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  1. Wish the failure the trashcan MP was would actually reflect in used ebay prices. lol
  2. https://www.hdvideopro.com/blog/sundance-2015-shooting-knock-knock-with-a-canon-1d-c/ Just trolling. I know what you meant. . .
  3. Nikon mirrorless wish = raw, with the same malleability as the D750's raw stills. (not like they have a cinema line to protect)
  4. Another vimeo find. BMMCC + 1.5x scope.
  5. I agree, this is a huge part of it! 1DC, BM, 5D Raw all have that in common and are considered to be good in this area.
  6. I actually edited that after I posted. But those run out quickly. I've used them on photo shoots. Not very cheap if you're doing take after take. . .
  7. when he says real haze, he means from a haze machine (more expensive than smoke machine), or some of that photography haze spray. I'd guess the former... cheap way to attempt that look is Tiffen's Smoque filter.
  8. I was talking about the first video as far as cellphone, not the low light. Maybe I'm wrong but that video doesn't make me want to spend 2k+ on it.
  9. ^ yeah. Besides teh focal length, going from the feel, those Gh5s vids could honestly just as easily be really good cellphone video.
  10. I remember reading the ASC guideline for how fast you should pan 90 degrees is something insanely slow (like a minute or more.) This rule was around in the film days, so it's a digital thing, but someone new might think their fast pans looking strobey = the cameras fault. Obv some still handle it worse though.
  11. ^ I've wondered about trying that. Has anyone exported CR2/NEF from LR as a DNG then opened in Resolve?
  12. There is no 4K micro cinema.
  13. Found this on vimeo. It's probably been posted before but this is really nice from the BMMCC.
  14. I definitely agree in the states. In UK/Europe seems like a much bigger discrepancy in the price.
  15. How do the cheapo Chinese monitors like Feelworld compare to the SmallHD?
  16. Maybe I'm just being facetious but the colours/skintones in Northrup's vedeos look terrible.
  17. I think the Voigts are just as sharp at f2.8 to f4. I did some tests when I had them vs the Pana 12-35 and they looked about the same at 2.8, but still a lot nicer colors, more 3D pop etc. Definitely agree below f2 and really soft at 0.95 tho. Really great for portraits wide open.
  18. I have owned the Voigts in the past and am well aware of the differences in still and cine lenses, my man! I was just asking which you preferred the look of.
  19. I remember you commenting on using the Voigts in the past, are the Veydras better? I loved the 17.5 and 42.5 Voigt...
  20. Probably a D750 replacement, which means I should sell mine before it drops further.
  21. How long can you get on 128/256 cards in 14-bit?
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