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Fuji X-T3 and X-T4 discussion

Andrew Reid

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On 11/9/2018 at 9:42 PM, proteanstar said:

I have this one and it is excellent with my X-T3.  No problems at all. I had two Sandisk 128 GB 90 MB/s cards rated at V30 and I was getting read errors when shooting 4K video at  400MB/s, so I returned those and got a V60 rated card: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079NQLYHL/

Great price at $189.99 Free Shipping for Prime Members

Edit: Looks like BH Photo has an even better price for the two-pack at $339.99


"In Stock

Order now to ship Mon Nov 12

Free Expedited Shipping

Product Highlights

256GB Storage Capacity

UHS-II / V60 / U3 / Class 10

Max Read Speed: 200 MB/s

Max Write Speed: 80 MB/s

Min Write Speed: 60 MB/s

Records Full HD, 3D, and 4K Video

Built-In Write-Protect Switch

Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures"

Just get cheap Lexar 1000x UHSII. They work great in 400 mbps

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5 minutes ago, DanielVranic said:

So, I have my X-T3 enroute and with a 2nd possible in the next month.

Just to give me a good baseline... What are the absolute best settings for video? I will be running most of the time on a Ronin, so what AF settings should I be using?




depends on what you are shooting

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Based on the X-T3 sensor IMX571 datasheet, it's an extremely versatile sensor, look at all these readout modes! (there are two more pages after this but it's about binned modes)

Interesting there's dual-gain ADC mode similar to ARRI ALEXA's ALEV III sensor, and the sensor can also operate in global shutter drive.


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8 hours ago, austinchimp said:

I've only done very limited testing, but it looks like the 4k H265 is excellent in 400mbps, and I have found Provia to be a great colour profile if you don't want to grade much. I have Highlights -2 and Shadows -2, and sharpness reduced.

Face tracking autofocus seems to work well, if not 100%.


9 hours ago, DanielVranic said:

So, I have my X-T3 enroute and with a 2nd possible in the next month.

Just to give me a good baseline... What are the absolute best settings for video? I will be running most of the time on a Ronin, so what AF settings should I be using?




Here is a brief video that I shot the other night of a performance in a nightclub. It was not planned at all. I just happened to be there with my camera. I had the permission of the band in advance before I started filming.

Settings: DCI 4K, All-I, 400 MB/s, 24 frames per second, shutter speed 48 fps, AFC custom setting, MF Assist - Peak, F-stop all the way open, on auto.  I think I had the sharpness on -2, noise reduction +2, Face/Eye detection auto,  DR 100, Auto ISO, Auto WB, Eterna film profile, plus what I wrote below. Dials on the top: A for the ISO on the left, Dial on the right (SS) set to T. This is shot with my XT-3 and the 18-55 kit lens, OIS. Handheld the camera. No monopod, tripod, or gimbal. I do have these, but I didn't have them with me that night (Halloween). The audio was set to internal mic auto, mic level limiter on, wind filter off,  low-cut filter on. I did not have my pro audio gear with me. No external mic or recorder.

I used the full length of the zoom lens, all the way to 55 mm when she is under the stage lights, and back out to 18 mm to capture the scene at the end.

I was shooting video of the moving singer through the crowd from my high table in the corner of the room. Sometimes the dancers obscured the path of the camera to the singer, and sometimes the auto focus did not track her completely at full 55 mm zoom out (when people moved in front of her), although I don't think it was a problem. The auto focus quickly re-locked on her. It was a range of a very low light setting, to the stage lights over the performers on stage. Challenging conditions. I like the way it turned out. No planning. Next time I am sure that it could be done with more control, but then the spontaneity may be lost.

This video is shot in DCI 4K, All-I, 24 frames per second, shutter speed 48 fps. I did not do any color grading, and no adjustments to the audio.

Type: MPEG Movie -
File Size: 9.15 GB (before export media)
Image Size: 4096 x 2160
Frame Rate: 24.00
Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 24 bit - Stereo
Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
Total Duration: 00:02:29:00
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0
Alpha: None
Video Codec Type: HEVC 10 bit 4:2:0

The lead singer is very good! So is the band!

This video is private at the present time. Please respect that. Thanks!


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I shot this really quick test with a couple of adapted Canon lenses and a Viltrox EF-FX1 adaptor. Didn't plan any shots so it's all just off the cuff - so please don't critique my skills.

Did a really quick edit just to see how the footage feels. Very pleased with the colour, this was with the Provia standard profile with raised shadows and dropped highlights. Autofocus was the main point of the test. It worked ok at times, and less so at others. When it worked, I was impressed by how the adapted lenses locked on quickly. All shot in 120fps, HEVC.


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On 11/7/2018 at 8:57 AM, androidlad said:

I think it only records fine because the camera has a large buffer (for 30fps stills shooting).

Noticed a strange phenomenon today, when using the touchscreen to pull focus in video during recording, in AF-S mode, a touch would only half focus on the subject (focusing starts slowly and stops midway). In AF-C mode it works wonderfully though, locks dead on almost every time. But AF-C focuses everywhere the focus box goes and does not offer much control vs. AF-S.

Anyone experiencing the same?


@Attila Bakos

I'm trying to fully understand X-T3 video autofocus, and I'm curious about the above. When I look at the display as I record video, I see "AF-C" in the lower left whether the front dial is set to AF-S or AF-C. (MF comes up too, of course, but let's stay with AF.) My experience, and my interpretation of the manual is that there's basically MF or AF-C as the top-level focus modes for video; and under AF-C there's either "Multi" (full automatic) or "Area" which focuses on what's inside the focus box.

To autofocus on something and hold that focus, I've set the AF-L button to "Switch" rather than "Pressed", so I can lock the focus that's currently acquired until the next press of the AF-L releases it. This is akin to the "Shot" focus functionality, stopping it from refocusing.

The below table doesn't seem to apply to Movie mode. In my testing, AF and Area do the same thing (Area), and they do this regardless of whether the physical dial is set to AF-C or AF-S.

@Cameramoto, @Attila Bakos - Do you also get this, or does your experience contradict this? I would be interested to get the AF-S functionality in video without the AF-L workaround. Maybe I've got something in my settings that's blocking this for me?




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11 minutes ago, thephoenix said:

did you use af or manual focus ?

All auto. Some shots it didn't lock, or some shots it missed all together. I still put them in the edit as it was just a quick chop job. Some of the wide closeup shots are completely out of focus.

On a couple of the shots where the kid or board is moving towards the camera, it locks focus and follows quite well.

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Just got the X-T3 yesterday and currently figuring it out. Coming from a GH5 I wondered when shooting 4K in 50FPS and  1080p in 100fps in high speed mode saves as 50 does one have to adjust the shutter or does the camera do it? I assume when shooting 4K at 50 shutter should be 100 and for 100fps should be 200 to conform to cinema standard but just wanted to check.

Anyone know of a good video or page out there on how to set it up for video?

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