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  1. I know exactly what you mean and it most certainly is there in the GH4. Hopefully they fix it with the 5.
  2. Do you think there will be a Mac Pro update finally this year, or are they dropping it? As mentioned above, the iMac is faster for a lot of stuff.
  3. If you decide to go with the Mac, you're better with a proper SSD/flash drive vs the hybrid Fusion Drive, IMO.
  4. How long do you guys give a winning bidder to pay on ebay before canceling/sending out a second chance offer? Having the problem now with an asshole who hasn't paid within a couple days of winning.
  5. That's amazing. Some epic grading too. He said in the vimeo comments he used a Zeiss cine lens for the close ups. :D
  6. What's the quality of the 1080 60p like with the 1DC compared to the GH4/A7S 60p? Good enough for slow mo/twixtoring?
  7. Hopefully not using motion JPEGs!
  8. I've definitely noticed it too. It's worse in 4k than HD.
  9. TwoScoops

    F3 in 2016

    From what you posted I prefer it to what I've seen from the 1dx/1dc and bmpcc/bmmcc, but hard to know how muchof that is just your mad skillz.
  10. TwoScoops

    F3 in 2016

    Given how relatively cheap this formerly $20k camera can be had on ebay in 2016, what are your thoughts on it?
  11. How is the rolling shutter/judder with the 1DC doing that kind of handheld-ish work?
  12. Dunno, GH4 isn't as bad as he's suggesting there. (interlaced video look?...)
  13. Sorry to be off topic. Just curious why you shot the first/last in HD instead of 4K? Is it becaue 4K can be unflattering (esp to females) so close?
  14. I've been consdering buying used mk3 for the same reasons as you, so I'm glad you started this thread. I'm wondering as squig suggested if it's worth waiting 'til the announcement/release of the mk4 since that is guarenteed to lower the used price a bit...
  15. The Voigt 17.5 and 42.5 are incredible. Want to try the 10.5 despite bad reviews...
  16. JPG with the GH4 are horrible. The RAW are really good, though. Comparable to my 7D2 at least.
  17. Would it be possible for RAW burst mode to be increased to 24fps from 11? Even if only for a few seconds it could prove interesting in certain situations.
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