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  1. I'm aware. I've seen people say Hurlbut treats those under him like shit, which is believable if you've seen any of his DVDs, so maybe it's a shame The Batman/The Bateman didn't beat his ass too.
  2. Super impressive beard. I've never been able to go more than 10 days.
  3. Potential 80D raw with DPAF sounds really promising.
  4. Imagine what Bale would say to a phone going off.
  5. Windowed will be about a 4x crop, relative to full frame. If the x0.58 speedbooster can be used for that mode then more like 2x.
  6. Great short shot on the 6 year old C500. Not sure if it really counts for this thread, but it's 6 years old and can be found relatively cheap on ebay. Worth sharing anyway.
  7. Yeah. Those would just work with Godox stuff though, I think. I'm guessing all the big brands will come out with one of these eventually. I want a hotshoe that attaches to the phone, then I can plug my Elinchrom trigger into it. That is less brand specific. Any Elinchrom, Profoto, etc trigger would work from it. I guess just setting the packs to photocell (slave) and using the phones crappy flash could work, too. At least for studio (might not see it outdoor).
  8. ^ That is crazy. If there's some kind of hotshoe adaptor for the phone I'd shoot with it just as a marketing tool. (If it could connect to my ELB400/Quadra packs.)
  9. Unpaid job for a feminist film. Did I wake up in purgatory this morning?
  10. ^ I figured that out my first week with the GH4, comparing how different the Pana 12-35 image looked to the Voigts. I think the auto-corrections done to native M43 lenses probably add to the sharpened/digital look, too, vs legacy/manual glass.
  11. I remember Hurlbut saying that's basically what Canon was trying to do, give a Kodak film look. (with the C series.)
  12. F35 is global shutter, isn't it? So would explain why it looks so nice.
  13. I wasn't a fan of the 12-35 either on the GH4. Though I better not call it crappy or Emanuel will have a stroke.
  14. Like we said, sometimes the wires get crossed in text communication. The crappy comment was actually mainly in reference to the servo zoom/focus.
  15. Where did you see that? Just checked ebay and the prices on there are still delusional for the most part. ie - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canon-EOS-1DC-Bundle/162733235550?hash=item25e3a81d5e:g:xBIAAOSwXaRZ-PCG Saw one for 2350 the other week but I messaged the guy after it went down quickly and he had cold feet and decided to keep it.
  16. Did you design this lens? You seem to be so upset by someone calling it crappy. Maybe go for a walk.
  17. @mercerYeah, I saw that. They did a great job with what they had!
  18. I had a it for a while when I had a GH4. It's definitely crappy.
  19. Caught this one recently. The story has been done plenty of time before, but it's a great effort with minimal budget/crew. 5D3 h.264 in cinestyle, going from the comments/bts.
  20. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/818962-REG/Panasonic_H_PS14042S_Lumix_G_X_Vario.html This crappy lens would actually be good for incognito shooting without a permit with the Pocket 4K. OIS and wide to telephoto in a pancake. Can be had cheap on ebay.
  21. Surprised how bad the 1DC looks tbh. That was the 4K motion jpeg too right?
  22. This homage to Christine was shot on a 7D in 2012. Loved watching it so much I looked the camera up, not the other way around.
  23. I've not used the Oly. Back then I had the Nocticron for a while but preferred the Voigt, despite it not being as sharp. It's very flattering.
  24. This is a portrait I took with the Voigtlander 17.5mm and GH4 a couple of years ago. With all these cool M43 cameras out/on the horizon I wish I'd kept the Voigty set now. . . and added the 10.5.
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