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New Panasonic G9 - multiaspect sensor?

Marcio Kabke Pinheiro

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1 hour ago, Eno said:


That's only your point of view, mine is totally different. :)

I really don't have any use for V-Log, 10 bits, ALL-I codecs, unlimited recording is nice but irrelevant for event shooting, featured clips and commercials etc. I really do appreciate the 300 euro less per camera (cause I need several of them). I really do need the better image quality offered by the G9 (yes it's there and can't be added via firmware - below it's a raw comparison between the two). I really do need the bigger EVF, the 80 Mpix multi shot mode is fantastic for corporate work. The G9 screen resolution is probably the same, the GH5 uses 4 dots per pixel (RGBW instead of RGB), 3,2 inch vs 3 inch it's a very small difference.

It's funny how you complain about the lack of video features on the G9, which except for the GH5 have no mach in any other ILC on the market, from any company. :)

If you are so trilled about those extra video features on the GH5, go for it! Who's cheeping you not to buy it?

I do 50/50 photo/video work and I'm really very contend with what the G9 offers in regard to video and trilled about the improvements in the still side of things. And yes I will pay for it as soon as I can place my preorder. :)


G9 vs GH5 ISO 6400 RAW.jpg

I need to get my eyes examined, because the two pictures above look practically identical to me. You could easily intercut the 8-bit footage from both cameras and nobody would be able to tell the difference. Maybe skin tones will tell a different story, I don't shoot plants and coffee cups. I'd personally avoid shooting above ISO 1600 anyhow. On the positive side, the AF and IBIS look like they're doing a great job!

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IBIS in G9 looks excellent and the 6.5stops in without stabilized lenses accurate: http://www.photobyrichard.com/reviewbyrichard/panasonic-lumix-g9-review/

Can't really see a difference between dual I.S.2 and just IBIS:

If they have improved the AF performance in video as well then this will be a hell of a hybrid camera. 

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2 minutes ago, jonpais said:

Thanks for sharing, @Don Kotlos. Does Richard do any side-by-side comparisons with the GH5?

He only compared IBIS and dual I.S. 2 in stills between the GH5 and the G9. 

I guess he might be open to do more comparisons between the two like AF or video IBIS, if you suggest it to him. 

To tell you the truth I would really like a G9 with the video features of GH5 :) 

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4 hours ago, jonpais said:

I need to get my eyes examined, because the two pictures above look practically identical to me.

Indeed you need to do that cause there's a 0,4 stops difference between the two (that's almost half a stop better ISO performance on the G9 RAW files compared to the GH5). :)

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Well, we need better and more experienced eyes than mine to judge - I'm blocked with a view of black pots and pencils as a letter message from death - you know, association of an ash pot and handwrite, or such things... )

I really and just full subjectively - and of course just from provided mages  - like G9 body more than GH5. That secondary screen has special suspense-look when is illuminated. Seriously, I think that quasi erotic pleasure of handling tool is one of the most important aspect in shooting. For me it (G9 screen) look as mobile phone screen that could at the moment be lighten-up and bring to me some sweet and tender message from some unknown beauty... I think that G9 show deep psychological competence of Panasonic construct team - hat down for that mix of romanticism and modernism!

Buttons are, I think, better ergonomically posted too.

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What happens when the ten minute limit is reached in 4K60* - does it overheat, do you have to wait half an hour or a set time, can you just start a new clip immediately?

Photography aside, if this didn't have 4K60 I don't think any Panasonic owner between a GX80 and a GH5 could possibly be interested.

But it does have 4K60*

And it's £200 cheaper than the GH5.

I'll wait on a definitive list of pros and cons after it has been out for nine months and take another look. By then, it will drop another £500 and might be tempting depending on what Sony come up with - which will likely be not a great deal unless you are a pro as opposed to a hobbiest.

I suspect that the a7S3 will not have 4K60. If you want that, you'll have to go high end.

*4K50 in the UK

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20 hours ago, Eno said:

I wander how other people can mage shooting video with so little video features on the Sony, Canon ILC cameras etc? :grin:

I wonder how on earth people managed to shoot with the GH4/GH3/GH2/GH1?

How did we manage to shoot a short film last weekend with only a Panasonic GH3?? :-o

Why on earth do I still own 2x Panasonic GH1 cameras :-o

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On 11/9/2017 at 5:47 PM, karuchie said:

4k 60p/50p is written 10 minute limit on the note.

NOTE - Recording stops when the continuous recording time exceeds 10 minutes with [MP 4] in [4 K / 60 p] [4 K / 50 p] [4 K / High Speed Video].

I wonder what the story is here.  Does that mean it needs to be restarted to create a new file, or it will overheat if run for more than 10 minutes?  10 minutes is too short.

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