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  1. Guys, please give this kid some space. We all want this project to be a success and there's so many questions to be asked. He knows that.

    I think if you all knew his age you'd back off a little. He's susceptible to peer pressure. Some of you are obviously baiting him, which is not cool. You're letting impatience direct your actions. 

    Please, just chill. He said he needed a little time, just let it be with the hope of good things to come soon, and if not you still have a great camera nonetheless.  

  2. 35 minutes ago, MountneerMan said:

    1. A good working romantic relationship does work on psychological and emotional codependency and there is nothing wrong with that at all. You both depend on each other psychological and emotionally so that you can be stronger together than separate. Not sure this is what we are really talking about here but yes I agree.

    Codependency is unhealthy. It states, I cannot survive in any capacity without another person, which is clearly a self delusion.

    The only time codependency is healthy is a parent/young child dynamic. But even here, the goal is to ween towards independence. 

    What you're talking about is interdependency, not codependency. Interdependency is when you are in a relationship that enhances your existence, yet does not define it. It doesnt become your core identity but you fully acknowledge and accept this role in your life. You are a willing participant rather than a victim of it's trappings. This is where unconditional love exists, and is very rare in romantic relations. 

    Sadly, 99% of "love" relationships are codependent in structure and expectation. And though some people are complicit and mutual in that illusion of true love, (known as taken for a ride) it doesn't take much for the relationship to crumble when someone changes the priorities around, hence the astronomical divorce rates. Marriage, as most of is know it, is merely a contract of self and exclusive interest. For the state it's even more nafarious.

    The truth is you don't NEED anyone else but yourself to survive on any level unless you're a young child. But you can desire to be in the company and companionship of others as a matter of conscious choice, if that makes sense? 

  3. 8 minutes ago, mercer said:

    Oh I agree, but I cannot imagine this was something he just started yesterday or last week, so to mention it now, and not then, seems odd. And now it’s being dangled in the air like a carrot. It’s just odd is all. It reminds me of the build up to the GH5s. It was so secret, yet grandiose that the reality couldn’t live up to the conjecture. I have a feeling it’s a roundabout way at Rawesque video and not necessarily uncompressed cdng.

    But I will add that I do not think it is malicious at all. I believe he figured out something cool... just maybe not what we think it may be... or hope it may be. 

    I'm a brutally honest person. From what I can tell so far (which isn't much more than anyone else) he seems to be on to something legit but I'm gathering the means to get there may be challenging for many of us to follow. I think this is where he truly desires my help. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, mercer said:

    No offense to Arikhan, but it is these hyperbolic statements that make me question this. To write code or figure something out that will be on all tech blogs radar and will affect Samsung’s IP is a pretty bold statement. It took a team of rather brilliant coders and a lot of to figure out ML Raw and then write and crate MLV files... so as I said in the other thread... interested but skeptical.

    As a software/tech designer I work side by side with teams of developers from the top ecolons of the trade.

    It doesn't always take a whole team of people to explore different technical approaches to solving unique challenges. In fact in my experience R&D teams are a small niche group made up of brilliant, yet socially awkward folks.

    When I designed the main interaction models of the Xbox One, we had 5 people on our team. Five people's work stretching across a million consumers at the end of the day. In fact, I would go as far to say that design by committee is a detriment to true progress. 

    I believe it's entirely possible that Arikhan is intelligent enough to crack this on his own. At least develop a baseline that them needs some refinement. 

    I'm not challenging your skepticism. It's healthy. I'm just letting you know it doesn't always take a huge team to create wonderful things. 

  5. 4 hours ago, Kisaha said:

    As I have 4 NX cameras and a set of native NX lenses, I thought I could chime in to express my views.

    The system has served me well for many years (I started with an NX300 as my everyday-hobby camera), and I did use it as my professional entry level system (something I could never anticipate when I was buying the NX300, mainly for its 30mm 2f pancake, the "cheap" 12-24, the modern retro brown beauty of that camera, and a way to adapt my dozens of legacy lenses, just for fun).

    The system still is sufficient for most of my hybrid needs, the 3 different form factors I have (APS-C pro mirrorless, which only Fuji has at the moment, entry level crash/family cam, and the unique NX500, a must have for anyone interested on the NX system) and that says a lot about something completely abandoned for at least a couple of years. The hack/mod scene gave it a breath of fresh air, and while people were changing systems, bodies (many extra batteries!), and mounts, we were experimenting with maximum bitrates on our modern H265 codec and had the pleasure to use one of the best zoom lenses ever made (S), a native brilliant fish eye (you have to go to m43 system for a native mirrorless fish eye lens), and all the other beauties and rarities (45mm, so good, so cheap!).

    Whatever @Arikhan does, it doesn't matter to me. If it does anything at all, that would be great, and revive the interest and optimism about our (mine) cameras, probably give it another couple of years of self life. If it is just a joke (I always had the impression of a more mature person than his age would suggest, more mature than most of us, "old timers" here!), then never mind, I already got more than I have bargained for!

    These cameras are offering excitement, even so many years after their release, while people have already forgotten/get rid of, cameras they bought last year! That is really something.

    Well said. And I think this is a very healthy way of looking at this latest NX development with Arikhan's claims.

    Again, there's very little signaling to me through PM that would suggest Arikhan's claim is bullshit at this point, and furthermore what would he truly get out of stringing everyone along? A cheap laugh over most likely getting banished from this community and others? I'm not saying it's above some people, but I think most people wouldn't find much shelf life there.

    I'm not totally sold of course, and I don't think Arikhan is operating under that assumption from anyone else either. He seems to understand it's his point to prove.

    I think he's being careful to handle this the best and most diligent way he can. He's quite aware of the weight of what he's claiming and I've been very diligent in staying 100 with him, almost as a coach or mentor.

    If what he claims is true, this goes way beyond eoshd. This is going to be hitting tech blogs on a global scale and Samsung is going to hear about it. The question is will they welcome this news with open arms?  It's their IP at the end of the day and Arikhan is under no illusions here. 

    And when I say Arikhan is "young", I truly mean young. Despite his age, he seems pretty brilliant and I look forward to some examples should they materialize soon. 

  6. @flip21 About high ISO, even in Sony cameras that can reach higher ISO levels, essentially "seeing in the dark", there are still compromises to the overall image quality. An image sensor has a base sebsitivity level, where it performs at an optimum level. Anything outside of this level is a degradation. Where you might very well have a reasonably clean image as far as a noisey signal or high ISO, your resolution, dynamic range and saturation still take a variable hit. Not to mention highlights are often blown to smithereens. 

    I like to think of high ISO as a neat parlor trick, but nothing I'd personally associate with what I understand image quality to be, especially in a narrative context. I think "seeing in the dark" has better application in the military and environmental science, than filmmaking. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, Kisaha said:


    I am trying not to reply to your comments, but you seriously have to "moderate" yourself.

    This is a community, and we do not need white noise and unrelated drama.

    You say I "stalk" you, while I am signed in here almost a year before you do, and similar in DPR as well! 

    Secondly, ignore lists exist for annoying people that do not offer anything to the community, you already have "dominated" DPR with silly threads every week (you must have put a "a6300 vs NX1" and "low light performance of the X camera" dozens of time, until I put you in the ignore list, and I can't see anything you post, and I am avoiding your threads whatsoever), everyone participating there knows that and that is why they upvote when I call you to behave yourself, all the rest are just a crazy person's talk, I can't just seriously take any offense from them, because they are so out of the reality, that my mind just ignores them, and simultaneously feel a little sad that there are people talking crazy on "reputable" forums. 

    You already have started to post threads such "EM10 microphone, hack request", "25600 ISO, hack request", showing lack of respect for the true hack/mod scene, and lack of any intelligence whatsoever. I have seen what you did on the DPR forum (you seriously single-handily destroyed the experience for most of us) and I wouldn't like to see the same happen here.

    Just moderate yourself, like you do in real life (I hope).

    There is no discussion, please do not respond, and take some time to reflect about your digital life.

    Take care, and relax, read what people have to offer here, and participate if you need or want, just do not try to dominate the forum, and do not make a thread of whatever comes into your mind, think about it first, or do a search to find out if there is a solution.

    Sound rebutle.

    I'm not on DPR enough to be familiar with flip21 or any possible antics but if he has legitimate curiosities I don't personally want to drive that away.

    He comes off sounding a bit hurt, or victimized. My hope is whatever negativity has transpired over at DPR it stays there and he can find satisfaction in the wealth of knowledge here.  

    3 minutes ago, flip21 said:

    I also think people don't have to be an expert to participate in foruns... We are always so concerned with our digital foot print... I don't want to be fearful of starting threads here... 

    Absolutely, you (or anyone) do not have to be an expert to participate here, we have a strong community of teaching and learning here. In one post you might be the student, in another the teacher. We also try our best to keep trolling to a minimum, and considering Andrew Reid doesn't moderate these boards, we do a pretty good job at remaining respectful overall. And if ppl start going negative, it's not long before they get called out. 

    If by chance you're creating threads to bait ppl into debates you will eventually get called out proper. I know I won't hold back, and I expect others to hold me to those same standards. 

    If you're here to learn legitimately then you should have no issues. Just keep in mind we are an opinionated bunch. If varied opinions set you off, you may want to find a different community. If not, post away my man. 

  8. 44 minutes ago, vaga said:

    I mean he's probably using octave then instead of proper Matlab. But it just seems like it'd be a pretty heavy install since I'm pretty sure it runs in Java

    Java? Oh boy. 

  9. 1 hour ago, IronFilm said:

    MATLAB runs on Linux as well. 

    But yeah, would be a totally weird choice to run on a camera. (even though I'm a fan of MATLAB myself! Spent many many many many many hours with MATLAB. Not quite sure what was the earliest version I ever used of MATLAB, but it must have been at least MATLAB 6, maybe even MATLAB 5. And now I'm starting to show my age....   Edit: heh, I just remembered many years ago I even used a super ancient version of MATLAB, maybe was MATLAB 4 or even MATLAB 3?! Because I was running a physics experiment which the program for gathering the data only ran on a particular PC which only could have that much older MATLAB installed on it. Fun times)

    Isn't Tizen a fork of Linux? 

  10. 2 hours ago, flip21 said:

    thanks dude. It is good to see that you are always so pleasant... Is it the warm greek way of dealing with people? No wonder your national soccer league has been suspended by the government... 

    You really think you're the best, right? I never seen someone with such a big EGO...except maybe for Hitler..  you think you're the boss. That you're in charge... wanna turn this forum into Fascism?

    LIVE AND, LET LIVE BRO... There is room for everybody... even people with dumb questions...

    You have 3 people on your stupid ignore list, but I'm sure you must be on almost everyone's ignore list... I mean who cares about you, man, and what you have to say? Are you a famous director? A famous cameramen? A famous anybody?!?!? Never heard about your work... get a life man.. 

    And to think Ancient Greece was the cradle of Democracy...

    Awe Jesus H Christ! Do we really need more shade in this community?

    @flip21 Show a little respect man. Kisaha has 801 likes here to your 36. The numbers don't lie. 

    As far as your question about ISO, why in god's holy name would you want to use ISO 25600? At that level you can kiss resolution and saturation goodbye.

    Ain't nobody got time fo' dat. :grimace:

  11. 1 hour ago, Robert Collins said:

    The human eye can see at least 20 stops of dynamic range which is why we can easily say view a sunset without the sun blowing out and see more detail in the shadows than a camera can produce.

    There are different ways of measuring dynamic range - it is not an exact science. So for instance, Sony can claim 15 stops of DR for its A73 and that might well be right by the way they measure it. DXOmark will almost certainly score it at around 14 stops using their method. By Bill Claff's measurements it is 11.6 stops (slightly below the A7R3 at 11.76)


    The Red cameras do score 'extraordinary' high DR results.


    They claim 16.5+ stops of DR but DXOmark measures it 15.2 stops (similar to say Sony claiming 15 stops and DXO measuring at 14).

    What makes this 'extraordinary' is that the RED cameras are not even FF but are outperforming the best FF cameras (which makes no sense.)

    Clearly Red hasnt magically improved QE of sensors relative to say Sony. DXOmark says they are using 'temporal noise reduction' which is a fancy way of saying they are combining multiple images and processing them for better image quality.

    As an example you could take your camera and do bracketing -2,0,+2 and combine them in post which would increase the amount of dynamic range you could capture. What Red is effectively doing is equivalent to this but doing the post processing in camera.


    Thanks for enlightening me. 

  12. 20 hours ago, webrunner5 said:

    Well your problem is solved. Just buy a 8k Red Weapon video camera and it take 33.3mp frame grabs. Oh and it has 17+ stops of dynamic range to boot.

    17+? Can I see a chart on this please? My guess is there is very miniscule perceptual difference between 2 stops on either side of the spectrum. Can the human eye even discern 17+ stops? I'm not being adversarial, I'm actually asking you. 

  13. 40 minutes ago, MountneerMan said:

    @Arikhan, the more I think about it the more I am sure you are full of shit... if you did pull this off you at least have one RAW video and despite spending time on here posting you haven't spent the time to upload any proof... common man.

    Part of me hates the fact that I am even following this thread because I feel like I am being taken for a ride just as much as someone who believes you right out. Then another part of me respects the commitment to the troll lol

    You're taken for a ride every day of your life. We all are, in one area or another or many altogether. Ever been in a romantic relationship? 99% off them are predicated off of psychological and emotional codependency. Believe your nation's government truly has your best interests at heart? Heard of the world bank? 

    Look, if we get fooled or suckered, it wouldn't be the first time. We are all suckers, this is just another day another dollar. I could think of worse things to get suckered into. 

  14. On 3/21/2018 at 10:40 AM, VisualFX said:

    I regret selling my NX1 and all lenses last year. I sold it to also pay some hospital bills. But now thinking about buying another and the lenses again. Can't find anything else that has the hybrid features, and a lower price. GH5 is nice though.

    I'm not trying to dissuade you from the GH5, I have no horse in that race. But from what I know and understand of the GH5 (or 3/4) is that the stills capabilities although acceptable, are not as good as those other alternatives. I can speak to the NX1, the RAW photos that come out of this camera are exceptional. Paired with a good lens like the S line, you're absolutely golden. This is what makes the RAW video output particularly exciting. If we can get the RAW photo capabilities from the NX1 in video as well, hold on to your panties. Malleable city. 

  15. 21 hours ago, mnewxcv said:

    subbed. Just picked up some gear too so this would be sweet.




    Even without RAW output, you still have a great system on your hands. You can get some great coverage with 3 cams that will all match up perfectly. 


    On 3/21/2018 at 2:02 PM, IronFilm said:

    Conspiracy theory alert:

    Arikhan started this rumor purely because he has a heap of NX1 bodies he wants to offload on eBay at the highest prices possible! ;-) 

    Well, that would be the cleverest strategy I've seen to date. ;) 

    I'm going to suspend disbelief on this one though. The guy is highlighting some very technical approaches in PM that have me seriously thinking this is legit. Either way, the kid seems pretty brilliant.  

  16. 50 minutes ago, pryde said:

    I would say 4k raw would definitely double the horsepower of the nx1 for my purposes, as long as the workflow isn't entirely unreasonable.

    The difference in quality can be experienced by shooting a timelapse with raw photos and comparing that to a hyperlapse shot in h265. The color depth and malleability just doesn't compare.

    I'm not throwing shade at the nx1's video quality (i still use it regularly after all), I'm just saying usable 4k raw video would put the camera in another league altogether.

    Some shade isn't completely unwarranted. As powerful as HEVC is over h.264, it's still a lossy distribution codec at the end of the day, in 8bit no less. If more can be drawn out of the camera, that's a win in my book. Of course, it will depend on the workflow and reliability. I'm sure some here are willing to meet those requirements. 

  17. 4 hours ago, Anaconda_ said:


    bigger wheels aren't always better though.


    And this is the con of the segway system. This is like getting nicked with a shopping cart (or trolley for you Brits) to the extreme. :)

    I do like the premise of a segway, the small footprint, virtually no setup, extremely mobile, etc. However it's one more thing to think about while operating. When you have your face buried in a viewfinder or monitor it's not hard to run over stuff you can't see in your peripheral. One of these days, Heaven forbid, a cameraman on a segway is going straight off a cliff. 

    They have a camera mounted on a rail system virtually covering the same angle. I guess it's a different network. Guy's battery mount took a hit too. 

  18. 4 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    I'm having to pour the WD40 on mine as well.

    Its the remote that fascinates me. Especially if its combined with the gimbal remote.


    Very cool. Versatile. 

  19. 21 minutes ago, BTM_Pix said:

    The Ninebot Pro as a gimbal operator platform has some legs (well, wheels) for something like that.

    As well as being able to be ridden, it can also be driven remotely by an app without a human on it thus removing their pesky Z axis thrashing about. As most of the small gimbals use the AlexMos controller which itself can be remote operated then you've got quite a capable package.

    Allied with the auto tracker that you backed on Kickstarter we would have ourselves a very nifty operator.

    And with a couple of guns, our own Robocop.


    You've definitely got my hamster wheel squeaking here. ?

  20. 4 minutes ago, IronFilm said:

    Hope it works for the NX300! haha

    To my knowledge I think only the NX1 and a Nikon (can't remember the model) are being tested so far.

    Also, it doesn't seem Arikhan has any particular bias to the NX1, nor does it seem to be a hack or a mod in the traditional sense of how we know those terms, at least that's how I'm hearing it explained. There could be a slight language barrier at play, I guess all will become clearer as time reveals. 

    From my vantage point the motivation here seems to be academic, but I have limited in-depth insight at this point, and I would only share with his blessing. He seems focused on school and that's good enough for me.

  21. 7 hours ago, kye said:

    In addition to the above, it's worth noting that the larger the wheel diameter the better they deal with any loose objects they have to run over.  ie, a bike can easily ride over a power cable but a skateboard would have issues.

    You haven't specified where you'd use it, but it's something to consider if it's going to be used on surfaces that aren't perfectly smooth.

    Excellent point/tip. You'll see this a lot with doorway dollies, which can also adapt to rails too. That being said, those dolly systems have shock suspension and somekind of hydraulic boom as well. And they're weighty. 

    I'm asking myself if a small electric golf cart would be a good alternative. Bigger wheels, suspension, retrofit a platform on the back with somekind of glidecam or motorized gimbal setup, a grip can drive instead of push or pull a steer handle. Eh? Eh? 

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