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My cameras and kit

  1. Selling Pansononic GH5. It was purchased for a video project that never happened. It has Never been used on a shoot. There have been no photos taken using the mechanical shutter. The only action it has seen was me taking it out of the box and trying out the 6k photo mode and stabilization features. This consisted of me literally walking around the house shooting video. It has all of the accessories, manuals, etc. It also has the receipt. I also have two Brand New still in the package PNY 128 GB 95 MB/s U3 memory cards. I will sell those for $55 a piece or $100 for both. If you p
  2. I shot this promotional video for the annual Tango Festival here in New Orleans. Shot with c100II and GH5, I really wanted to test out the improvements in the lowlight capabilities with the GH5 over shooting last years festival with the GH4, I was impressed! Edited in FCPX
  3. Check out this little Video i shot on the GH5, Metabones Adapter and the old Sigma 30mm 1.4. (that kendy one :-) ) and the Panasonic 20mm pancake. Most of the Grafitti stuff was Shot at HD at 120 FPS. I should have used the 4k 60 FPS instead to keep the Quality with the digital zooms and reframes... Editing in Premiere. Just a fast Grading with Lumetri Looks.
  4. So, I recently purchased a GH5 and I'm having an issue with some of my tests. Anything with small wires or sometimes even sharp edges becomes pixelated when the camera is still in 180fps mode. It is driving me crazy and I'm wondering if I am doing anything wrong. Normal 1080p 60 fps does not give the same results. The first clip shows the camera moving up and down. When it settles shooting straight forward, the wires become pixelated. It does not do it in the second shot at 60 fps. The third shot is on a gimbal and it's constant in the shot. What am I doing wrong? Or
  5. Hey Guys! My previous video provided me with a lot of feedback that was really helpful. I love making small video's as a hobby and always looking to be as creative as possible. Recently i made a new video with the GH5, Leica 42.5mm F1.2 & Leica 15mm F1.7 the drone footage is from a Mavic. Could you guys please be so kind to provide me with some feedback or overall useful things to keep in mind? Thanks guys!
  6. LOMO (KMZ) cine zoom lens 16OPF12-1 10-100 mm f2.5, for Russian professional 16 mm movie camera Kinor-16SX, can be used on digital cameras Micro 4/3 sensor: BMPCC, BMCC, GH4, GH5. Adapter Kinor-16SX to M4/3 included (new, made in Poland). The price: $300+ shipping or eBay price: http://www.ebay.com/itm/162592479415?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 e-mail: museum3@yandex.ru Very good condition. Lens clean and clear, mechanic parts and aperture is smooth worked, no scratch, no fungus. Adapter for Micro 4/3 made in Poland, like new condition.
  7. Hello! I would like to share my work done with GH5 + FM Lens (Kowa inside) and russian taking lenses. Musicvideo is still under work but here is promo clip for upcoming video. Will post it here soon when it's complete.
  8. Hey guys and girls! I posted this video on another forum(MU43) and the friendly people over there pointed me at this forum since i was asking for feedback. I love to make pictures and short video's as an amateur but i am always looking to improve, i try to keep the suggestions in mind while making future video's and i would love to get some feedback on the video mentioned below: Thanks in advance! Greetings, Steven
  9. Hey folks! My EF to MFT wireless follow focus and speedbooster in one is now for sale. Shipping from EU to to countries of European Union. It has some minor signs of use, but technically is in 100% condition. Price: 390 eur. Please contact me via Direct Message, thanks! Fits your GH4 and GH5. The package containes: DEC Adapter, Focusing grip, Clamp for the grip, Receiver, USB cable, Recording extension cable. Andyaxes reveiw of the item: Some photos:
  10. We had the GH4 for quite some time – even bought a second one! – and we just loved it. So we decided to get the GH5! Here's our first bigger project with our new camera. We also shot with a GH4 and a Sony A7s as second and third camera and a Came Optimus gimbal. Let me know what you think. Constructive criticism appreciated! Allegra
  11. I have a "like new condition" Olympus Pro 25mm f1.2 lens for sale. The lens has had minimal use, just s few test here and there. Body and glass super clean. Comes with Box, lens bag, hood, both caps, and paper work. Selling to invest in a other non lens related gear. Looking for 1000.00 shipped and paypal'd within the USA. If you have Aay questions, or want to make an offer, please feel free to send me a PM. Thanks.
  12. These are all in very pristine condition. These can be used on Gh4/GH5/Black Magic Pocket. All purchases will be shipped the following business day. Paypal Only. All of these lenses are mint condition, always kept in Pelican. Look unused. Prices: 17.5mm/F.95: 650 25mm/F.95: 450 42.5/F.95: 550 https://www.instagram.com/benericson/ https://vimeo.com/user744001
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