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“The Middle Path”: A Lumix GH5s Short

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This video proves that GH5 "S" is not only a low light camera, but a lowlight sea MONSTER. It also works underwater, as the scene gives us obvious clues to this feature. Also the use of boats sug

Let's ruthlessly dissect and analyze Neumann's first comment of 2018: First of all, let's look into his first sentence, why did he write "Happy New Years" and not the more common "Happy New Year"

I'll make sure to do a side by side with the UM46K when I get the GH5s.

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15 minutes ago, mercer said:

I stand corrected. Pretty amazing that the GH5 can turn you off to your Red set up, but I get it.

However, I still think you should be making feature films with an Alexa.

I wouldn't mind spending more time with an Alexa but it's just so heavy and bulky...worse than a RED!  Also features don't jive with my ADHD, episodic and docs are where my heart lives for narrative work.  If we had the crew it would probably be Alexa though, I have always loved the look. 

Trying to give thanks for the important things in life today.  Friends, family, and lenses that cost 1,524.8% more than your camera.


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2 hours ago, Cinegain said:

Now... what I think would be interesting... take a Canon XC15, right? Remove the fixed lens and give it a MFT mount and APS-C sensor (JVC GY-LS300 style, with variable sensor mapping 'n stuff). Keep the MP count on the low side (like the Sony A7S) for better lowlight... and forget about stills altogether. Add sensor stabilization, obviously... and do whatever you have to (in terms of body size: battery grip like bottom) with buffers, processing and storage (would be pretty cool to have quickswap mSATA drives like the Videodevices SpeedDrive) to enable ProRes and RAW DNG with the camera. Keep the price under $5k. Basically... you take the essence of the BMPCC... a fairly compact standalone (no need to wire ext. monitor/recorders) ProRes/RAW DNG cinema camera and bring it quite a bit up to speed

Ive always thought that a Interchangeable lens camera with a XC15 style body would be killer - I would be happy with a GH5 in that body style with internal ND... raw would be a plus however

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On 11/24/2017 at 12:16 AM, Cinegain said:

Guess the EUR-USD (or JPY) exchange must've been playing quite nicely in our favor back then for us paying less in EUR than USD (actually, 1499 EUR was body only launch price). Then I'd gotten used to EUR = USD prices. Nowadays I see a bunch of stuff that's lower in USD than EUR, although the EUR holds up better against the USD.

I actually paid less for my GH5 than for the GH4, which ran me $2,000 without spare battery and V-Log - but that was long before shops here recognized that, while certainly small, there is a market for MFT in Vietnam. In any case, I’m pretty sure you’ll agree that cameras like the G80, GX85 (and yes, the GH5!) are among the best values in hybrid today (as do many in the community, if the number of posts in their respective threads is any indication), and arguing that Panasonic cameras are overpriced requires a stretch of the imagination. 

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Horrid compression here but this is with the Master Anamorphic at T 1.9.  So sharp and flawless wide open that it's alarming.  These lenses cost a fortune for a reason, they defy logic and reason in their performance. If you can pull it, work them into the budget through Brainbox Cameras, they were the only place I found that will rent you a SINGLE lens (most require the full set which becomes incredibly spendy).  Rent on a weekend and you get three days for one day rate.  I chose the 35mm because I love wider anamorphics.  I believe Brainbox splits up all of their anamorphics.  In my experience with rental houses it's rare.  Just thought I would share this info for those that might be interested.

Any tips for getting less compression here?


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I've often wondered myself whether IBIS really diminished image quality. For today's shoot, I seriously weighed the pros and cons of bringing along a a MeFoto Road Trip; and ultimately, I just took the camera, some spare batteries and an ND filter. I wasn't sure whether or not tripods were allowed at the museum I was shooting at. But in the back of my mind, I thought for sure that I could have obtained crisper images had I been using sticks. Anyhow, I'm fairly certain that Panasonic wouldn't risk alienating a customer base that's averse to even carrying along a Rode VideoMic Go, let alone a tripod. It must be remembered that IBIS can always be turned off. I can't really think of any cons of having IBIS as an option; as a matter of fact, IBIS is the reason I completely abandoned my GH4 for the G85. Pixel shift technology has been shown to improve resolution; why couldn't IBIS perform miracles as well?

@Cinegain How are you so certain IBIS degrades image quality?

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4 hours ago, Cinegain said:

Do we think it will lose the body image stabilizer (and using EIS instead) for better sensor data pulling ability (regular cinema cameras don't have in-body stabilization, also still making it more interesting to still own (and for them to sell you) a regular GH5)?

Yes...but they also weigh 20+ lbs, so you have the weight on your shoulder to keep things steady for handheld...IBIS effectively turns the GH5 into a 20lb camera without the weight...as for image degradation, early concerns expressed were that the IBIS would cause excessive heat which makes the sensor noisy...heat is clearly not a problem for the GH5 series...I've not read any thread that claims to decernably prove that IBIS degrades the image on either the GH, G or GX camera series.

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