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DJI Ronin S

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23 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

Why do you even need a Gimbal using a Sony A7 Mk III?


22 hours ago, jonpais said:

IBIS CANNOT replace a gimbal.


21 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

Sure it can for a good amount of stuff. The Olympus EM1 mk II can. Well not for every move, but you know I find Gimbal shots really sort of boring as hell. That flying look is hokey as heck for extended times.They are too good in a sense. Sort of the same with Drone footage. A little of it goes a long damn ways.


21 hours ago, jonpais said:

No, IBIS cannot replace a gimbal. And I’m sure you’re aware that the IBIS in the full frame a7 III is not as effective as in the m4/3 cameras.


LOL. @jonpais I think that @webrunner5 has never used a gimbal. Or a camera, I am not sure. 
Asking why one would even need a gimbal using an A7 because it has IBIS is beyond me :) Now I am not saying that you need a gimbal, depends on your work and style, but that's a different question. The thing is IBIS does not replace a gimbal and if it does for you that simply means you do not need stabilized footage while walking/running which is fine. 



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I hope so. I currently have a GH5 on a Ronin-M using the Aputure Lens Regain as my wireless follow focus and iris adjustment.  I'm thinkin it will be a little easier to handle being able to hold it close to the body with 2 hands vs. the Ronin-M. Anybody who already has one, is it worth it to sell the Ronin-M and get the Ronin-S.

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