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steadycross a new kind of steadycam / glidecam ?


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https://***URL not allowed***/steadycross-magnetic-camera-stabilizer-sans-batteries-or-electronics/?fbclid=IwAR3_dWVpNouHiwb1uYpElTI7-4a0vaVesS11UDUV7q2pj0domdjWlHyVLGU


• For Cameras up to 3.5lbs

• No Electronics or Batteries

• Clean, Functional Design

• Patent Pending Rotor

• Quick Release Plate

• Ergonomic Rubber Grips

• Practical Tripod Legs

• Water and Dust Resistant

• Disassemble for Travel

downside: no test product so far and no other video than their own.


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31 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

you have it ??

it's not been released yet ?

Yes I have one.

No I don't think they have released it yet, its a crowd funding project.

29 minutes ago, Rinad Amir said:

Can you please tell us more @Mattias Burling how its on field compared to other gymbals 

Dont have to worry about batteries. Its not as versatile as a gimbal, can't turn it upside down. But for 99% of all the shots I would use a gimbal for it works just fine. No jitters like my Moza Air get from time to time.

26 minutes ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

Is it basically a steadicam or completely different?

Its kinda like a glidecam but not as annoying to get steady. Easier to use imo.

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1 minute ago, thebrothersthre3 said:

Does it have the potential to perform as well as a glidecam I wonder.

It's not as good as a full steadycam rig or the best gimbals. But imo better than any Glidecam I've seen.

5 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

how did you get it if i may ask ? as i know a few people asking to test it but they were answered that no sample was available.

They asked if I wanted to test it.

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2 hours ago, Mattias Burling said:

imo better than any Glidecam I've seen

Better how? You mentioned easier to balance, is it easier to keep it balanced when in use, and on which axes? How easy is it to pan, tilt, or do canted angles?

It looks like a very interesting concept with a lot of potential.

45 minutes ago, JordanWright said:

seems like a fantastic concept but the payload is to low for what I wanna run on it.

Yeah, its way too little payload for me, too.

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Overall, it looks excellent. I'm impressed by the fact that someone had this idea, and made it into a competitive stabilizer for a competitive price. But I do have a few concerns.

1. there seems to be lag between panning with your arms, and the camera panning

2. The footage looks like it has less of a level horizon than I get with my glidecam (and I'm not an expert at a glidecam). Maybe the problem is that you can only hold it in front, meaning you have to sidestep for X axis movement (e.g. dog shot at 3:41).

3. 3D printed parts... that will have to change if they make a bigger version for heavier cameras

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