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  1. We felt the best way to really learn how to use the GH4 was to shoot a commercial. All the GH4 shots were in 1080p VFR 60fps mode, Natural picture style, Panasonic 12-35 F2.8 lens, gen 1 Fader ND 77mm (+ adapter), and Flycam Nano DSLR steadicam. The pool shots were iPhone 5S 720p 120fps, and underwater shots with GoPro Hero 3 Black. Edited in Premiere Pro CC with heavy use of the new masking tools. Neat Video was used for denoising. Really pleased that WMG (Warner Music Group) and youtube worked out a deal to allow their music to be used (along with an ad). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc2LXH_MsQQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hc2LXH_MsQQ Editing a fashion show shot on the A7S next (will show a wide variety of skintones in low light- shot event style with 'auto everything'- worked pretty well).
  2. jcs

    GH4 Audio Buzz Fix

  3. Quick Review A7S vs GH4 Where the GH4 is better: Build quality Viewfinder Flip out screen User interface (by a mile) Battery life (by a mile) Color science Skin tones Rolling shutter (by quite a bit) Detail (internal 4K and 4K to HD) Noise grain (mostly pleasing monochromatic) Built-in flash for stills When lens size is included, a much smaller package Can shoot best quality on < 64GB Class 10 UHS-1 cards (A7S requires >=64GB cards for XAVC-S) Price Where the A7S is better: Low light (it's very good however the noise grain is colored and multi-spectral; not as pleasing as GH4's mostly monochromatic fine-grain noise) Shallow DOF (add a SpeedBooster/focal-reducer to the GH4 and this isn't much of an advantage) Audio (no buzz; not tested thoroughly yet though) If a 5D3/full-frame owner: can use existing lenses with a non-focal-reducer adapter (with similar DOF) Super 35 mode allows use of many NEX lenses (some aliasing) Auto ISO After having worked with 5D3 14-bit RAW and RED RAW, where the unmodified RAW looks pretty good straight from the camera, Slog2, Cinegammas, Cine-D/V, etc., start looking like gimmicks. None of those gamma curves are providing a real increase in dynamic range. In certain cases they may provide more information for 8-bit compression, however they can be tricky to use and must be exposed carefully. I've had the best luck shooting Natural with the GH4 (and no crazy curves), though iDynamic is helpful sometimes (appears to be local pixel group based processing vs. a simple curve. The A7S has a similar feature (disabled if any picture profile or effect is active, though)). Rolling shutter is very challenging on the A7S in full frame mode (worse than the 5D3): not very usable for handheld without a lens with IS and/or a solid rig. The A7S menu and button system is a mess. The FS700 has a better design! (many folks find the FS700 non-intuitive to use). Both cameras have aliasing and moire in slow motion. Perhaps similar to the FS700 in 240fps mode (not as bad as FS700 480+fps modes). I haven't done a direct comparison, however the FS700 120fps and less slow motion is better than the GH4 and A7S (all slow motion modes). While the A7S isn't quite a one-trick-pony (low light), the GH4 is a much better all around camera. I haven't had the A7S as long as the GH4, so there may be other elements that make the A7S more compelling, yet to be discovered.
  4. I analyzed the GH4 audio buzz issue yesterday. While I couldn't find any issue with the internal mics, the external circuit is picking up camera electronics, primarily the electronic shutter (buzz varies predominantly with shutter speed). I tried a few mics with TS, TRS, and TRRS plugs. The problem is not with the plug itself- the buzz is the same with them all. If the Panasonic DMW-MS2 with TRRS plug really works without the buzz, then there's something going on with resistance and/or capacitance/grounding (or more). Reviews of the DMW-MS2 appear to show that the mic is both noisy and not very directional. It's a mid-side mic however decoding is only available on the mic (and controlled with camera settings). I use an Audio Technica BP4029 stereo shotgun on the FS700 (mid-side) and it's great being able to control the stereo field in post varying from pure directional shotgun (mono) to a wide stereo sound stage, and everything in between. The stereo is so good that listening with headphones on you'll turn around sometimes thinking the sound is live- it can be that 3D (similar to binaural). The current workaround is going back to the standard DSLR method: setting in-camera gain to the lowest and using a preamp. For the GH4 that means setting mic gain to -12dB. At -12dB, the buzz is still present, however when testing with a Sennheiser G3 wireless system starting at -30dB receiver output and going up from there, the buzz seems to take a sharp reduction at around around -18 to -12dB G3 receiver output. Perhaps the GH4 has some form of AGC going on? In any case, at around -12dB (or higher) G3 receiver output, the SNR is high enough that examining the waveform in post shows the buzz is inaudible and audio is then usable. When testing with a Rode NTG-2 on battery with a TRS connector, the noise floor (white noise) isn't that bad on the GH4 (compared to the 5D3 for example). However the motor-boat buzz renders the audio unusable. The buzz is a triangle wave, about 2x the amplitude of the noise floor. More info and waveforms + spectral plots here: http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?324401-External-Microphone-Solutions-for-the-GH4-(avoiding-the-buzz) A low-cost, reasonably small and lightweight solution is an iRig Pre, for about $33. Along with a splitter cable (or with the soldering mod) it is small enough to attach to the back of a shotgun mic with Velcro or a rubber band. With a 9v battery, it supplies phantom power and sufficient gain for clean, high-quality audio.
  5. rndmtsk

    GH4 to get Log

    According to 4/3 Rumors, a reliable source says "Gamma Log" is coming in a firmware update. http://www.43rumors.com/ft4-gh4-firmware-upgrade-will-add-gamma-log-and-dave-dugdale-leaves-canon-for-the-gh4/#disqus_thread
  6. Hi all, I'm looking to get more into video- some short films, some video work- nothing serious, and I don't need the absolute best quality. I just want a decent bitrate, minimal rolling shutter/moire/etc., decent low light performance, etc.- something that's good enough where the quality of my videos are distracting because they're bad enough to be noticeable to the average person. The GH4 seems like a huge step up in video compared to the GH3, but It's like twice as expensive, and I can't see myself using 4K (I'm assuming that would require a more powerful computer to edit, hard drives to deal with the extra data, better memory cards- all things I'm not willing to invest in at this point). I will probably stick with 1080p, maybe one step up, but definitely not 4k. Given, I'm weighing my options between the GH4, GH3, and GX7 (which I read is actually better than the GH3 for video). I was considering the Blackmagic pocket, but there's too many quirks for me to want to deal with. I would jump on the OMD EM5, but the quality isn't there. I hate to buy a camera during these years of seemingly the most growth the camera industry will see for video, but this summer I must upgrade. Any advice/words or other models I haven't mentioned? Thank you for the help
  7. The 1080p image quality gains from a 4K GH4 file are well documented, but I've got a basic workflow question to extract the maximum IQ from my 4K files destined for FullHD output: I've got a basic two cam interview I shot with the GH4. I'm wondering how to maximize the extra information when outputting to 1080p. Will I have equal sharpness and color information gains if I edit on a 1080p timeline and output to 1080p as if I edit on a 4K timeline and output to 1080p? Is it the same effect in the end?
  8. Hi, I have a question about GH4. it can record [email protected] with an average of 70-90mbs according to my test, does it mean that 25fps mode has better quality than 29,97 ? Less frames so better quality per frame as it's the same data rate per second for the two settings ?
  9. Like to share this one shot acoustic Music Video I created for Arctic Chanteur, North Star Blues singer, ex Madrugada frontman Sivert Hoyem. Shot with a Kowa Anamorphic. Tokina Diopter. Redstan Clamp. Canon 50mm FD 1.2
  10. According to the Panasonic manual for the GH4, it is only compatible with SDXC media with a capacity up to 64GB. However, this spec may be incorrect if, for example, 64GB was the highest capacity media available at the time the spec was written and higher capacities simply did not yet exist. Now they do, such as 128GB. Has anyone tried 128GB SDXC UHS speed class 3 cards in a GH4 yet? If so, do they function correctly and does the GH4 recognize and access the entire 128GB? Transcend makes a (relatively) affordable 128GB SDXC UHS speed class 3 card, and since we are still waiting for the "official" Panasonic 64GB card, I was hoping the Transcend 128GB media was a fully functional alternative. (Transcend also makes a 64GB version, I'm curious specifically about the 128GB capacity.) Thanks, all!
  11. Earlier in anamorphic forum I asked advice for export options for my first anamorphic material shot with GH4. So here is the result from my shooting: After encoding to Vimeo, material looks a bit darker. Don't know why. Exported master file isn't as dark. Maybe it is because the h.264 encoding? Please comment and share if you like, thanks! :)
  12. Hi there, I've got my pennies together and I'm going to pick up a GH4 next week, and I even bought the EOSHD shooters guide. Problem... This GH4 audio buzzing I keep hearing about. How bad is it really? Lets say I bought a juice box to have with my GH4, and I was using it to record sound from radio mics from interviews/atmos though my GH4. Are my interview audio going to be ruined? Is it that noticeable or is it a tiny little sound issue? I'm going to be using my camera for short films but also for filming documentary work, and I don't want to have to use a separate recorder and then sync in Avid. I need to know that the sound is going to be ok, if I end up making a feature documentary but need to go back to the original rushes from when I was starting out I need to know I can go back and the audio will be useable. Anyone have any experience of this? Any one have any examples of it that you can hear on footage of someone talking?
  13. Hi guys ! Yes I have just received the GH4 this morning :) 1st test : why not put my 60’s baby Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens in the 4K cinema mode ? :) Fast filming, run and gun documentary style, focusing improvisation Doing 4K is for me like in 2006 when I went from SD to HDV. A huge orgasm ! Viva GH4 ! :) Baby Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens on Qioptiq LINOS Mevis-C C-mount lens 35mm f1.6 (most of the shot were taken at f2) No diopter, no CC, variable Cokin ND filter EOSHD guide cineV preset settings 4KC mode 1080P streaming version on Vimeo, 4K version available for download 180° shutter speed 200 ASA
  14. Hey guys, With regret, I have to sell my 3-week old GH4. I won’t waste anyone’s time with a sob-story, it’s just a serious and unfortunate financial problem that has come up which I must take care of as soon as possible. I am selling the Panasonic GH4 and Panasonic 12-35mm F2.8 lens (that came packaged with it) for $2600AUD (Australian Dollars). I have the original invoice/receipt (date of purchase 21/05/2014), and after talking to both the store I bought it from and Panasonic, the 12-month Panasonic Australia warranty for both the GH4 and 12-35mm F2.8 lens is transferable to whomever buys it off me. If you can find it in stock at this price or cheaper, I highly suggest you buy it. I called around 10 stores the other day – most said it is back-ordered until August (September for those that are yet to order). How accurate that is, I don’t know, but supposedly the GH4 is sold-out and back-ordered Australia wide. I didn’t really get to use the camera other than filming a little bit in my backyard with it – however, from what I did film, it really does produce a highly-detailed and beautiful image. Anyway, I hope to re-purchase it at a later date when I overcome my current financial situation :) For those interested, please either send me a private-message, or email me at: [email protected] I will provide my mobile number to discuss via phone if requested :) Thanks.
  15. Armando

    BMPCC or GH4?

    Hello everyone, My first post. I'm about to buy BMPCC or a GH4. I'm not sure of which one would suit me best, and I´d like to hear some comments. I'm interested in the experience of everyone who is kind enough to share it, and I don't expect a consensus. Let me pose some questions and add a few details about the problems I'm planning to face with either camera: - I'll be delivering purely HD for at least two or three more years (I live in Mexico, a country that's usually a few years behind the US and the first world...). A 4K ready camera is not a bad thing, but it's not essential. Is the scaled image noticeably better than that of the BMPCC in either ProRes or RAW? Specially in low light. In a few months I'll be shooting stuff for TV, and I´d like to take one of these gals as a B-Cam for an XDcam and a Varicam in different productions. - Shadows. Which do you think is the least noisy of them? I've used DSLR for most of my very few years of shooting video, and I'd really love to see something with clear shadows instead of those pools of dark noise. I know it's not only the camera, any tips on technique for getting nicer shadows would be welcome. - I've decided to get a Speed Booster for whichever I buy (and the 1+2/3 exposure increment for the BM is specially tempting...). I'm not saying goodbye to my Nikon glass nor bokeh in general, and the chance of adding some Canon lenses with another adapter in the future would be lovely - specially if my wallet ever does thicken. - Dynamic range and the quality of color in low light. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if the BMPCC is a native ISO 800, the SpeedBooster would de facto turn into a native 2,500 ISO - great for carrying smaller lights if not competing with the sun or windows. ND is not an issue that bothers me at all. How does the GH4 fare against it? Which do you like the most? Once again, I'll be using a Speed Booster, so I'll gain a full stop over my chosen ISO. - I shoot an awful lot of weddings and independent stage shows. I don´t think either of this cameras is proper for it, though both look like a decent and gradeable B-Cam (yet another reason for low light decency). Which one would you take with you if you had a varicam or a canon XA20 as an A-Cam? Sound and timecode are not issues I'm concerned with. Thanks for reading, I know I lack a lot of reading about these cameras, and I appreciate your patience towards my ignorance. PS - sorry for my wacky english, I'm not used to writing in this language.
  16. shorthairs

    GH4 Wi Fi

    The GH4 has a great Wi Fi controls using an iPhone. The only problem is a very short range, 20-30 feet. Does anyone have a recommendation as how to increase that control distance to a 100 feet or more. Thanks Kent
  17. I am curious why none have discussed the GH4 B&H Webcast, which I thought was pretty interesting, highlighting a few things that were either in doubt, or were things that users thought, needed to be addressed: 1. Most people recording 96fps on the GH4, found the video rather soft. Panasonic (Matt Frazer) explained that one must set the shutter speed to 1/200, so that they get the right kind of sharpness for the image. 2. In the GH3, people could switch between the Shotgun and Stereo mic pickup pattern (on the Panasonic DMW-MS2), and, apparently, now, in the GH4, even the angle of pick up, for the shotgun can be adjusted, making it narrower or wider. And, also, apparently, it can be set, to self-adjust with a zoom lens, depending upon the amount of zoom employed. I think, on paper atleast, this feature seems amazing. 3. Also, there was a reporting of noise by many people, saying, that, there was a strange buzzing noise, coming from the GH4, at all settings. Panasonic explained this in the Live Webcast, saying, that this was due to the fact, that most plus in 3.5mm jack mics are not grounding out correctly, which is apparently due to the Tip, Ring, Ring, Sleeve Adaptor on Panasonic Mics vs Tip, Ring, Sleeve Adaptor on most other mics. They explained, that they understood that the mics are not grounding properly, and their engineers are working to resolve this issue now. Did anyone else notice anything else extra, which wasn't already discussed, about the GH4.
  18. Hi. I was trying to use the Panasonic Image App to shoot a time lapse however when you put it in interval mode, the app says cannot operate in that mode? Didn't know if there was any way around that. It would be nice to use the Image app as a remote shutter to stop and start recording. Thanks
  19. I fed mic-level output from a Sound Devices USB Pre 2 (standalone mode, has the same preamps/circuit as the 7xx recorders) into the GH4 set to -12dB mic gain (uploaded as 4K):
  20. My first test of using the GH4 with Cinema 4K setting at 24hz. Also my first test with my "new" Iscorama 36. I had a hard time adapting it to a rails system, but it's OK for now. I finally understand what it's like to rack focus, as well as how sharp it is. I have to do more tests though to see what I really prefer. I like the SLR Magic a LOT for run n gun, and it is just so easy, and I really don't need diopters. However it really isn't as sharp as the Iscorama. The other option is my Sankor 2x but that's way more bulky and heavy although just as sharp wide open as the Iscorama. I used diopters in this video, that's how I got close focus. +0.5, +1 and +2. I'll do a test using the SLR Magic Achromat +0.33 and +1.33 later. The fllter thread is different though, the Iscorama being 72mm and the SLR Magic 77mm.
  21. Hi guys. So let's say in theory if Metabones brought out a EF lens mount specifically for the GH4 with electronics, which I'm about to buy), and we lived in this universe.... I'm going to make the move from TV documentary editing/shooting into directing short films, more commercials, more music videos/ and a step up to a documentary DV director. That sort of thing. I'm planning on getting the GH4, with a Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 as my first lens, as it is by all accounts a very high quality lens and would fit me perfectly for most situations. So... do I buy the GH4 with a speed booster with a nikon mount, and a nikon mount Sigma? Or do I wait for a possible soon to be released metabones speedbooster for the GH4, EF mount with electronics etc and a canon mount Sigma? I'd like your (much more knowledgable about DSLR's) guys opinions?! If I got the GH4, with a speed booster, which glass is the wise to invest in? I don't have a lot of money to spend on lenses in the near future, so I'd rather cheap quality glass in general. Canon/Nikon mounts? Which one in general is cheaper for a high level of quality? Which is just the best in general for someone like me? Who wants to start shooting low budget short films and features? Also what's the actual benefit of a EF mount with proper electronics? Does it just mean that I could use the autofocus feature on the GH4 with the Canon lenses? Any other benefits? Would it mean that lenses with image stabilisation would work on the canon lenses while on the GH4, and an imaginary speed booster which would allow such a thing?
  22. I'm interested in buying a high quality variable ND filter to use on my Nikon lenses with a Metabones speed booster. I know that the Heliopan is highly recommended but for some reason the size I would be using (77mm) does not have good reviews. I'm not sure if they have some quality control issues for that size. I also don't like the fact that they don't have front threads for that product. I came across the B+W 77mm XS-Pro Digital ND Vario MRC nano Filter and it has some excellent reviews on B&H photo. Has anyone had any experience with this item? Would it provide enough stops (goes down to 5 stops or 1.5 density) for my purpose as I would like to try my Nikon 24mm 1.4g lens wide open with the speed booster which I'm presuming will be extremely bright wide open? An other concern is if it would cause any vignetting problems with this wide angle lens (although I guess it wouldn't be considered wide angle anymore on the GH4) or if I would encounter the X artifact that some people report with other filters. Here's the link to the product at B&H photo. It looks like a fairly new product and I don't see it being sold anywhere else. Thanks for your input. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/905893-REG/b_w_661072522_77mm_xs_pro_nano_mc_nd_vario.html
  23. They should consider doing some 4K coverage as well ;)   http://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-27635908
  24. Honoring My Father is the story behind Keith Kadoyama attending the Lantern Floating Ceremony every year. The Lantern Floating Ceremony honors our loved ones who have passed away. Keith honors his father Mitsuo Kadoyama, and he tells his story. Thanks to my good friend Keith for doing this. I conceived of the idea when I saw the announcement just 2 days before, and I'm glad he was up for the challenge. I shot all of this myself, so it was a lot of hard work! Shot on a Panasonic GH4, 4K with Panasonic LUMIX 12-35mm X lens and SLR Magic Anamorphot and Tiffen Vari-ND Filter GH4 shot with CinelikeD Contrast -2, Sharpness -5, Noise Reduction -5, Saturation 0, Hue 0 Master Pedestal +15, Highlight -4, Shadow +3, 0-255 F2.8, 1/50 sec, ISO 200 w Vari-ND, ISO 800 without Interview Audio: Rode NTG-2 shotgun mic with Rode Blimp on a Tascam DR-60D Music by Escape Club - "I'll Be There"
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