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  1. 6 hours ago, Andrew Reid said:

    Thanks for that detective work @BTM_Pix

    The situation so far would suggest raw video on the NX1 doesn't exist... at least not yet.

    Whoever is trying has my support! @Arikhan is welcome to continue posting his progress, but only if real.

    I will soon be locking the thread.

    I'm not sure it will matter much either way. Arikhan told me he's done with posting here and has given me the lead to post his findings he outlined in a previous post. (If I should receive them) 

    Instead, he will run his own website, and I can't determine if this means people who get access to the hack will be limited or not. Whether he follows through with this or not I can't really say. But I've been trying my best to mitigate this and it appears to have finally broken down. Let's just say strategy is not our best characteristic.  

    Bottom line, the kid said April 1st. Read into that what you will, but the constant baiting, prodding, poking and in some cases accusations pushed him away it seems, and I can't rightfully blame him, especially given his age. Some of you may believe this is not a legitimate factor but then I ask if you've ever raised a child? Prank or not, you don't approach a child as you'd approach a fully grown adult. If you know anything about biology you would know the human brain doesnt fully mature until the mid 20's. Besides, the kid didn't commit a murder. 

    People's skepticism and impatience or what he views as "hatred" were never his to mitigate nor shepard. He made a claim and very clearly stated that he would reveal it on April 1st. Done, end of story. Everything else at this point is white noise and speculation, fueled by impatience and fear of being wronged.  

    We live in an age where we obviously just can't wait to see what's behind the curtain. We grab at guarantees in a world of no promises and are willing to mow down anyone who steps in the way. I believe this reveals more about us than Arikhan. 

    I know this all sounds dramatic on my end but I have been in touch with him privately. You all pushed him, despite all the warnings. If you think he's full of b.s. full stop there's nothing keeping you from not posting here. But you do it because you actually want to believe in a world that holds no promises. That's not Arikhan's problem is it? 

  2. 6 hours ago, kye said:

    What are the minimum elements of a film festival that make it a film festival?

    There are none, it's whatever the organizer says it is. However, they're usually a bigger to attract more people which gives more exposure to the filmmakers, and helps to pay down the costs.

    The word festival just means an annual gathering, celebration or commencement centered around a thing, but does not denote scale. Technically, a screening is not much different, but usually plays in a smaller, more intimate setting and is more about critque/feedback.

    Often festivals will have other attractions outside of the films to attract more people to the venue, much like other types of festivals.

    Honestly, I don't see festivals as being all that different from say a convention or a fair. It's usually all about the merch with a heavy industry presence, coupled with the main attraction. They've gotten pretty commercialized imo. I understand that pays the bills but it would be nice to see more grassroots/one-off festivals pop up where the focus is 99% about the film's and discussion panels.

    I think if the setup cost is kept low, this can happen. BYO"" style. Obviously, the festival being talked about here would be local only. It could be done digitally via streaming, but then you miss out on the social engagement part which in my opinion is the real magic of a film festival. Gathering and conversing with like-minded peeps and learning about people's process.   

    We have quite a bit of film festivals here in Seattle. But it would be cool to see more in places least expected, like Iowa.

    If the OP plays his cards right and strategically, he could probably get some decent investment. Hit his local chamber of commerce, grab the attention of someone who is passionate about film and has money just begging to be spent. City officials look at these things as cash cows.

    And don't forget crowd sourcing. Offer travel/admission packages at different tiers of investment.

    It would be a ton of logistics but it could turn out to be a lot of fun. I think the corn field idea would prove to be an unforgettable experience, especially if the festival has a horror theme. A physically small entry that opens up to something vast. Maybe the festival is sat in the middle of a faux crop circle. Get creative. 

  3. 21 minutes ago, kinoseed said:


    Guys, I can use some feedback from you. :)

    The app has been progressing nicely, but I'll love if some of you give it a try and let me know what you think.

    There are quite a few new things, the latest of which are "desktop installation" (via Chrome) and loading source image via URL:

    Desktop installation is "in beta" from what I can see, but it is available by setting a couple of flags in Chrome even now.
    Here are the instructions on how to "install to desktop":

    I'm a UX/UI designer by day. I'll take it for a spin tomorrow and provide first impressions, and if needed maybe some suggestions on flow and UI. So far, I like the premise a lot. Especially creating a grade from a color palette. And it was smart not to make the app native. 

  4. 4 hours ago, heart0less said:

    Bringing the topic up and summarizing my experiences after renting a shoulder rig for a while.

    My setup looked like this:
    (Reds were matched by a pure accident, though it looks really nice)


    The rig helped me to get rid of all micro shakes and a lot of rolling shutter, as well.

    Definitely smoothes pans / tilts, etc.

    I'd need some practice to keep my framing while walking, but it manages to make 'bumps' less apparent.

    All in all:
    I'm content with the results and think this thing matches my style of shooting.

    Can provide some footage to all interested.


    Thank you all for participating in this thread and sharing your experiences, observations and opinions.
    Really appreciate it!

    That counter weights looks huge for that setup. 5lbs? 

  5. 12 hours ago, IronFilm said:

    I like the idea of only allowing films in it if they've been rejected somewhere!

    Of course this is a bit of a gimmick, as ANY film can get itself rejected somewhere. 

    But it is funny, and sometimes you need a bit of a "gimmick" to get some marketing traction. 

    As we were discussing in another thread on EOSHD, some high(ish) power projectors are becoming fairly affordable! Plus a couple of outdoor speakers in a park, and you're away laughing. 

    Yes sir:


    13 hours ago, kaylee said:

    i knooooo cornfields are sooo cinematic. and at NIGHT? of course if youre having it late in the summer theres light in the sky til 9pm so... keep that in mind lol

    Food hacks are trendy, why can't cinema hacks also not be big with the kids? I remember seeing the first Star Wars as a young kid in a drive-in movie cinema. Awesome experience. 

    These kids today no nothing about that. They'd freaking love it. 

  6. 22 minutes ago, Trek of Joy said:

    WTF are you talking about, baiting and bullying? I've done no such thing. Get a grip.

    Are you following the thread at all? Do you honestly believe I'm speaking directly just to you, or perhaps am I using your post as a spring board to make a bigger point?

    I'm a big picture guy. My grip is rather strong, as is my level of literacy and comphrehension. 

  7. I'm warning you guys, out of full respect for this forum and it's members, the way you're approaching this is pushing the kid away. I can't blame him.

    @lucabutera you've been downright nasty sir, not to mention falsifying information about Arikhan, and even threatening banishment.

    When you run a succesful business such as you do, you must have good PR skills, and yours need some serious work my friend.

    Again, if anyone has any financial gain out of Arikhan's potential findings it's you. You simply are not playing this in a very strategic manner, instead actually behaving quite indignant and entitled.

    You had every opprtunity to approach this differently and with each new negative comment you post you squander it more and more. And for what net outcome? Kicking a kid around?

    Per favore fermati. Ciao. 


  8. 2 hours ago, Trek of Joy said:

    Huh? For a camera that was killed off years ago? Outside of a few video gear forums and Samsung's small remaining user base that would have an interest in a camera hack (a very small subset of actual users, much like Magic Lantern), this won't register at all. Even then few outside of current NX users will care. There are plenty of other options from systems that haven't been shuttered. The bitrate has been hacked for some time and that didn't have Samsung's mighty legal team descending upon hack users. The hyperbole and debate around this is comical.



    I think what's comical are people posting their certain legal opinions without having an international law degree. That's what I call hyperbole. 

    There is no debate here. Arikhan says he can get RAW, and the burden of proof lies in him, however when he's good and ready and feels comfortable he's legally protected. This is on his time table, not yours or mine. 

    Again, he's not obligated to do any of this, nor share his results with any one of us. This fact seems to escape some of you quite often. Let's just say the approach has been less than strategic, let alone welcoming.

    Rest assured, the baiting and bullying is NOT working. FACT. 

    Do you own an NX1? 

  9. 12 minutes ago, kaylee said:

    @Liam uhhh yeah, @mercer and @Mark Romero 2 make some v good points coming from the perspective of......... uhhmm reality lol

    i was kind of picturing a lil more CZW than WWE ?



    make everything as easy and cheap as possible. to paraphrase robert rodriguez, you dont need a good venue, you need a SHITTY venue. do it outside! summers coming

    I think holding a film festival in the middle of a corn field that you have to traverse through a corn maze to get there would rock! I mean, really play up the theme of Iowa. ?

  10. 1 hour ago, MicahMahaffey said:

    It took waaaaaayyyy to long lol, I did everything VFX related on my own, hence why it took so long for me to complete, I also had little to no knowledge of 3D animating prior. I used element 3D inside after effects for 98% of it all. Used blender for some modeling. Id be getting close to finishing when I'd suddenly have a cool idea for a sequence and figured it would be a good time to learn. The original script for this film was 4 pages, ended up being a 15 minute film, yikes! got a little carried away haha, I couldn't imagine working with #D animation a few years ago. Thanks for watching! :D 

    THANKS! :) I appreciate the viewership 

    Ever come up to WA? 

  11. 45 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    The guy lives in Germany, we should all go with fires and sticks to poke him out of his hole. Germany is not that big anyway..

    This is getting sad. I am not going to post again, until something really happens.

    Likewise. It's also getting ridiculous, especially if you don't even own the camera anymore or ever. I'm actually getting disheartened by the whole ordeal.

    If its real, it's real, if not oh well. I refuse to troll anyone let a lone a kid over it. I'm going to advise him to stop posting replies until go time, it's obviously not doing him any favors. Andrew says a few words and you all go into a frenzy. Really? 

    Arikhan doesn't even have to prove anything, he could keep it all for himself, but his motivation is he wants to give back to this community in particular. As the author of the Samsung petition I know a little something about this. There was never any gaurantee it would work, but at least I gave it a shot. 

    My hope is he will look past the antics of some here and follow through regardless.  

    @lucabutera Its in your best interest more than anyone else here to show support for this kid, as you have some adapters to sell? If this mod is legit it's you that will benefit the most. Your attitude here is confusing to me. 

  12. 48 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

    @Damphousse exactly. Thats all I'm saying. Too many snake oil salesman out here. That eebrahim dude that was scamming people on the forums comes to mind. Not saying this guy is a scammer but imo when you make claims you have to provide proof ASAP. Thats how the real world works.

    And he stated his ASAP was April 1st no? I don't see the issue here other than impatience. 

    I own this camera. Don't you think I'm intrigued? The only reason he's "teasing" is because he's feeling pressured. And then when he does post something, you all manage to flame him.

    The kid has been super clear and forthright in everything he's stated thus far. There's been a lot of projection taking place and that's simply not on him. 

    Remember my comments about approach? You seemed to agree. Are you retracting? 

    You all can jump in the same wagon, along with Andrew, and pat eachother on the backs but it doesn't justify the approach. You may want to try encouragement instead of pressure, there's a difference. If you had children you'd know that one works and the other does not, especially with GenZ.

    5 hours ago, lucabutera said:

    An anti-moire filter can be mounted to reduce excessive sharpness and artifacts.


    Is this easy to apply? 

  13. On 3/21/2018 at 3:11 PM, flip21 said:

    M43forme, you Snitch! ;) How did you spot me? I thought changing my avatar photo was enough to fool you guys... the amount of expertise needed to spot me is the same that people have shown when they opt for the Nx system.. Nah!!!!!!

    I never thought Kisaha was the Kisaha from dpreview, nor VisualFX, was the VisuaFX from depreview either... their names look so different ... ;)

    You see, I spent dozens of Euros on psychotherapy to overcome the fact that Kisaha put me on his ignoring list :( Now I have to start all over again... It is not fair...I even did my avatar logo to turn something bad (ignoring list)  into something good (ignoring list TV), with the image of my favorite band... it was hours of hard work with my shrink... :)

    And now that me and Kisaha made a truce.... He even comment a thread that I started.... once...

    I'm gonna put you on my ignoring list to see if you like... bah!!! No, who am I to put anyone on my ignoring list ;)



    You're starting to scare me bro. Should I be worried? 

  14. 1 minute ago, undecided said:

    I am just psyched if this is true. I expect some great footage out of the NX1 with raw especially if it improves on the known issues like ISO noise in video (which we all assumed was due to the noise reduction algos), rolling shutter, etc.

    It is exciting. There are many implications of improvement that could be seen with this. The most exciting one for me personally is having a more malleable file for post processing.

    I don't suspect it's going to vastly change the charactistics of that "NX1 look" and I could only guess sharpness and detail are going to be more pronounced, which I'm not certain is good for filmic, but I'd rather have it and take it away than try to restore what's not there. It would be nice to see smoother gradients, less artifacts and macroblocking too. As far as noise, I'd rather let Neat Video handle that than Samsung. 

    I'm hoping edge fringing or chromatic aberrations are lessened as well. In my opinion it's this that makes something appear video-ish the most. Little in our real environment is ever "outlined" and I currently dread shooting trees against a sky in the background because of it. 

    8 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

    @Matthew Hartman @Kisaha my apologies. I was merely thinking that when someone makes a grand claim such as having made a breakthrough like RAW video support the burden of proof falls in the hands of the poster. Providing some kind of proof beyond a jpg wouldn’t be considered an act of aggression. Obviously I was wrong. I apologize if I offended anyone and I will take the users age and any of the other posters age in mind when faced with other claims as grand as this one.

    Stand up response. Your humility with this is downright inspirational. 

  15. 4 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    Yes, it does! It seriously changes everything(!) but Arikhan asked from us to wait until April the 1st.

    It's just a week away, let's keep it low for a little while and we will find out soon.

    I do not have a clue what's what, but there is no way to be anything similar to what a mini Ursa Pro offers, or a C200, (workflow, ease of use, sound, frame rates, corporate support etc.), so whatever it is, is going to be an extra, and we do love extras!

    7 days countdown starts, now!


    I've reached my daily like quota. ?

  16. 4 minutes ago, kidzrevil said:

    @Matthew Hartman does it matter ?

    In some circumstances, yes, it does. I don't think the issue here is that the burden of proof is on him, I think he knows that and can handle that all day long, and will when he's ready.  

    I think the issue is how it's being approached by some here, which I can assure you will be viewed differently from a young person's point of view. If you have children, then you already know this. 

    He is in no way obligated to do anything for any of us. I suggest a gentler approach. 

  17. Just now, kidzrevil said:

    @Matthew Hartman im having trouble understanding what his age has to do with anything. We are inquiring if its real. There’s no age limit to provide proof of product. If this is another NX1 raw hoax we will kindly & quietly move on regardless of the user posting it.

    Do you have kid's? 

  18. 57 minutes ago, Mokara said:

    Codependency and interdependency are the same thing. What you are calling "codependency" is actually dependency.

    Redefining terms to suit yourself does not negate someone else's argument just because they used those terms.

    And btw, you do need other people to survive, no one is an island. If you doubt that, try discarding everything made by someone else then walking off into the woods some day and see how long you last without any sort of input from anyone else (and that includes all the tools they have made). No doubt there will be the odd one or two people who would be able to survive solely by their own hand, but almost everyone would die in short order. There is a TV program called "Naked and Afraid" that tries to look at that as entertainment, and if you have ever watched that show it becomes immediately clear that almost everyone in the modern world, even self proclaimed "survivalists", would be dead within a month if left solely to their own devices without any assistance whatsoever from other people.

    I don't share my views to negate other's. I simply offer up another in road to a consciousness much bigger than mine. 

    Yes, in the physical material sense, absolutely. Even introverts like myself desire physical companishionship on some level, albiet maybe less than others. And terms of practicality, we live within an ecosystem. Granted.  

    But more metaphorically, to know your true nature you need nothing but being aware of your own thoughts and sensations. If you can sit, breath and watch your thoughts eb without  judgement or labeling you will understand "who" you truly are, which has very little to do with self, let alone other selves. 

    In my younger years I sat and meditated for 10 days straight. Obviously with breaks to eat, sleep, etc. I spoke with no one else the entire time. It was just me, my breath and my thoughts. I learned so, so much, which stays with me some 15 years later. I reccomend it. 

  19. 1 hour ago, Liam said:

    So I kind of want to start the smallest film festival ever… I’d be curious to hear feedback

    I like the idea of starting something as a way of meeting people and getting somewhere for myself, but also as a way of doing something for others that I wish was done for me way back when. I also think we’re just due for a revolution… and I don’t know if I’ll be able to start it, but I’m so sick of every other option right now.

    Channel 101 is a bit of an inspiration for this maybe, though I don’t love their format, and maybe that has become slightly too big now anyway and lost a little bit of its original charm.

    I want it to be entirely inclusive, no submission fee, not one gets rejected (unless they have a budget etc and know that they’re too big for us).

    So it would have to stay small but still be fun.

    If we get too much interest, we’d have to rent a big venue, maybe get a sponsor, charge a submission fee, turn people away, which all sounds like what I’m trying to avoid… And if no one is interested, it can’t happen.

    I’d probably want to keep it kinda local, which could help make it only filmmakers who are actually going to show up.

    Maybe I could get some guest speakers. I do know a couple people…

    Filmmakers could talk about their films.

    And it would just be one night, so people wouldn’t be tempted to only show up for their own films, which is the worst.

    Anyway, does this sound like something any of you would be interested in? Just trying to gauge reactions. Like maybe it’s actually unappealing that no one gets rejected?

    The idea probably needs a lot of work. Please let me know if you have any input.

    Where in the world are you located? 

  20. 17 minutes ago, Kisaha said:

    When the time arrives, I would suggest @Arikhan and/or @Matthew Hartman to make a new thread on the dedicated sub forum (NX1/NX500 hack) where is dedicated to the NX community, and a lot of magic happened there already!

    edit: really weird when full grown men pushing a student for "proof" of his pet project. Let him breath!

    Yes, a new post will be created and I'm thinking I need to get Andrew in on this in a bigger way as well. It definitely warrants it.

    He's not just a student, he's a young student. I don't want to reveal his age because I'm not sure he's okay sharing that publicaly but you all need to trust me on this particular one. If I were this kid's father I would be very upset at what some of you are doing right now. I realize you didn't know, but you do know now. Because I told you.

    Bottom line, school comes first. Yes, we could poke holes in his timing to announce such things in light of busy school exams, but again, he's young. 


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