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  1. Ignoring the fact of "promise & deliver", the read out time for the rolling shutter seems to be really, really good. I think people will still be happy with a lot of camera for a great price with the UM4.6k
  2. I know, that combination was actually my original plan. Add the Sidefinder and you're good to go. There's an official post on the Blackmagic Forum that explains more about the reasons for canceling GS: https://forum.blackmagicdesign.com/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=45691 I have to agree though, the communication shows the Ursa Mini 4.6k to be the new star of BMD, deservedly so. The BMMCC is just some random product and gets basically no mentioning at all.
  3. But you lose the possibility to use it without an external monitor so you'll always have to rig it. I guess I could live with that. It will run you 1200 € in Germany while a used BMPCC is like 700€. I'm really torn to be honest. I'm curious how the menu is implemented with only the few buttons, even less than the BMPCC. Is there any video available? Edit: I think my feelings have to do with the fact that this is roughly identical to the BMPCC. A camera available since 2013. In the time between a lot of cameras have released in the price bracket or slightly above that are very attractive. I like the RAW and ProRes possibility... but you get no 120fps, you get no 2.5k or 4k, no weather sealing, no inbuilt NDs, etc. I feel BMD is moving on in it's portfolio orientation and moving "up hill" with Ursa Minis. They are great but they're too big & heavy for what I'm interested in. I'm curious how they'll position themselfes for the future. The whole business behaviour in this case gave me a bad taste.
  4. I have to agree. The only thing you get with the BMMCC against the BMPCC is the 60fps and the better battery but as a trade-off for losing the screen. That camera could have been a big success last July but seeing how it took them until now to basically just move the BMPCC sensor in a different body, that's kinda weak. Most people will fare better with a used BMPCC for half of what a new BMMCC costs... but maybe I'm speaking just out of disappointment. It's 28 weeks later... the zombie cam has arrived... but we'll see in a few weeks what they announced for "July".
  5. It will with 99% probability look exactly like BMPCC footage. People were discussing about the possibility of improved moiré, less infrared pollution when using NDs, etc. but I think if that would be the case, BMD would have milked that marketing cow.
  6. I understood it as the feature has been scrapped from plans. He didn't talk anything about the BMMCC. No global shutter anymore so basically a BMPCC that changes screen for bigger batteries and has a 60fps mode. To be honest I think it's kind of disappointing that the scrap one of the highlight features without any impact on price... but then they've probably calculated so close to cost and burned so much in development that the prices have no additional margin to compensate.
  7. It of course depends on your local law. That's why in the end most advice will turn towards "contact a local lawyer with experience in the field". What's valid in Canada might not match USA might not match Germany might not match you name it.
  8. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    Ok but then you shoot 1080p. The NX1 also has really low RS in 1080p and quite bad one in 4k. I thought we're talking about shooting in the cameras' best image quality. It's kinda bothering that you have to choose between image quality and rolling shutter. Nevertheless impressive what they've put into such a small, cheap camera.
  9. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    The A7s is just up there with the worst offenders regarding rolling shutter. Which is somewhat surprising.
  10. If you talk about normal, current Canon lenses like the L series stuff, I would rule out the NX1. There's no way of electronically controlling the aperture with these because there are no smart adapters for Samsung.
  11. There's no rolling shutter because stills use the mechanical focal plane shutter while video uses the electronic shutter. It's quite obvious on cameras which can shoot both mechanical and electronic shutter (A7s, X-T1, ...), one has clear rolling shutter and the other not.
  12. Just to give closure, I'm sticking with the NX1 for now. I like the easy to achieve colors and except for low light it's quite good. I'll sit out until after NAB or maybe Photokina before making any decisions. ...even though I've just got the offer for a 1Dc with 2 years warranty for 4000$ but it's a quite big camera.
  13. Wouldn't a C100 with external recorder be an even cheaper and qualitatively equal choice?
  14. I think that's still valid but at 699 Chf (when last seen in a online store) vs 3500 Chf, who cares? I think the Sony A7rII and A7sII are just overpriced for the compromise you'll have to make. I considerd getting a A7r II + Speedbooster but then you look at 4200 without lenses and you have bad slow motion... or you could get A7s II but then you get rather lackluster auto focus and only 12 Megapixel for stills. And both, for my completely personal perception, have really meh colors (apparently to White Balance problems?). I would take it for 2000 - 2500 $, but not for 3500 € like in Germany. European prices are still crazy.
  15. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    Hearing about those "GH5 will be 6k" rumors makes me really annoyed. There's basically no really good, usable large sensor 1080p camera (I know, 5DIII ML, but a lot of people don't want to deal with the tinkering) and we jumped to 4k with weak codecs, now we'll directly jump on to 6k with probably the same weak codec but even more post issues? Forums are full of people arguing that you can't get the good stuff because SD cards are too slow for higher quality, but why can't we at least get 10bit out of the cameras via HDMI? The High Frame Rate also doesn't go out so you shoot 120fps FullHD on some super compressed codec. Are clips with the BMPCC out there that look like detailed, polished, modern footage e.g. like out of a commercial? All I find on VIMEO is low resolution / badly focussed, dark muddy grades stuff that looks like FilmConvert overdone times 10. I think the image out of the BMCC 2.5k is amazing but that camera ergonomics are meh, the extra resolution really helps over the BMPCC sensor in post for the finished product though. BMCC 2.5K sensor in a C100 body with Sony IBIS and active MFT mount... TAKE MY MONEY!
  16. If they use wide angle as most would expect and focus is set to at least a few meters away, depth of field is a non-issue.
  17. Can you actually take off the top handle with the viewfinder? With a lot of the older systems I feel like the monitor and EVFs are so "old tech" that it would be best if you can just take them off and replace them with the system of your choice with HDMI or SDI connection. They also could get in the way when rigging it.
  18. Even for the BMMCC you'd want the BMPCC SpeedBooster and not the M43 XL. I feel like things change to rapidly at the moment to make long term planning / investments. If you do videos as a business, consider your ROI. If you do it as a hobby, decide between being conservative with money or splurgig because gear makes you happy. I've just decided to sit tight on camera investments until more "want to have" criterias meet in one product even though I'd like to upgrade/sidegrade.
  19. That can't be answered in general. I take it you're talking about the speed booster? In the end you have three future possibilities: - Stay with Micro43 > Speedbooster for M43 - Go with Sony APS-C > Speedbooster for E-Mount - Go with Sony Fullframe > Smart Adapter for E-Mount Seeing how you seem to be undecided about what to opt for in future, did you consider buying used to minimize losses when selling on?
  20. So far the CUBE NX1 from Motion9 is the nicest cage I've seen so far for the NX1 but it's sold out and I'm doubtfull it'll come back in stock when considering the current Samsung situation. Maybe keeping eyes open for a used one? http://motionnine.com/shop/cube-nx1/
  21. I've got a VD Pix-e5 on order to fix my external monitoring issues (and record in ProRes) and borrowed a 18-55mm OIS from a workmate. I think I'll keep the NX1 until there's a Sony A7s III or Canon C100 III with 4k 10bit HDMI out (LOL like that would happen). I think the overall package of the NX1 is just so nice, you have to spend big money to get something that tops it. We'll go spend 4 days on Mallorca next weekend so hopefully I'll get to shoot some clips and do some timelapse.
  22. Selling my SmallHD 501 FullHD HDMI monitor Comes in original box with 2 after market LP-E6 batteries and charger. Newest firmware 2.2 is loaded. Barely used thanks to one of my cameras not being compatible. Shows no signs of use, might just as well be new. Passing on sales price, asking for 600 € plus shipping.
  23. Phil A

    Sony a6300 4k

    That would also explain why they say it is only compatible with the listed Sigma lenses and not all EF lenses.
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