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  1. @rdouthit Where do you live? Here, the grand parents and parents they do not even know what Vimeo is, if you don't give them something they can hold, they do not understand the value of it, they know that a DVD is a DVD, they can take it, hold it, put it somewhere and see image in their TVs, which is the center of their entertainment, and usually their home. The next thing they understand, is that a USB stick can connect to their TVs, or laptops (most they do not own a desktop anymore) and they can play some video files from there (they do not understand what video file, why, and ho
  2. I thing Aghori Tantrik Baba disagrees with that!
  3. @pablogrollan most of those middle to top tier laptops (and usually NOT the ultra thin ones) have a 256GB SSD and a 1TB HDD, plus all the newest (and fastest) USB variations and/or more, I do not see a problem here. Then, if someone wants the absolute best from an editing machine, then going for a laptop is most certainly he is not going to get it, common sense!
  4. Usually yes, but often I forgot and I haven't noticed anything disastrous yet. Obviously the C100markII 18-135 combo is for run and gun and low budget jobs, so I do not thing anyone ever notices such things, for more serious projects, the set with the L series means business, and everything and everyone are more careful, so am I! The difference is a silly crop of 1.04 or something (I am not sure about the number), but it seems more safe to have both ON. If Canon says so..
  5. @hijodeibn Canon C100 and Canon C300 both had 1080p and both sold like hot chips back in the day! Are you going to buy a NON 4K camera in 2017? If they do not have 4K then the new Ursa mini Pro is becoming more and more attractive. FS5 is already here and more mature than a year ago, and there is always the sleeper JVC LS300 that goes for dSLR like price, 3000euros only, and a firmware away from total dominance! All in all, no 4K, no C100!
  6. Even XC10 and 15 have internal 4K, there is no way NOT offering 4K in ANY video camera that is going to be released in 2017. Raw? Of, course not, why to do that on a low cost workhorse camera (they have also C300ii/C500/C700 to sell)? 10bit on an external recorder and some kind of high speed 1080p shooting will be more than enough for me, together with some overall improvements (touch screen AF?!!).
  7. How the FS700 came to this conversation?! We use one for high speed shooting on a car's TV show I work occasionally, absolutely worst ergonomics ever, it is unbelievable how Sony manage to do it so wrong. Anyway, I was wondering about the V series (they have red paint job and a gear belt!), and if someone has used one with the C100markII AF. The 12-28 is great for what I want to achieve in focal length (in s35 I use the 12-24mm range a lot) and with the new cameras 4f ain't that scary anymore, (I use the 18-135 all the time with the C100, but I mostly missing something in tele and so
  8. I am looking at the various gaming laptops at the moment. Asus and MSI have a huge range, there are a few 14" ones from various manufacturers (and Razer Blade Pro). I am looking for i7-7700, GTX1060, 16GB RAM and even considering a 17" one if it isn't in the huge side, and they seem to go for around 2000euros (a bit more here, but it isn't the standard), so you save some money from the same spec-ed Apple one (you almost can buy a second one!).
  9. DVD will never die! People still need physical proofs of their buy. Why don't you give password protected USB sticks, and send the password 12 hours after the end of the festival? Better than writing 1000 DVDs.
  10. I don't know.. I haven't been into computer tech that much lately, but seriously, if anyone has an advice, be my guest. My Xeon 1234v2 is 22mn/4 cores/8 threads/8cache/max frequency 3.7/69w and the new i7-7700 14nm/4 cores/8 threads/8 cache/max frequency 4.2/65w. Considering that I have to change EVERYTHING, for a new system, I am not that confident about built one right now. The worst part on my PC is the GTX660, will a 1060 or 1070 gives me anything, until I wholy upgrade late 2017, early 2018?
  11. I was wondering how good are these DX V lenses for the C100, how's the dual pixel AF with them, and if the more expensive DX V version worths the extra money. Also, 12-28 or 11-16?
  12. https://www.provideocoalition.com/blackmagic-designs-ursa-mini-4-6k-b4-lens-adapter/ https://www.cinema5d.com/blackmagic-design-talks-b4-mount-ursa-mini/ maybe these are interesting to some, there are infinite such lenses, and sure a lot can be found for good prices as a lot of people changed to dSLRs and EF and other mounts in the last decade, I am not sure about compatibility though. I sure would love to use this camera with the new Sigma zooms though, something not unheard for these price ranges (camera+lenses https://www.ducloslenses.com/products/sigmazoomset)
  13. @webrunner5 ...and you can do most things C100markII does (except low light performance and Dual Pixel AF, sorry!) and you can go the extra mile and play with 4.6K/60fps raw!! EF/PL/B4 (imagine the possibilities on this!) and Nikon mount is coming (with smooth aperture ring!). It is a well thought move, it's ticking a lot of boxes for some, but most people will go with the low light performance and best AF. Still there is a market for this Ursa, more than the previous ones. Also, "Blackmagic is also generously offering an upgrade to owners of the full-sized URSA for $3,495, allowin
  14. Ursa pro mini is not a one-off camera, people will buy those to stick in the long term, being from basic (but with advanced hype) productions right now with the SD cards, a better production later on with the CF cards, and a feature with the recorded on the back. This is the selling point of the mini, and it is all over their site, as they do not stress enough how possible is to do it all with this camera (including studio work). First of all the lower spec-ed Reds or the older ones aren't that competitive to the Ursa with the 4.6K sensor right now; this Ursa upgrade is hugely on the righ
  15. @Shield3 Most of the pro ML people probably have no ML experience, and also are not professionals depend their life on the things they shoot. If you just do your hobby and have plenty of time to play with your friends, ML 5d3 is exceptional and instantly moves you to the "big boys image" (but BlackMagic for that matter too), for pro work etc C100mrkII is the best (but not 4K, so I would be reluctant to buy one right now).
  16. @Drew Veeneman can you just post the commands? I think I am missing something in the final FFmpeg, but maybe even before, when the Hevc and AAC files are created.
  17. @Zak Forsman That is exactly my point, for a few $ they should have include everything (even in some basic form) that one expects from a newly buy-ed camera. Small details like that make a difference to a quite substantial chunk of the market. Some companies even include some basic media to their packages.
  18. @Django for this, and some other reasons, I said above "This announcement is quite exciting, but I do not see taking too many customers from Canon and Sony, even though they will definitely take some. This camera seems like a work-sheep, not a work-horse."
  19. @webrunner5 It is not him, is a professional gunner! @Drew Veeneman Dmitry is a great guy, I told you, where are all the possible settings though?! I am a bit lost to this thing.
  20. @Phil A They should have included this, and some basic battery option out of the box. It is too much to expect people buy everything as extras. Other companies offer active top handles (with inputs, buttons and other things) in the basic kit, and at least a battery.
  21. @kgv5 side handle is cool, but where is the top handle?!
  22. My impression is that ffmpeg doesn't support hevc files very good, or there is a option somewhere we don't know.. Better contact the developer, as said, pretty cool guy, and humble! I did a donation back then, even before I fixed my file, these people should be rewarded!
  23. @mercer Who is buying a NEW Pocket these days? You have to see the market as it is, not as you would like it to be. Personally I know dozens of people owning C100s and just 2 own a Pocket. Even if it sells more than the two I know, it would have sell more in Greece than the pocket (joke)! Ursa mini pro has a lot of uses, if it works well, it will sell "well", the only issue is the possibility to be lost in "no man's land". As I said before, dual pixel AF of Canon and Variable ND of Sony are the two most coveted features these days and their image quality is adequate for most things, plus
  24. update: I just did an experiment with a -similar to your problem- file I have (the only one I ever had any problem in both NX1 and NX500, except that huge one that I forgot to stop recording), it analyzed the file alright, I believe it transcoded right, but then I had to make it a whole file with ffmpeg but I had issues doing so. The sound wasn't synched, the image was playing properly, last few minutes didn't work at all... If anyone finds a better work-around please share.
  25. sorry, did a mistake here! This one should be deleted!
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