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  1. Thanks for the guidance Andy Lee, very thoughtful...I have been through the You Tube as you suggest but I fear the dilemma is the that I know not the quality of the 70 or so versions and upgrades of hacks that are available as I quickly settled on the use of the Flow Motion as it is stable and very good quality. I believe that the first step would be to find a comparable patch for the GH2 that is similar to the GH3's qualities and then tweak things from there.   The GH2-GH3 caparisons that I found on the You Tube were either spec comparisons or footage comparisons for extreme l lighting conditions etc. and not what I really need...but thanks again for the suggestion.   Cheers...Creagle
  2. I have been using a Hacked GH2 with Flow Motion 2 the preferred setting...I just got a GH3 and I need some guidance from those who know on how to set-up the two cameras to use in a Multi-Cam edit so that the picture quality, colour, look and feel are similar. Perhaps a different hack for the GH2 would be a better fit with the GH3, I don't know.   Any thoughts?   Creagle
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