assassinations against liberal people and candidates. 

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so it seems like people know the show Empire in the US, but not elsewhere... makes sense~!

just for the record, if i ever make one million dollars in a year, working on a famous show in hollywood, i will absolutely be thrilled and declare Mission Accomplished™


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