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  1. This video is pretty helpful to see some of the improvements that are coming with the GH5.
  2. I can't say anything about the video quality of the D750 but its stills quality is out of this world. I've rented it multiple times for a few gigs where a client has asked for good photos. I'm very happy with my GH4, don't get me wrong, but the stills that come out of the D750 are magical. I've actually thought about getting one with the intention of using my GH4 primarily for video and my D750 primarily for stills. That being said, it sounds like a lot of you think the video of the D750 is great so maybe it'll be a nice b-cam in addition to being my primary stills camera. That, or I'll just get an A7S II. Choices, choices!
  3. This is a huge improvement over the A7R II, and I imagine for most people it would be good enough. The problem for me is that I shoot interviews that go longer than this. It's too bad because if it wasn't for this one issue both the A7R II and A7S II would be nearly perfect for me. Can anyone else confirm that the camera overheats after recording 40 consecutive minutes or so?
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