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  1. ^ Reading the comments, URSA is on the right there. I actually prefer the GH5.
  2. 1. Great. 2. No. 3. I'd be interested to hear opinions on this, too.
  3. Yeah, the lack of white balance control makes me lose a lot of interest for sure.
  4. Great but I don't think the 50 has as much 3D pop compared to the 28, 35 & 85. Also since it's the ZE it doesn't have an aperture ring like the ZF/ZF.2 Nikon F mount versions do. I bought mine in F mount for that reason.
  5. Super 16 crop at 2.5-2.7K (whatever it works out to) and frame rate upto somewhere in between the 4K and HD like 72-96fps would be nice.
  6. I'd rather get it a few months later, anyway, and let someone else be a ginnea pig tester and we're on v1.4 of the firmware.
  7. You could just shoot in the 4:3 6K anamorphic then crop to widescreen like when super 35 crop on film is used tho right? Does that give similar res to the 4K mode? (haven't used a GH5 yet) Maybe they just feel people who're worried about the NR/sharpening will do this.
  8. I can see Panasonic giving it the ole college try with the gh5s in light of recent events.
  9. I think the elephant in the room is whether the DR will be up to scratch vs the other BM cameras. If I'm not mistaken this is the first time they've used a sensor from a different company. Fingers crossed. It'll still be a great buy regardless at that price.
  10. Good catch! I was pretty certain it was this sensor tbh, esp with the dual iso. We'll see soon enough I guess.
  11. This is the funniest pic on the BM site. Clearly exactly as one would use it in real life.
  12. Surprised they didn't add anamorphic since they're using the 4/3 sensor tbh. Maybe a firmware update.
  13. With how excited people are getting, hopefully at least splash resistant.
  14. Im sure some enterprising chaps will come out with a 5" version of Zacuto Z-Finder type deal for it.
  15. Who's gonna make one of those old school Hitler videos with the Panasonic staff reaction to this?
  16. I actually like the early 90s retro vibe. Hopefully it'll mean a better battery life too.
  17. Wise man say, better homely design that videoy image. I'm ok with it depending on how the new gen of smaller raw recorders like that new atomos are priced.
  18. Nice review. Could the Pocket 4K be using this same sensor I wonder?
  19. If there's a still mode, hopefully it has a hotshoe for a flash trigger or they add it as an accessory.
  20. TwoScoops

    NAB 2018

    yes I'm aware. :D
  21. TwoScoops

    NAB 2018

    Yeah, active MFT mount is what we want for this.
  22. Fuck specs, let's just hope it has Mojo™.
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