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  1. The minimum aspect ratio is 4:5 so seems the GH5/s open gate with the camera set vertically might be good for this. Minimal cropping and a nicer format for compositions than some awful tall 9:16 thing.
  2. On Lanier's site his catchphrase seems to be "you only have one chance to get it right". Obviously never shot raw with the D750.
  3. Probably the Voigt 17.5mm on MFT or Zeiss 28mm on FF. Obviously nice for medium/wide shots and can even be interesting for portraits. As far as real world situations, yeah it mostly seems like an internet forum hypothetical, but I've been on fashion shoots in dodgy/urban areas where you want to be keeping an eye on your surroundings, so you don't want to be changing lenses a lot, or have a bag full of other expensive lenses ready to be ran off with.
  4. I'd definitely pay a lot more. Or more likely for the new Canon mirrorless if/when they get that right.
  5. GH5s is about 1550 on some grey market sites if you don't mind going that route.
  6. I've wondered if one of the reasons the Voigtlander lenses look so cinematic is the lack of correction mixed with only minor (and pleasant) distortion. Besides the obvious other traits.
  7. Satin, BPM and Smoque are my favourites.
  8. Same with my screens. I do like the second frame a lot too. If you're shooting at 6400 iso, and aren't already doing this, you could add a soft fill over camera axis 2-3 stops under key using a really cheap (low power) light to bring the shadows up a bit just so you have more to work with and controlling the dr a bit more.
  9. Nice job. I thought the best shot was the tracking shot (from car?) at 0:14. The music choice really fits too.
  10. My thoughts too. And throw on a Tiffen satin, pro mist, or similar to take the digital edge off.
  11. Interesting. Seems he was going all out to do it indy style ?
  12. Steven Soderbergh used the iphone for that film Unsane. Anyone see that? But I suppose they still could've used eleventy-billion $ worth of Hollywood grip and lighting shit so it's not really comparable to the average low budget filmmaker shooting on a phone.
  13. It's like the people who create this advanced AI haven't seen Terminator.
  14. If I get one I'll probably reacquire the Voigtlander set. They are my favourite lenses.
  15. It's not just the grade. It's what it was shot on, probably Alexa, F55, whatever, and the way they are lighting it. (i.e. some of those interiors they are likely bouncing a lot of fill, which obv drops the contrast.)
  16. I have to keep leaning forward to see my 2.7Kish screen at 37. ? Agree with the above about youtube. Even on a HD screen if you watch the 4K youtube version it has more detail.
  17. Besides the quick edits, cool location and amazing model help. Imagine it with a fat chick. ? Digital Bolex on a shoulder rig would probably give a better version of what this is trying to be.
  18. There have been a lot of reports of major noise problems with the VFR.
  19. I've never seen any sexism or 'boys club' mentality on here tbh. There's probably more testosterone in the average knitting circle than on here.
  20. I think it really depends on your demographic. Older people 35+ are more likely to still have a DVD player hanging around IMO.
  21. These don't really work for this discussion since with a crop sensor you're further back = less distortion.
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