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Matching GH3 and GH2 Picture Styles for Multi-Cam Edits


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I have been using a Hacked GH2 with Flow Motion 2 the preferred setting...I just got a GH3 and I need some guidance from those who know on how to set-up the two cameras to use in a Multi-Cam edit so that the picture quality, colour, look and feel are similar. Perhaps a different hack for the GH2 would be a better fit with the GH3, I don't know.


Any thoughts?



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Thanks for the guidance Andy Lee, very thoughtful...I have been through the You Tube as you suggest but I fear the dilemma is the that I know not the quality of the 70 or so versions and upgrades of hacks that are available as I quickly settled on the use of the Flow Motion as it is stable and very good quality. I believe that the first step would be to find a comparable patch for the GH2 that is similar to the GH3's qualities and then tweak things from there.


The GH2-GH3 caparisons that I found on the You Tube were either spec comparisons or footage comparisons for extreme l lighting conditions etc. and not what I really need...but thanks again for the suggestion.



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I've been doing multicam shoots with my GH2 and GH3 since it came out in December.  You can check it out on youtube:




I am using 2 GH2s with Flowmotion 2.02 hack, and a GH3.  The GH2's are both on tripods, the "wandering" camera (monopod) on the right side is the GH3.  Here are other videos as well:




For steadicam, GH2 with Flowmotion hack, GH3 on handheld rig; concert two GH2s on left of stage, GH3 on right.




This one shot all anamorphic.  Wide front is GH2 LA7200, Closeup front is GH3 Sankor Anamorphic, Wide right is GH2 Eiki Anamorphic.


GH2s are set to Vibrant -2-2-2-2, Flowmotion 2.02.  GH3 is set to Vibrant -3-4-3-5, and I use mostly 1080P60P 50mbit.  In post I use Adobe Premiere CS6, with Fast Color Corrector.  Sometimes I have to change the hue of the GH3 to match the GH2.   I add saturation, GH2 about 120%, GH3 about 125-150%.  It all depends on the look of the GH2 since I can't change it too much, but the GH3 has much more latitude so it's easier to match it to the GH2.   I also use Neat Video to remove noise, and add a little grain with MB Looks.


It is very possible to get very good results with these cameras.  I hope this helps you with your project.

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