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  1. I can't get past the fact that "Custom set memory" does not save shutter speed at 1/50. I was wanting this compact for my family to use, but there doesn't seem any way to set it up for someone to toggle between one setting for movies (shutter priority at 1/50) vs another setting for photos as I do with the GH4. I hope they address this in a firmware update.
  2. Great guide Andrew. Just a quick question about your C1 and C2 Highlight Shadow settings... did you mean for the shadows to have a positive value (to brighten up the shadow areas) and the highlight to have a negative value (to darken up the areas that are too bright) rather than the other way around? Thanks for the clarification.
  3. I'm assuming this is the new Metabones adapter for the GH4 that was rumored. Any ideas when it will be announced? I was planning to buy the Metabones Nikon G & F Lens to Micro Four Thirds Mount Camera Speed Booster. Would this new product make this purchase obsolete???
  4. I'm interested in buying a high quality variable ND filter to use on my Nikon lenses with a Metabones speed booster. I know that the Heliopan is highly recommended but for some reason the size I would be using (77mm) does not have good reviews. I'm not sure if they have some quality control issues for that size. I also don't like the fact that they don't have front threads for that product. I came across the B+W 77mm XS-Pro Digital ND Vario MRC nano Filter and it has some excellent reviews on B&H photo. Has anyone had any experience with this item? Would it provide enough stops (goes down to 5 stops or 1.5 density) for my purpose as I would like to try my Nikon 24mm 1.4g lens wide open with the speed booster which I'm presuming will be extremely bright wide open? An other concern is if it would cause any vignetting problems with this wide angle lens (although I guess it wouldn't be considered wide angle anymore on the GH4) or if I would encounter the X artifact that some people report with other filters. Here's the link to the product at B&H photo. It looks like a fairly new product and I don't see it being sold anywhere else. Thanks for your input. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/905893-REG/b_w_661072522_77mm_xs_pro_nano_mc_nd_vario.html
  5. Hi everyone. I'm mainly into DSLR photography and am very pleased with the photos from my Nikon D800E. However, as everyone here is already aware, DSLRs suck for video and I want to get better video output. I am hoping the panasonic GH4 will be the solution I'm looking for. I just want to be able to take decent videos of my kids and family functions. I'm not a pro and just want a simple work flow. I pre-ordered the GH4 and plan to also buy the panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 lens and maybe the new olympus 25mm 1.8 for low light situations. I want to record everything in 4k for future-proofing as well as for the obvious excellent output. 1. Which SD cards are recommended? There are cards being marketed from panasonic, Sandisk and others with different specs and prices. I just want the product that would work for 4k recording at the most reasonable price. 2. Can these 4k video files be edited on a windows machine and if so, what basic video editing software to use. 3. How do I playback these 4k video files on a 1080p TV until all my TVs get upgraded to 4k displays? 4. What medium would you store these 4k video files on for easy playback on TVs? Sorry for all these basic questions and thanks for your help.
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